Three Card Reading - clarity please

  • Hi Everyone.

    I started seeing this fellow just around two months ago. To be honest, I had no interest in going out with him. I was completely excited about plans for my career, and have pretty much rejected the idea of 'love' or relationships for the past year. I was encouraged to accept this guy's invitation with "what have you got to lose" - and I was cocky enough to think that I could just love him and leave him.

    Turns out we clicked, and we got along like a house on fire. Or so it seems.

    Lately I've been getting mixed signals though, and in my gut I feel like I should just move on. I'm pretty ruthless about not staying in situations that aren't working, or giving things time. I'm still very guarded, but for the first time in a while, I've started to feel again.

    I did a three reading spread for some clarity on this situation, and I pulled out:


    To me, that signals I should move away from this quite quickly lest my feelings develop more?

    But if anyone else has insights, I would love to hear it. Or if you'd like to do a further spread for me and let me know what I'm not seeing, or what is underlying that I'm missing, I'd love to know.

    Thank you for your time x

  • I should also specify that the first 2 were reversed:




  • Hey rubythursday

    I'll chime n with my 2 cents...

    First, here are the terms of the reading so we are on the same page. I take a numerology approach to tarot just to let you know.


    Wands - path/role

    Cups - Emotion/love

    Swords - think/talk

    Pentacles = Earth (physical) results of the above three

    Numerations are as follows:

    1 = beginnings

    2 = affirming

    3 = growing

    4 = foundations

    5 = changing

    6 = social-sharing

    7 = rest-reflection

    8 = expanding

    9 = fulfillment

    10 = transition

    As long as you agree on those terms, then my interpretation will work for you, otherwise you need to find someone else to provide a reading on other terms that you agree with the reader on. This approach is simple and easy and anyone can learn to read tarot in 5 minutes using this technique.

    So, your cards:

    6's are social, 8' are expansive and 4's are foundations.

    Positions 1,2,3 are beginnings (1), affirming (2) and growing (3)

    So, you have a social think-talk setting beginning, an expansive path-role affirming that, and a growing foundation of Earth-results.

    What that says to me is that your relationship began as a very social think-talk dialogue pattern (probably some great conversation!) and then a very strong path-role affirmed that (like, yippie!!! This could go somwhere! Very expansive dreams of a shared path then). What is growing now is RESULTS and those are foundational (4) so that seems to say that at this point the relationship is just starting to settle down into a very nice, dependable Earth (physical) pattern which looks great to me! 4's are where we all want to be. They are secure, dependable and steady. So, this sounds like your relationship is starting to already yield dependable physical results, which is exactly what you want! It all looks wonderful to me, congratulations on a fantastic relationship!

    I hope that helps! 🙂

    Love and light, astra

  • I also don't deal with reversals otherwise you are trying to handle a 156 card deck. That's a lot of cards to shuffle!

  • RUBY

    listen to your gut---intuitions are not to be ignored and cards clarify but only if we do not interpret as we wish. You already get that or you wouldn't be asking. This relationship is an opportunity to heal a vulnerable issue. You know you have a tendency to be all or nothing and your heart gives it all---you fear losing yourself and you do know you have a pattern of attraction. We all do! We cannot change that only MANAGE it in awareness. In this year of swearing off relationships you had a choice either to throw yourself into distractions---usually work or some choose blind drama if less constructive. But really what your spirit is calling for his healing so you CAN at some point enjoy loving. You must look at all your past relationships without blame and see the pattern or dance of it. One can never be betrayed by another unless they betray themselves first. We are not victims. If we avoid self examination and close our hearts life will seduce us back into dealing with our issues one more time in hopes of healing. Your gut feeling is sensing that feeling of familiarity about "here we go again". Before you let your heart take over get your head in the game---what you are searching for is balance. Love is a vulnerable place so no it is not possible to feel joy without episodes of pain. But what you fear is being devoured by pain and losing the balance of joy. What you seek is BALANCE and the security of knowing you can have strong boundaries without totally locking the gate. The reverse cards validate this need for a balance of self protection that still allows you to enjoy loving. Loving is essential to thrive and know God. If you choose this relationship, no, it will not be all joy---in fact that spark is compulsion calling. You need to know what you are attracted to and why. Life success is the balance of heaven and earth. Yes some challenging relationships are destiny and opportunities to heal and grow with another. Inspiration comes not just in joy but adversity. I get that your issue is with boundaries once your heart is wide open. You love to love. But can give too much. I know you hate that weakness---and it contradicts your strength for resolve---yes, you are done when you are done! But you take awhile to get there once you are totally invested. It would be better to figure out the small boundaries that get crossed and act on them immediately without fear of being unreasonable or losing something. You didn't say but this man has already acted in a way that bothered you----express this right away and honor your needs. There really is a place of balance you seek to feel safe. You do not trust your heart so learn to trust your head and build up a safety net of detaching from emotion long enough to make choices. Stay away from regrets when examining your history with relationships so you can learn about yourself. Without judgement. You hate feeling like a fool---but that's just the ego speaking. The truth will set you free. Any relationships now or in near future will rehash unfinished growth so you may as well deal with love---or life will throw you seductive sparks to call your locked heart back in the lesson. BLESSINGS!

  • Thank you for your comments AstraAngel and Blmoon!

    Astra, your interpretation was very encouraging but I think maybe a little too positive for me. (Of course my heart wants positive, but I feel very much attune to Blmoon's interpretation. You are so right. My issue is with boundaries, and I thank you for making me aware. That was enlightening for me, when you said that life will keep rehashing these lessons on love for me, so I might as well learn it now. Thank you for that.

  • You are welcome and I'm glad you get it. We all must deal with managing who we are rather then hiding or trying to change, as there will be aspects of who you are that will never change BUT if you are aware you can choose how to manage that aspect by letting the head dominate the heart or the compulsion. It is best to lovingly be in awareness about ourselves--forgive and move forward. Do not expect to be perfect. All of us have our childhood fears and wounds that at times make decisions for us. Often, when I have an event cause me to overreact I let the emotions have their spill but then I go inward and ask myself were did that come from?! Sometimes my inner wounded child who fears abandonment showed up! Once I can see that then my head can chose to give her a hug but not to let her in the driver's seat! Your taste in men may never change BUT you can always choose a more evolved version! BLESSINGS!

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