Could Anyone Do a Reading?

  • Hi! I was wondering what I'll be doing next year. Will I be returning to my former school or continuing at the one I am now attending? There are challenges with both. Or is it time for a break from college? I was hoping a reading could clarify what I'll be doing. Thanks!

  • mh83

    here is a reading but it on what you are feeling now. If you can understand what you are feeling and why you make decisions, the goals you set may be easier to understand.

    there is conflict that is causing confusion, which causes you to get stagnate...and that affects the work you can do

    what are you not being honest about? It’s almost like your fooling yourself and it’s not helping you

    your feeling instable, and you’re not sure what is going to make you happy

    someone is going to help you out that will bring back hope

    you just went thru some struggle where someone lied or it wasn’t what you thought it was... feels like it tough to go thru but it will make you stronger in the end.

    you know you are smart and can observe and make things happen....think it thru and make it happen... observation is the key to learning what you need

    new goals can be set

    you have been worrying about what is going to make you happy...that worrying and questioning dampens the joy

    things will work out if you make them reap what you sow

    be bold on what you want to do...and it deals with learning

    you and a friend don’t see something the same, you are not on the same page, creates friction

    hope that helps


  • Thanks Nick. That does help. I think I need to clarify what I really want. Right now, there is a lot of conflict in my life and I get confused about what to do. If I can step back and think about what I really want, it will get me on track.

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