Help with Dream Interpretation Please

  • Oh Blmoon! MEN indeed!!! There are no words....only to say THANK YOU because I so needed a laugh today!

  • Hi Blmoon,

    Hope you and your husband are doing well and you've managed to keep him off the swing - haha!

    No validation yet for me. I thought maybe it would just be validation on what direction I will be or should be taking next with my career, but that hasn't come either. I submitted a question to Lee's monthly channel about it, but it wasn't answered. It has been an extremely difficult past few weeks and I am now also in the final crunch of the last 2 weeks of the quarter - I've never been in this bad of a situation at 2 weeks left to go. Just feeling a little lost and wishing I could get answers. I guess my answer is to just do what I have to do each day and not expect any answers! Feels a little depressing, but I guess reality can be that way.

    Anyway, have a great weekend with your hubby and still wishing speedy recovery for you.


  • psychic YOU...knows what this c rappy wait means...uncertainty? When you ask and pull cards but they really do not cure your fear. I am as well stuck in the ok what is this crossroads? Am I going over he cliff or is my path being rerouted and in good hands? I see the card that says stop grasping at what you most desire and it will come to you! And the card that says it is now time to put knowledge to work. Yes, don't we so know, where your thoughts go.....manifests so somehow it is required to not play what if and spend time imagining the clock ticking faster. It may not feel real yet but I still get and opportunity IS COMING to you. Cool the desperation and I will follow my own advice! I'm cleaning my husbands chaotic shed..more garage size...he is too resting to interfear so I'm making sweet lemonade out of this scary situation with him being in bed and not work.. I am trying to shut off the urgent need to have a job right now. I think whatever we need is coming. You will get an offer watergirl. I'm not just being nice! You know I tell it like it is. In fact holy full moon coming....I got hate posts in the enchanted pond of all places!! hahaha!

  • Hate posts in the Enchanted Pond? Good grief. I have seen that thread but never felt compelled to enter. This forum can be a place of great comfort and support but there is also the danger of the haters that enter from time to time. That's part of the reason I pulled back from readings, although just a part - there were other reasons. Sometimes I wish I could have the few I have connected with nearby so we could connect in person rather than in this way that leaves one open to attack. Sunday brunch get togethers or an evening at a coffee shop. BUT then I remember that with any group of people anywhere - regardless of the gathering place - there will be flare-ups of personality, competition, jealousy, etc. (I do still wish we could have that coffee, though!).

    Thank you for the reminder to calm down. I do struggle with faith and 2 weeks to pull off what I need to pull off seems so close to impossible!

    The question I had posted to Lee was about life purpose. For years I thought that there was one specific life purpose for me - which was alluding me - and trying to figure it out first led to anxiety and then depression. Then someone said to me that our life purpose is just to be happy. I do believe that, however I still wonder about resolving of karma and life lessons. I don't think that our life purpose necessarily has anything to do with our vocation/income. For some who are born with a great artistic, musical, etc. talent or a certain purpose like becoming a lawyer and starting an international foundation to save/help those in need - yes, life purpose is tied to their vocation. But what about the people who dig the ditches or clean the toilets? So my question was asking for some clarification on my own personal path (stay where I am and focus on being happy regardless of external circumstances; current vocation, different place; or something altogether new) as well as the broader perspective on life purpose from the Spirit beings he channels. I may ask again next month as this is still a question to which I would really love to hear their reponse.

    Yes, this full moon is causing havoc with my emotional body. I'm also exhausted from the stress at work and when I pulled cards for myself this week I kept getting things like "Hard Work." Really? I AM working hard! I was expecting a bit more support 🙂

    Hope the shed is clean and clear and full of positive new energy!

  • Attempting to attach two funnies...

  • Spirit must really have a sense of humor...pulled a card for myself tonight and once again....


    I honestly don't know how I could be working any harder.

  • Maybe the hard work is is doing nothing? ; )

    I agree about life purpose not being about general achievement... otherwise successful people, or rich people would be all happy. I think being happy is our life purpose. Or at least knowing how to be happy regardless of any external event. That we do have a choice but that IS hard work because it means we must surrender to uncertainty. I think when we do what gives us bliss will attract that world to us but the hard part is doing our bliss not knowing how we will survive financially. I think some people get any job so they can do there bliss on the side. I once watched the dog whisperer ceaser milans biography he narrated and said he left mexico at 15 or sixteen. And he crossed the border illegally he went back to describe how he ran into scary situations yet always survived. He slept under the freeway. He said he always believed if he followed his bliss he would be ok. His bliss was dogs. Of course he had no education no papers but what he did was offer to walk dogs for nothing while he survived menial jobs or living on the streets. Soon people started noticing him as that dog man walking all the dogs. He said he was happiest being with dogs and one day a producer wanted to know who this dog lover was walking all the dogs...having fun with the dogs. He was offered a show because in the producers world cesear had already become interesting and well known. I found that very profound how he did not plan it or even dream it or chase it....he just did what he loved! I think when you do what you are passionate about and do it well people notice and by law of attraction you move naturally to your world. I'm very much thinking I need to be more creative and less RESPONSIBLE!

  • First of all, how is hubby doing? Secondly, how are YOU doing? Please don't push yourself too hard or forget about yourself while taking care of everything and everybody else.

    I didn't tell you this but just before your husband's heart attack I kept getting the 3 of Swords (a heart with 3 swords piercing it and drops of blood coming off the tips of the swords) and it didn't make sense - kept showing up in my environment and in the near future. It still has never made sense OTHER than hearing about you and your husband. After I found out I stopped getting the card. But the past few days it has been showing up again. Once again, just didn't resonate with me and once again was in the near future and environment positions. Today, a co-worker was complaining of chest pains - went to the doctor and while at the doctor's office her left arm went numb. She is in the hospital overnight for observation and more tests in the morning. Hence, my caution to you to take care of yourself as well!!!

    I get what your saying about the dog whisperer and following your passion. My problem is I just don't have that passion for a certain thing or a calling toward something specific. I do like what I do - just not necessarily where I am doing it - but not sure I would call it a passion. That job opportunity that came up a week or so ago just hasn't felt like something I really want to pursue (now that I know what it really is). The thing that was most compelling to me was when I thought it would be a work from home position. For some reason, that is at the top of my list! My last job was not work from home, but I had much more autonomy and could set my own hours for the most part. This job I have now is so structured and there is no freedom. But I wonder if my longing for a work at home position is just because I am locked into such a toxic office right now. I would like to think that my intuition would guide me in the right direction but it seems like the only time I get excited about something I am either not grounded/in reality or I am told to wait - that it's not a good opportunity after all.

    Today a client of mine asked if I had ever gone onto their website to search for a job opening. I had asked her last Nov/Dec if they had anything open, but there wasn't anything available in my area. So out of the blue she asks me today and I told her I would check again. Lo and behold, there is a position open now. It is a pharmaceutical type company, but not drugs per se. They design genetic tests - like the one that Angelina Jolie took to see if she had the gene for breast cancer. She did and elected to have a preemptive mastectomy. That was their test. The position available is for a similar test, but for prostate cancer. My region would be where I live now as well as San Diego. I think I will apply, but wonder if this is my next step or if once again i will be instructed to pass on it or wait for some reason. I would have the autonomy I am craving, but I would also be leaving the industry most of my experience is in and which I actually do enjoy outside of my current organization.

    I envy your creativity! If I had any I most definitely would follow that passion :). Unfortunately I was born without any creative talent. I don't play any musical instruments, have no ability whatsoever in drawing, painting, etc. I love animals, but I don't have dogs following me around obeying my every command - haha! So I am left with my business career. Maybe this new job opportunity would allow me to feel a little less responsible since I will be working on my own without a ball and chain attached to a desk at an office...

  • I neglected to say that your energy feels really low...I think the adrenaline of what you have gone through has worn off. It's time for self-care. Nurture yourself and REST.

  • I think you should apply for that job. And yes I have spent the week releasing.......and now it's crash and ACCEPT! BLESSINGS!

  • Hmmmm....Spirit says you can't do everything yourself and also points to this being part of an old wound for you. You are being guided to go PLAY.

  • (chuckles) confirmation for you...

    My child life is not always so serious. Choosing this symbol means it’s time to lighten up and be playful! No matter what you are asking about this is the time to have a sense of humor about it. Smile, and go do something fun. Life has a way of answering all questions when you’re not looking. Wouldn’t it be better if you were enjoying your life than sitting around waiting for what you want to happen? Know that when this symbol appears in your life the fun is about to start!

  • I played with my grandaughter was just what I needed. The cat is a special sign from my best friend who died. We were friends for over 40 years. She could never turn a cat away. She kept a clean house but the cats were taking over the house as her cancer took over as well. I went up to Chicago twice before she died and spent one visit taking cats to the humane society. Most of them were wild, getting through a basement window and running through her house. Apparently a huge mean feral male cat had taken over her garage and bred like crazy and she begged me to catch him. Once I got him in the basement I nailed the window shut. He hissed and growled like crazy. It took two hours to wear him out and get him in a carrier.I had to put a thick blanket over him so he would not tear me up. I warned them at the shelter he attacks but they said yeah ok and took him back....five minutes later I hear yelling and people came running out of the back and said boy you weren't kidding. I have a little corner stand with drawers each drawer has a cat painted on it. It belonged to her.Thank you for the cat card! We sure did no how to play!!

  • The old wound is being the first born and a having a mother who was detached. I was in charge of 4 siblings. My mother is narcissistic and they are never wrong so that means RESPONSIBILITY gets dumped on others. I'm aware of it. I will go play now! BLESSINGS!

  • I pulled THREE moon cards today! Do I go back to bed and wait for the sun to set to get up? : )

  • I adopted a cat once that had been found in a litter at a construction site. It's hilarious in was feral and not quite mean but very spirited. It used to play catch like a dog. We had a vaulted ceiling with a plant shelf up really high. I would throw the ball up and it would run, jump up on a counter, then up to the plant shelf, catch the ball, jump down and then drop the ball in my hand again to do it all over. However it would also jump at us from out of nowhere! First we had him declawed. But those back claws - and his teeth - could still do some damage. I started to watch TV with a thick towel wrapped around my head to protect myself! He would jump from behind and wrap his legs around my head and bite - I would have claw scratches all over my face! We finally took him in to the vet to ask to have his back claws removed...the vet called me at work and said she doesn't normally promote this, but this cat needed to be put down. I can't believe I kept him so long!!! He was my first pet, though. My parents did not allow us to have any pets when we were growing up. So I guess I just didn't know any better.

    I applied for that job with the bio company. We'll see what happens.

    I am exhausted again today. Another rough, hectic week at work. I'm tired of spending every weekend recovering and resting up so I have enough energy for the next week.

  • I actually pulled this card for myself today, but thought you might like it...a cat and a moon!

  • WOW!!! love it!

    The last two days have been MOON FULL! I got a surprise check in the mail yesterday. And worked outside all day. Just feeling full of positive energy! So all those moon cards I pulled the other day have indeed manifested. The wheel does go back up!.......just before it did I felt on bottom. Drama from my youngest husband still paychecks. One big pitty party. Then I got sick of my pitiful self and decided I would be fine...reminded myself of how I always made it thirty years ago when I really had it rough and said I guess I will get I knew how to make a buck back against the wall. The morning paper had an artical about selling know bakery if you make no more than fifteen thousand you can bake cottage foods and sell direct to customer with no inspections of your home kitchen. I can cook and bake! Got my survival mindset going. I'm thinking a table at the local farmers market and if I want more....the paper listed several kitchens that let you either sell more if you use there kitchens. Once my mind started thinking like that I felt safe again. Even if I don't choose sweet treats I will do something. Even better a check came in the mail! Did you hear from the BIO Company? because I got a positive on that....unless spirit just wanted to stretch your HOPE along. Anyway I love feeling so energized after the crises I had and your cat card speaks to me. THIS kitty looks powerful!!! I didn't pull my cards today yet but did a pull from ISHAR LERNERS SITE last night and they where awesome.....and accurate with how I feel today. I wish you a ride to the top of the wheel as well!!! BLESSINGS!

  • ps you wonder if that wild stray you brought home represents your taste in men? ; )

  • Have you started baking yet?

    The Bio company....submitted my resume online on Saturday and then sent a note to my client on Tuesday to ask her how long it normally takes to hear something...said she would find out. She called yesterday about a possible piece of business for this autumn. Then told me that she had spoken with her boss about my application and made it sound hopeful. However, she may have just been trying to be nice. So not sure if your good feeling was about the job, the piece of business for this autumn, or if it was just about the Universe stringing me along again (what others might call Hope).

    I have 2 days left until the end of the quarter so my Hope is basically gone for reaching my goal as well. So much for things coming to me easier more easily this year. So far it's been harder and my results are far worse than they were last year.

    Never thought about the correlation between the feral cat and the few men that have been in my life. Not sure I see a connection - none of them ever attacked me while I was watching TV (LOL). The first one was a charmer that was just using me to bide his time until he got home to his real girlfriend. The second one was more reserved, more cerebral, yet still a charmer in his own way. Also just using me until something better came along. Anyway, it doesn't matter because I have truly given up on anything ever happening for me in that department.

    So the pity part is all mine now I guess. I'm tired and discouraged.

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