Laie4 from Delbert

  • Laie i wanted you to know i picked squash today i got about 8 and the okra is starting to bloom and so are my tomatoes but i got to spray them i try to use every thing natural i have snails eating own them its first for me i have had slugs but not snails so i will give them some pepper and soap spray see if that runs them off their really eating own my beans ,i guess you read on the other treads were i wrote if i get any more i will let you know it comes and goes its starting to get hot here so i think i am going to start cooking everything out side on the grill keeps the trailer cooler and them bulbs my daughter and i planted 2 of them are fixing to bloom cant wait to see them i have never planted any of them and her roses are blooming i just love nature my daughter said well i could never get any thing to do that good and i told her it just takes a little love anyway i will talk to you later Tooter

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