Healing & prayers for a friend!

  • Hi Everyone ~ We have a dear longtime friend who is a firefighter. He has a terrible infection & has been In the hospital for over a week now & has had several surgeries to fight this staph infection. Alot of us including him are still grieving over our friend we lost a month ago. Could someone please do reiki healing to help him. Lots more prayers would be so wonderful. It's very scary for him & his family & friends. Thank you so much. Love & Blessings ~D

  • Please dear Heavenly Father,angels and healing spirits, please hear this prayer and fill this man who has been an earth servant with your divine healing energy. There is nothing you can't do and this infection must be stopped. Please, guide the doctors with advice. Fill his room with Angels and keep him guarded from any germs. Hold hands and circle him dearest spirits--loved ones who have loved him and passed. Let the room glow with your love for him. And dear guardian angel who is with him always, let no harm come to him, no errors and no manly mistakes. May all who read this prayer double it's power. AMEN and thank you for hearing this blessing.

  • May your friend find healing and comfort in the arms of the lord. May the blessed mother help to heal him quickly.

    blessings and prayers for him and his family and friends

  • Praying for a speedy and full recovery for your friend. Blessings.

  • i'm sending my prayers too...

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  • This post is deleted!

  • 🙂

  • Praying that he is continuing to improve and will heal quickly. 🙂

    Blessings of Light and Love to him and his family.

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