Bloom, can you tell me Why this is happening to me

  • Hello Bloom, I see you have many talents and seem to be spiritually guided and this is why I am wanting to have your comments on my experiences. I will start with appr. 2yrs ago

    I started to have zig-zag Auroras around me 3 to 4 times a week, at first I thought perhaps something was wrong with my vision .. hence a visit to the eye specialist .. NO Problem there.. I had been meditating and trying to communicate in a sprittual way with Arc Angel Micheal, this went on for about a year. then eight months ago I was sitting quietly in my living room and suddenly the room started to fill up with different colored ORBS, to my left where black ones , in the middle where soft red transparent ones,,,, and to my right was a large pale robin egg blue one with a luminous golden yellow around it,,,,, I did not feel frightened at ALL. The black ones where moving towards me and I pushed them away and they started to disintegrate almost like a melting away. I put my hand out and held one of the red ones it stayed in my hand as i walked with it about 10 ft. gradually the red ones started to fade and now I was left with many of the beautiful Blue ones. There are things in life that are difficult to share with others as they just can,t imagine that all of this can be true.This experience has changed my life and I felt that YOU would find it interesting and perhaps be able to offer some advise as to why this happened to me. With many family members involved in commerce,,,, politics, organized religion the topic of SPIRITUALITY or paranormal is not a topic that is easily talked about at the dinner table. I hope you understand my need to share and to have your opinion.

  • It has been my experience that orbs are spirits/energies that are still around in the spiritual realm because they choose to be good to those of us on the physical plane, or they choose to be evil and bring confusion and misfortune. I beleive that the spiritual and physical planes both deal with the eternal tug between good and evil. It's the same energy on whatever plane.

    In your case, it seemed easy for you to determine immediately that the black orbs were negative/destructive and you easily brushed them away with recognition and positivity. The red orbs could have been high energy spirits. One of which you held onto for a bit and then gently released. The blue and gold seem to represent spirits of a higher, calmer, more evolved nature, because of their color and the energy they carried. Concentrate on those and internalize this elevated peacefulness. And find others to talk to about your deepest feelings and beliefs. When you meditate see the Robin's egg blue and gold colored orbs and invite them to swirl around you while you are in meditation. Hope that helped. Your sister in beleif, Gitana

  • Hello Gitana, I just noticed today that you answered my post and I totally appreciate that you believe what I had expressed. My thoughts are with the blue ones as I feel they where Angelic. I have always felt there was more to life on this earth then what we where taught and programmed to believe,I feel that earth is school and we are all much more than a physical body. From your words I am sure you understand and YES you are a sister in belief. .... Thank you very much.. Leinida

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