Will I ever have children? May I have a reading please?

  • Hello,

    May I please have a reading telling me whether I will ever have children?

    Thank you,


  • Is there any physical reason to suppose you cannot conceive?

  • Nothing, except perhaps my biological clock.

  • Are you worried you won't find a compatible partner?

  • Yes, that is my concern.

  • So is this really a child issue (wanting to have one before it's too late) or more of a love problem (worried that you will never find true love or fear of being undesirable etc.)?

  • No, it is definitely a child issue.

  • So could you raise a child without a partner? Why do you want to have a child so much?

  • Do you think having a child will fill that lonely void inside you?

  • I don’t believe I said I wanted to raise a child without a partner. I believe my reply implied quite the opposite.

  • I am just trying to determine what you really want. Is it the full home, husband and family wish? Or do you have another dream? The Universe will send you what you want when you are fully clear on it.

  • Yes, I want the full home, husband and family…but not at all costs. Meaning there would need to be an exceptional bond between me and the man.

  • I drew a Wisdom card from my own self-created pack of 'advice from the guides' cards -

    Your card is The Card of THE LAW OF PROSPERITY

    This situation calls for an understanding of the spiritual Law of Prosperity. If you believe that you do not deserve prosperity or good fortune, then you cannot expect to receive it. We draw from the Universal pool according to our consciousness. You either have a ‘poverty consciousness’ or an ‘abundance consciousness’. Huge fear underlies poverty consciousness. Some people use all of their available energy focusing on ‘lack’. Greed is financial indigestion. If you hoard money in a back account without letting it flow freely, you eventually tell the Universe that you do not want or need more, and eventually it will stop sending it to you. If you believe that you are unworthy, you will miss opportunities. If you hold back or don’t give out love, you will not receive it in return. If you are mean-spirited, rigid-minded and tight-fisted, you will never feel contented or happy for poverty consciousness is an attitude. Those who are generous-hearted, open-minded, loving, and giving will always be contented and happy. Their attitude of prosperity is to use riches and love with wisdom. Think, speak, act and believe as if you are prosperous and successful in your goals, and you will impress the Universe to send you what you want.

  • Thanks, Captain! That makes sense and is very helpful. A psychic told me (during a face to face reading) that in about two years a male friend (with whom I have a strong spiritual connection) and I would get together as a couple, and that we would have a child soon after that. She told me that he is waiting for me and has been since we met (a few years ago). Recently something happened and I had an internal shift, which made me realise with great clarity that I have feelings of unworthiness with regard to this man. It came as a surprise, but it was a very distinct feeling. I have been working on this lately. I need to overcome it before I can move forward. Also, I have been hiding my feelings from this man, precisely out of fear, as you said.

  • By the way, I didn’t ask the psychic about love or family matters at all; it was supposed to be a general reading.

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