Help with Dream Interpretation Please

  • Thanks. Went to an urgent care last Saturday and they said it's a viral thing going around that lasts a few weeks. It had been such a painful week that hearing that news made me cry. My throat and tonsils felt like they had been put through a cheese grater and when I coughed it felt like I was coughing up blood. So hearing that there wasn't any medication they could give me just put me over the edge. It's now the end of week 2 with this stuff and although I have turned the corner, It's still not all gone. Two weeks is just too long to be ill. And for some reason today I am also very sad. Probably because I'm worn down.

  • I send you a healing prayer. I know you are health minded so do g to the health store for anti virals. Garlic is good every few hours. And zinc. I take L-lysine for shingles when it pops works but is best on empty stomach. Too bad the doc didn't at least give you a vitamin B shot. I think your adrenals are exhausted. Go back to your supplement knowledge and fortify yourself. I've lost patience myself with this concussion so started treating myself with supplements after researching online went to health food store and added some antioxidants that are new to me. Also, it may sting but best foods for you are spicy, hot stuff and salsa. I bought one of those ninja juicers....not the big set but the 900 watts that just works with two easy. I tried juicers before but give up on all that pulp mess.....this one liquefies!. Bed bath beyond has the 20% coupon. I never seen it on 89.00. I ordered online cos the guy at my store says they can't keep them on shelf they sell so fast. I want to get more veggies without eating or storing too long....I throw out a lot! I buy organic. Take care and hope you get better soon! BLESSINGS!

    OH PS...My old boss that stood me up.....I didn't show up the next week and I doubt she remembered! I knew if she did it to me twice I would feel like c r a p. I hear she's overbooked and extra busy since I left!

  • Thanks. The sore throat is finally gone as of yesterday - almost three weeks! I do still have the "post viral cough" which is annoying. Sick of being sick! I've been eating a lot of kale, arugula and spinach with tomato, avocado, etc. EVOO and fresh lemon on top. Found some whole wheat tortillas that are higher in protein/lower in carbs and make a wrap out of it. Also found some plain Greek yogurt that is super low in sugar and eat it with fresh berries and/or melon. I bought an expensive juicer last year and still haven't used it :).

  • I decided to ignore still feeling run down and went to a Pilates class yesterday and today. Both times I came back home exhausted and took a nap - not just a cat nap - 3 hours!! I felt so weak during the classes, not so much physically just an overall weakness like I'm still sick. Today was worse - probably because it was an early morning class. I just don't understand what the deal is with my health. This will be my 4th week of not feeling well if it keeps up. That's insane! I'm starting to wonder if there is something else going this a sign of something more serious?

  • I figured it out - I keep forgetting that things manifest physically for me - especially with relationship issues. Did a cord cutting meditation today and feel much better.

  • You are in a situation were you are giving too much whether concisely or concisely. Can't give out more than you take in and your favorite activity would have worked but not after the fact.....your body is human and burnt out. Start with gentle joys and work your way back AND once you get your health back.....vow and follow through on keeping that balance. Your job is killing you. I know you don't want to her that but it is what it is. If you had a nurturing energy coming in it would help but that's not the case. I'm in the same pickle! My whack in the head and down time has me DEALING withe the reality of ......despite my stubborn warrior ability to get er done......reality check........I need back up! We all do. BLESSINGS!

  • There are several viral things going around this summer and they are all pretty brutal. My boss had been out for 2 months for hip surgery so yes by the time he got back I was burnt out! I also went on several sales trips where the weather was drastically different from home and airplanes are flying petrie dishes :). I am working my way back to balance. My work load is now just my own and things have gotten so much better at work on all fronts. Mostly since I stopped desperately looking for something-anything else coincidentally. I'm not saying you're wrong, just riddle me this, Batman: if my job is killing me and I'm supposed to get out, then why have I seemingly not received any back-up from the Universe? I applied for countless jobs and even expanded my search to other states and didn't get one single call for an interview. I even had clients and old colleagues make calls on my behalf. I still look to see what's out there every week, but am also ok with where I am if that's where I'm supposed to be. It's not about not wanting to hear what you have to say, I just don't think that quitting before I have another job lined up will prove anything other than I'm still a bit impulsive and immature even though I'm pushing 50 🙂

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