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  • Hi there, a while ago I did Reiki, so I could know who & what I’m supposed to do in this world and regards my health. Well, while I was doing it something strange happened I had this vision or dream call it whatever u want, but what I don’t understand is if it was a past life or if it was some kind of glimpse bout my future, a voice said: “ don’t be afraid, here’s a peak at your future” (at least that’s what I heard), by that time tears were already flowing from my closed eyes, I was feeling very emotionally when I heard it, suddenly I saw myself in this white beach, I could feel the ocean breeze, the freshness of the water, it felt amazing, when I’m returning to the towel l, I see this toddler running to me with his arms wide open, smiling and I felt I was his mom and run to him, behind the child there was a pair of legs, a man’s leg and I couldn’t see his face, afterwards another scene was shown to me I was dressed in white in this white beach house veranda (the same place as before), it was night and I was looking at a big full moon touching the ocean, I was drinking sum tea, I felt at peace, happy, fulfilled, delighted by the moon I was seeing, suddenly I look at the watch and I jumped, I was in there for so long that I didn't notice the time, then someone holds me, kisses my neck, it feels very familiar & passionate and he said: “his fine I already took care of him”, when I go inside I see myself over this cradle with this baby inside and he curls up his little fingers on my finger and hold tight and I felt he was mine. I never could see the man’s face, I don’t live in a place that has white sand but the man was so familiar and I don’t have kids. Until today I think bout this and I cant figure out if this is self-projection, a vision of my future or a past life, my guide never lied to me, but truth to be told this seems so far from reality. I know it sounds so romantic, dreamy but trust me before that what I was seeing & feeling wasn’t so happy. Any thoughts???

    Thanks guys and many blessing to u all.

  • To understand this better you must include your feelings, fears, desires at the time of praying for an answer. The essence of this dreams feels "reassuring" and has a very relax and enjoy, all is as should be and it is ok to just enjoy. Were you feeling anxious about needing to be doing something worthy? Or have you fallen into the trap of believing abundance ---not just the money kind---must be a struggle, earned, worked hard for? Perhaps your purpose is to enjoy---be in a state of gratefulness. As you were in the dream---do that and you do not need to push for anything----it is there for you. Small children often represent our own rebirth of possibility. Or in this case your life is well past the infant stage and if you have nurtured your self then you have no worries---the male figure is your protector---the male energy within you who sets boundaries and keeps you safe. Spirit is saying to me "trust the journey"! Often we push for concrete vision of a face a thing an event but that is not always for us to know---respect the journey and trust in the energy of the vision that comforts and says just enjoy and that state of gratefulness will keep you on path--- It's all good! BLESSINGS!

  • Bloom, thats the feeling I get too, trust that everything will be alright, cuz when I thought about certain persons in my life that at the time were hurting me so much all I could here from the spirit was: let them go,u need to be alone, this alone scared me so much and after feeling the feelings of past lives and the struggles that my soul went tru in this life, they showed me this 2 beautiful visions and I stopped being afraid of the unknown.

    In response to your question I was looking for answers regarding my health and feeling loveless, empty in a crossroad, all my life nothing was given to me in a silver plate, long time ago I was faced with a choice, choose my family or find my happiness I chose family and this doubt always remained buried in me, now Im finally accepting who I am and need to be, the reikian girl say I need to do regression to past lives so I can find my cure and heal my soul or I will suffer more if I dont accept the path that my soul chose. I trust her Bloom, she told me things that she didnt knew bout me, things from the past, present and some bout the future, I think I finally found someone that can help me with my journey. Its funny how clearness sometimes come from persons we know nothing about.

    Thank u once more, somehow I knew u would reply to me. Many Blessings.

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