Help with Dream Interpretation Please

  • Shadowmist,

    Slow changes are changes. Regarding you waking up at set time is indeed a warning. The last time I had that was this year and it had to do with people I was close to either about to fight for their lives or fighting for their lives and I had to be aware of that for one reason or the other. In few situations I could make a difference and in one I just didn’t get that fully so I missed the correct message until was too late. Ask your guides why and hopefully you get an answer soon enough.

    Take care,


  • Thanks flowsco - I started going thru old journals and the last time I kept waking up (that was at 2:15am) my sister in law's mother passed away. I have been checking on my uncle and he keeps telling me he is ready to go and he is tired (same thing with my sister in laws mom she kept saying the same thing) and my uncle is almost house bound he only goes to the grocery store & dr's appointment and now he tells me he isn't going to see the dr's anymore. It is sad for me but I talk to him about it while my siblings tell him he is full of nonsense they fear death when they shouldn't. maybe it is the guides preparing me to help my siblings deal with the issue. (when I think back about my dad passing years ago it was the same)

  • Blmoon, that's funny because I kept getting an image and with it in my head kept hearing "money in hand". It was when I was asking for advice for course of action. I didn't understand it so I didn't include it. Guess that's another lesson that we may not always understand the message, but the person we are reading for will.

    Flow, yes I know. It's just that after all these years it has become unfulfilling to do things solo. The novelty has worn off as they say. Everyone has a "happy ending" story to tell me about someone else, but at this point I want to hear about my own! I don't believe for one second that a relationship will suddenly make all my problems disappear. But I have experienced 30 years of solo and would now like to experience the other side. I would like to hear about your concert...

    If change is coming I guess I would welcome it because change is sorely needed in my life. It would be nice to know what sort of change is coming, though.

    In the meantime, I have decided to buy myself an iphone 5s and some UGG boots this weekend. Merry Christmas to me 🙂

  • I was thinking about you last night! Laying low? I feel a lot of change universally---as if all our fears have been poked! But the new year will see more manifestations of progress earned. I think a lot of house cleaning is at the finish line as the year ends. My grandson has been allowed to visit "some". My grandson is upset over any prospect of court cases over him so I backed off as it is clear that his mom is putting the screws to him and I think I need to allow him to deal with her a bit longer because I can feel her lying to him but he has to see it on his own. I want to protect yet on my higher grown---I feel I can not let her suck me down to her level----I must think of my grandson and trust his ability to figure this out. She made an appointment with his counselor for tomorrow so I'm hoping she brings clarity. Since she had stopped taking him up until now leads me to believe she was not validating her. I've never met her but assume a good counselor would have her pegged. The other day I got that dreaded card that tells you that someone is not revealing the whole story---right after you told me the same thing! I've decided to surrender for now in light of my grandson not being ok with court. I feel his mom has put a seed of fear in him and she promised him that when his father gets back in January she will let things go back to usual

    I asked him if he believes that and he admitted he doesn't know. I did not press but I do not believe that is her intention and she is h ell bent on stopping his time here and is scheming. I feel I have nothing to fear and the emotional pain has lessened and my head is back. There is a reason for this event and I must let it unfold. It's still hard to swallow missing him on the days he would be here but starting this week I'm going to start a distracting goal. Did I tell you already I see money coming your way? I get that again! Have you pulled the abundance card at all? I see next year as more money coming in a steady way. BLESSINGS!

  • Yes, things are still hidden from you. Spirit shows that to me clearly, but won't say what it is...same thing with my situation. So frustrating! Sit it out for now and do what you are doing. I feel like maybe it will be your grandson's choice in how to move forward and then the money and courts might come into play. But for now it is still all hidden. Maybe so that you are forced to "lay low" as this is part of your grandson's path to make this choice?

    I have been laying low for the past few days. Family get together for Thanksgiving and I just did not want to be there - wanted to be home resting as I have not had a vacation this year (or since I started this job almost 2 years ago). I normally put on the happy face and hide it but didn't this time. My sister is ticked off at me and frankly, although I love her, I just don't care. I am ALLOWED to be here and feel how I feel. Honestly, I think I'm going to sit Christmas out. Not out of spite. Just out of self preservation. I'm tired and her family and it's extensions has gotten so large that the get-togethers feel like a circus to me. Too many people! She doesn't understand my sensitivities so just doesn't get it.

    Yes, the 4th quarter of the year is coming to a close and I should be making my bonus. Just two more contracts to get back signed and really all the negotiations have been done so I do not foresee a problem with them. I have made bonus all 4 quarters this year, for which I am grateful, however it has been extremely difficult and most times right down to the wire and stressful. I have been praying for a more steady flow into my funnel so that it is not so up and down and nail-biting. Hope you are right that this will come!

    I signed up for another "Wine & Canvas" event on the 11th. There is wine and food - and an instructor walks you through painting a well known piece of art. I have done it a few times. It's fun, but I have absolutely NO talent (LOL)!

    Back to Chicago Dec. 16 to 18 for business. Hoping there will be snow this year 🙂

  • Forgot to mention that the cards I keep getting for myself are about change (of course) and making a choice or decision of some sort. I don't have any idea what it means as there are no choices or decisions in front of me at the moment. At least not any I can see.

  • A few weeks ago I kept getting a change in direction card. Your holiday ownership is a change for you. Thanksgiving my son husband and I ate a feast in our jammies. I feel sorry for folks who force themselves together for the sake of an idea that is not always in reality! Only happy folks who truly want to see each other should gather. Thanks giving is an all year opportunity. I had a hard time surrendering to that and giving up on the expectation of my sons being with me on one special day but life has other plans sometimes and maybe someone has a spiritual duty somewhere else. After my son passed I clung to it but my other sons found it too painful---we can't all be on the same page. I do see next year as being more steady with cash flow and it's manifesting from your changing sense of "good selfishness". BLESSINGS!

  • I prefer smaller, more intimate and relaxed gatherings myself. Oh how I would love the day you had in your jammies! Everyone else in my family seems to enjoy the big crowd - I'm the only one who doesn't. I tend to be the odd man out as I am the only one without a family of my own and I will go home after being there for 4 hours thinking I never really had a conversation with anyone. It's just loud and chaotic to me. I tried talking to my niece about her new pregnancy at Thanksgiving and was interrupted three times while trying to get out my first sentence. It irritates me! I wanted to talk to her because she has health issues that are exacerbated by pregnancy. The only reason I showed up this year was because of her and also her little one - my great niece. I am just so in love with her I can't even find words to describe. but everyone wants to see her so I really don't get to spend any time with her either!

    Anyway, I pulled cards for this upcoming week and of course, the card for the middle of the week was "Movement, Choices, Decisions." Hahaha. But it seems to be centered around my work life, not personal life. It has felt like something has been brewing under the surface, but I am not in the know so to speak. Wondering how it will affect me as I am also getting a lot of negative energy and protection cards.

    I have been told by Spirit to be more "self"-ish. Some of the problems the past few weeks at work were about me protecting my territory so to speak. It appeared to others that I was being unreasonable, but it felt like I just needed to set my boundaries firmly. I also told a friend a month or so ago that although I loved and supported her through the change she was going through (move to new city, new job, etc.), I just needed to protect my energy and direct it to myself right now. She was sending me messages all week trying to reconnect, but I felt like she just needed a "mommy" again so I avoided her with a message to enjoy her Thanksgiving with her husband and family. I'm sure it is upsetting her, but I just can't let her suck the life out of me right now.

    Have a great week,


  • When you mentioned your niece I got the warmest glow!! Wish you could get more time with her! She is one of us---you need each other! I'm still holding my calm over my grandson but had a tweak of reality dread on waking---mornings are like that --then I pray to Saint Michael to lead my next step one more day. Today he sees his counselor and I feel I'll get a sense one way or the other which way this will go. I think both of us are dealing with the actual process of faith and surrender and KNOWING WHEN CHANGE IS REAL! I think we have not given ourselves for the little big steps but expect more--always more from ourselves. I do know the new year leaves a lot of housecleaning behind. BLESSINGS BLESSINGS BLESSINGS!!

  • By "us" I mean you and I!

  • How did the appointment go with the counselor?

    My great niece is very intuitive I think. She is 27 months yet still not really talking - very few words - yet she perceives so much and is very sharp. it's like she doesn't feel the need for words as she communicates telepathically. She is now saying "yes" but with a lisp so it comes out "yeth" I babysat for 4 hours Saturday night and kept asking her questions the whole time just so I could hear her say it 🙂

  • no word from grandson yet. Normally I would have had him wed. evening for just a visit but taken him to his moms at 8 but then picked him up Thursday at 5 and he would stay straight through to Sunday til six one weekend and until sat. at one alternating. Now she allows me to pick him up after school on Friday and spend one night one weekend and two the alternating weekend. That's such a big difference! I've never gone three days without seeing him! Yesterday I prayed with all I had and visualized protection around him. I can't imagine the counselor agreeing an abrupt change will not be hard on him. Although I never met her I get the impression she is wise about my grandson and does get his mother. Honestly, I'm in trusting surrender mode. I think his mom will betray any promises she made him and SHE may be the first to initiate legal action despite my grandson asking us not to. I honestly do not know what is in her scheming head---just know from past events it is never good when she gets some paranoid idea. I had my youngest grand daughter for the weekend---she is very psychic and such a love bundle. Before she was born I was told she would be psychic and she was born to spread love. Saturday night she looked at me really serious and said grandma, would you like some love? She's such a trip---she loves animals and has no fear. Instead of cartoons she prefers animal planet--loves snakes and last visit she requested we watch shark attacks---I said are you sure? But she loved it!

  • Blmoon, trying to follow your lead on trusting surrender. Not an easy feat! I now know what the "change" was all about this week. Someone else in the office had her "territory" changed and it was a blow to her. Wasn't sure what this change had to do with me, but today found out that they gave her part of my territory to try and make up for it. I was fuming quietly for a few minutes - they didn't even talk to me about, I found out when they emailed out the new territory map! Did my best to focus on letting it go and think I managed to, but there was a little while today when I thought I should just start looking for a new job.

    Tonight I used the Archangel Oracle cards and asked who was with me and why. I pulled Archangel Michael with "Remember Who You Are" and Archangel Chamuel with "Career Transition." Duh! So then I asked what would be the result and I got Archangel Chamuel again with "Beloved One." This card says that he is helping you with a spiritual soulmate relationship. So I wondered if this was about finding a new job or just about making the changes work by helping me find new business.

    I get that this is important because I felt their energies very strongly tonight. Just can't tell if the guidance is to stay put or move on. In my old age I know that the grass is not always greener and a new job does not necessarily mean I won't face the same challenges. What's important is inner strength and holding your center through any outside chaos. On the other hand, I have been treated so badly at this place and this territory change thing seems to be a constant thing and I have grown weary of it.

    So...trusting surrender. Hoping the path will be shown to me clearly.

    My great niece loves animals too. She puts her forehead up against her dog's forehead all the time and just stays there for a while - like she is speaking to him through the third eye. My cat normally hides from people, but she came out Saturday nght and actually jumped up on the couch to put her nose against my niece's nose - her way of checking her out and saying hello. She stayed really still - but not out of fear. When my cat jumped down and left she just looked at me and said "kitty cat."

  • You are going to leave this job. I get that for sure. Even if you decide to stick it out---- something will happen and you will walk out. The cards read pretty clear---in fact before I read that far I already got the same message! The when---I am thinking is timely and guided so you are being guided a day at a time each next step towards your next job. I already saw before this that money will be more consistent next year and abundance would be manifesting in balance with your good selishness. I got the same issue going on---it is very universal right now. Every persons story is different but faith in who you are is challenging many people. I get you know you will leave. It was your first reaction but then you got professional and reasonable and did the mature thing and decided to surrender. Surrender can be confusing. Do you surrender to the situation? OR surrender to change---as in this job has to go? Good thing I have been meditating everyday! Little psychic ones are just so delightful, glowing with heart. I wonder if I was as delightfully special to someone? Surely we both were! BLESSINGS!

  • Blmoon, are you still feeling weary of the fight? Gather your strength, because your personal power will need to be very strong soon. Not sure of the details, but personal power is coming through very strongly for you.

  • Actually, I am worn out and getting pinged from many directions! So you are right. I think as long as I tame my ego this will all pass. My man has been home for two weeks!! Lord give me strength. Yes my grandsons mother is still trying to yank my chain. He has home coming tonight and I have been "instructed" to bring him to her so she can oversee his getting dressed. Which I say whatever. I ain't biting. And my son who lives here now is having some kind of personal crisis. But you are really picking up the conflict with my man. He's been a pill! But he's bipolar so no easy trip. Right now he's feeling vulnerable---not aging as well as I ---so he's insecure and pulling the helpless card---or trying to plant seeds of insecurity or guilt in me to even the score. I'm too old for that ---and wise. Personal power indeed!! And a very wise mentor told me when I was in my forties and she 73---that when you are a REALLY strong woman---do not expect to find a stronger man. I was horrified! But as I got old realized she was right. Women are not the weaker sex! And no strong prince charming is coming to rescue you from anything. Thank you for the reminder! In fact yesterday out in the yard a very beautiful red bird came close to me! It was my friends favorite bird and I felt her presence---she passed three years ago at 91----She probably visited you. BLESSINGS!

  • PS--I pulled my daily cards after posting you and got

    TREE OF LIFE---Fertility, Creativity, Destiny

    THE TEMPTRESS----Seduction, Deceit, A broken promise

    ACHIEVEMENT----Keep focused on your dream

    I have neglected a manuscript---perhaps I'm being deceitful to myself--haha! It is easy to be seduced by drama and neglect ones own destiny.

  • The personal power was coming through as lots of yellow and 3rd chakra so the connection to your "work" on your manuscript makes sense.

    Had another crummy day at work - more bad news, but this time from a client. In one phone call I went from being at 120% of goal for the quarter to 94%. Bonuses are paid starting at 100% so looks like maybe I won't make all 4 quarters this year after all.

    I'm in Chicago next Mon-Wed and took vacation days Thu and Fri. Now I have to come in Wed night after flying back from Chicago to take clients to dinner AND have to work all day on Thu.

    Any type of positive change is welcome at this point!

  • I do not see you staying at this job. You are steadily working too much. Most jobs have ebb and flow but your job has just been in high gear and heavy load. You really are not made for this kind of pace. It does not allow you enough spiritual room for following intuitions and being ready to be of service or recharge and have enough alone time. You have to have alone time and down time---as a psychic you are different. It has nothing to do with slacking a steady job--it just is what it is---you need a job that allows you periods of solitude and freedom to follow an intuition now and then. You also need to be around positive people and be under an owner or boss who is spiritual minded. I know it's hard to imagine getting what you desire in this job market yet why not? Visualize your dream job----shoot for the moon. Considering the positive vibe I get for next year---I think you are closer to getting what you want than you've ever been. I think it would help if you got more selfish about what you desire instead of what yo can endure. This next job---I feel will be a connection--meeting someone. The offer comes to you by way of opportunity crossing your path. Intuition and guides will be leading you so avoid extreme states of exhaustion right now. What I get most is a meaningful meeting with someone who you are ready for and can bring you change. BLESSINGS!

  • What I can got that right. Over the years it most definitely has become about how much I can endure. It's hard to believe that somehow something will now magically change though. Endurance has become the norm, habit, status quo, etc. I hate to use the word, but I think I'm "stuck" in the career path I am in as I took over a year off and was unable to manifest something different. This is where my experience is. But it would be nice to land somewhere where I will be treated better and the office environment is more healthy and positive. I wonder if your feelings about crossing paths and making a connection with someone was just you picking up on my vibe because that's how I've been asking for it to happen. I have asked for it to come TO me somehow and for it to be obviously synchronistic. I hope you weren't just picking up on my desire and that you are right!

    Babysitting my great niece tomorrow while her parents go Christmas shopping. My nephew has a birthday on Sunday. I leave for Chicago monday morning.

    How are you?

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