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  • OH MY! THEY ARE HAUNTINGLY BEAUTIFUL. What a mix of emotions! I feel this way myself since yesterday. Having grown up in the catholic culture and witnessed the carnage of broken souls who lived tortured lives, did terrible things themselves without ever having a voice is mind boggling . So many loved ones never had a clue what evil had destroyed their loved ones. Can you imagine not just the spirit robbing event of molestation BUT to have it come from a place where God is supposed to live? I am glad finally they publicly own up but feel it came not from within the church but they just plain got overwhelmingly caught and there is not enough ribbons in the world to erase their blatant knowingly turn a blind eye that let decades of abuse continue. A lot of tears hanging from those treas! THIS will be a poem for me. Thank you Watergirl, you are a very good person! BLESSINGS!

  • Sorry - need to correct myself. This is the Fourth Presbyterian Church on Michigan. My friend was reading the sign while I took the picture - could have sworn she said child abuse regarding CHURCH abuse, but apparently it is just a tribute to child abuse in general. April is child abuse awareness month and they do it every year. Has the makings of a great poem...I will leave that to you!

  • Your mistake DOES raise a point! The Catholic church should step up....I think you heard Right and how insulting that such a show of sympathy for abused children is on display while the Catholic church has such a history and it sounded right your assumption because the pope has been commenting for weeks now in the news expressing how sorry the church is and wanting to establish a new trust yadda yadda yadda! I can only image the grown men or women who still survive such a horrible crime having to see that display!

  • ps...I Googled the Chicago event and read the story plus they had more pics and funny one was just like your shot! As if someone else deemed it a great shot. Interesting is how next to that article was the catholic drama ongoing over releasing the records of reported victims. So far it is going to happen. The argument is one side says why upset people...the other side says it is time for accountability and voices finally heard. I think the number will be beyond what anyone imagined And that only accounts for the reported.

  • Hahaha! I just googled it myself to get you a better picture -- mine was in the gray portion of the day after the sun had gone down and after they had been up for almost a month so many had blown away. No need to post another pic now as you have already seen 🙂

    I think if the Catholic church would finally admit their culpability rather than try to excuse or downplay the part they played then it might help to assuage people's outrage. Ignoring it just makes it fester - like all other wounds! They should also set up some sort of counseling available for all victims that is paid for by the Catholic church as well as money toward awareness and prevention programs.

  • oh water girl,,,,,the special little dog my son left me after he passed died today....I am so beyond broken! He just turned 13 and I knew someday I had to give him son loved that dog...they where best buds. He brought me so much comfort and had a healing quality about him. Just yesterday he was waking fine although he seemed rather calm and sleepy.

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  • Blmoon, I am so very sorry 😞 Yet another layer to go through and I wish I could do something to take away the grief you must feel. You know he is with your son having a wonderful time and they are both watching over you now with a smiling face and wagging tail. There is much sunshine coming from behind them. Did your son have dark curly shiny hair and broad shoulders? Big smile that lit up a room?

  • ❤

  • YES! My son was GQ worthy gorgeous, when he was born all the nurses gathered around his crib and even the doctors said after he delivered that he was gorgeous. He had beautiful dark curls...not unruly kind but just beautiful and he had very extra broad shoulders.... like the hulk....(his nick name was BEAR)...people always called him to move stuff he was so strong and played football and worked out. At his funeral the priest bragged how during the building of the new church my son lifted and carried the huge statue of mother Mary to it's place in a outside Gazebo.And yes he had a million dollar smile that lit a room....he was pure love..........and most likely why he got an early pass home. BLESSINGS!

  • I'm glad - hope the quick visit helped. I am very rarely clairvoyant but his energy was so strong he came through visually to me. Most people say they see white light around those in Spirit but it was very bright, yellow like I was staring into the Sun (or Son? haha). His hair - I was going to say last night that the only way I could find to describe it is Michael Landon hair - so thick, luscious, curly/wavy. His shoulders were VERY broad and strong so the Bear nickname was very suitable!! And the smile lit me up on the inside. Little doggie was right there beside him and very happy 🙂

  • Ummmmm, you're supposed to write a poem - a tribute to your son's beautiful energy - and the title is supposed to be "Son Light"

  • Hi Blmoon,

    Just checking in to see how you are doing...


    I had a dark dream that bothered me the next night after the dog died but my husband said it was probably because of the dog passing. So I shrugged it off but the following night my grandson was here and his dad just happened to stay over as well, I got up and noticed in the middle of the night my son was up and said my grandson who is almost 16 was yelling in his sleep and said he had a nightmare about demons or something evil. I thought that odd. My grandson is very psychic but he blocks it out. I asked him about it yesterday and he said he he didn't know what I was talking about but today taking him home he brought it up saying he put it out of his mind but just remembered having a dark dream that reminded him of those tv shows but he can't remember the details. I reassured him that if anything dark had been here it would not stay and I would sage his room if he wanted and he said yes please. I reassured him we are well protected and I do not dwell on dark visitors and I am well protected. Funny cos I thought I wonder if Watergirl posted me!? My neighbors property is haunted but stays there. The other neighbors propert was not haunted but the people there are hoarders and I feel they attract lower energies....I did notice for some reason they cleared out a huge hoard and put it by the bags or cans just a nasty dump of junk. I'm thinking perhaps by doing that a spirit who attached to the hoard was now wandering irritated. I also considered the intensity of my grief that day may have allowed my usual strong boundary to get crossed over. I told my grandson that no matter what awful life event touches him we always must maintain some joy as it is when sensitives are most broken that lets low energies cross our boundaries. I had a very strange event friday, when picking up my grandson at school....there was a little dog that looked exactly like my guy.....he was playing with the kids and they are on fenced in property....I had to stop looking because it was too painful. I mentioned to someone and they said maybe it was not meant to be hurtful but a message that he was well and happy and enjoying being social again as for many years he had aged a more sedate life but most his early years he went out with my son and always was part of social gatherings. AND the poem...oh thats another challange, I did not turn in a poem to a publication I am loyal to and the editor is a good friend insisted he thought I had one in particular....he is very psychic. He was so sure of this poem he was willing to except it late! The pressure froze me up and this concussion is affecting my concentration. I keep having dreams of wanting to tell people off for various offenses. I am in a state of speaking up. One dream these ladies kept taking my seat if I stood up for a second. I do know right now I'm in a place of self liberation so it probably is that energy. I feel like the next phase of my life purpose requires lightening my responsibility load and focusing on my next book. ALSO, I had a very weird event near Easter you will find entertaining.......I was going to the store and feeling really detached and in no rush and on the same street of my crash a car starts riding my bumper.......aggressively! I could feel the intense anger and she kept going left and right as if frustrated. I usually speed some but was doing the speed limit 35. Finally despite the double yellow line she gunned it like a mad woman and passed me....I didn't look at her but flashed her the finger all the while thinking how stupid it was but it was as if I had no control and just did it. And the weird thing was I had no anger at all. Soon as she got in front of me the light turned red and when she stopped she opened her door turned looking at me furious but still seated hung outside staring at me and holy crap if I didn't raise my hands with no anger at all and gesture for her her to come on over and bring it on! Again, I had little emotion and it was as if I was watching it all from a distance even talking to myself saying really did you just do that? You are not that young girl anymore surviving the big city. She finally just got back in the car and when the light turned green she refused to go....which made me laugh cos hadn't I already made a point of not being in a hurry? so who was she punishing? the last minute she took off like jet. I could sense the other ladies in the car were probably yelling at her! That was so weird! I felt like my years in Chicago and that place of mustering cold Steele power that had nothing to do with size or strength but made crazy people step back and kept me from being beat up. It really surprised me as I would very much get upset if one of my loved ones did what I did. I have so much going on lately!!! I know it is meant to feed my poems but I have not made enough room for that and that's why I got whacked in the head!

  • Wow! It's interesting to me that my week was so uneventful and everyone else in my life had some kind of drama or chaos going on.

    That's strange about the dreams and the dark energy. While I was reading that I remembered I pulled some cards for you earlier this week and never posted them -- one was the Angel of Abundance and the other was the Goddess of Psychic Protection (can't remember what the 3rd one was). Anyway, I pulled them but then realized I was too scattered to read them and thought "maybe I should just post them anyway" and then didn't. Maybe it was about your hoarder neighbors throwing stuff out and whatever energy was attached to it...

    This stuck with me: "no matter what awful life event touches him we always must maintain some joy as it is when sensitives are most broken that lets low energies cross our boundaries". I have been having difficulty with this this week and my own energies have become very low. But I think it's just mine, not the presence of anything else. I haven't received any interest in any of the jobs I have applied for. Not even an invitation to interview - just complete rejection from the get-go from the HR people who do the screening. I tried calling one of them to get the name of the person who would be doing the interviewing or at least find out the status from the HR person, but the phone number was a recording. At the end of the recording it listed the open positions and the one I applied for was not on the list so I guess it's been filled. Another one sent me an automated response when I applied stating that my resume would be reviewed and they would be in touch. 12 hours later I got another email saying "after careful consideration we have elected to pursue other candidates." Careful consideration? Really? Well at least they sent me the email - it's more than I've gotten from the others. It's difficult these days not ever being able to talk to an actual human. Everything is done online.

    I think the little dog was a message to you. Almost like a visitation really. He is very happy. Was he white or mostly white? Forgot to say that my vision was of a white dog - very perky and happy with a seriously wagging tail. Gave me the impression of the dog that is shown on The Fool card happily jumping at the feet of the fool.

    I think your psychic editor friend was anticipating your Son Light poem. It was a pretty strong message I received so give it some thought.

    Mars is still retrograde and there has been a lot of anger issues and car accidents lately! A friend of mine's son was t-boned by a young woman last week just after being fired from his job. She told him that her insurance had expired 2 days before and he lost it - actually got a baton from his truck and smashed her windshield!! I can imagine how scared she must have been. An undercover agent witnessed it and actually pulled his gun on him, cuffed him and took him to jail. He has a short temper - Asperber's Syndrome which he is in denial about (his father told him his mother made up the diagnosis - sheesh!) so he stopped taking his meds. Hopefully the court will mandate anger management classes so he can get some help. That being said, I think what you did was HILARIOUS! I have actually done the exact same thing before - not out of anger, but because I knew it would tick the person off and thought it was funny 🙂

  • The dog is white and black and had a nub for a tail but it would wiggle like crazy that little nub! I pulled the abundance card last week with great excitement!! I thought you would enjoy my bring it on story. I didn't mention the woman was good looking really despite the pi ssed off look....she was wearing a pretty dashiki and a matching turban like an African Oueen ...her skin was carmel colored....pretty woman. and there were several big ladies in the car but I got no vibes from them. That night I was thinking I bet she probably was usually sane but her family and all the Easter drama had worked her last nerve and she was otherwise a do it all warrior ready to blow. The fact she waited so long to just cross the no no double yellow line told me she wasn't all that bad a ss. There was no traffic, anyone else that angry would have just passed me . I think at this point you have to surrender to timing.....since you must stay at your job and nothing is showing up you can't force anything. It's not for lack of trying. I really thought your hook up was for sure Feb. march....unless something is coming full circle behind the scenes. Have you pulled the card that suggests letting go to get what you want? Or feeling safe cards? BLESSINGS!

  • Yeah, I seem to always get messages that good news or good things are coming and then it never does! The last week or so all my cards were about communication which is why I was applying for anything else that came up and then doing the follow up calls that were fruitless. The only thing that happened in Feb/Mar was the BIO company job for which I was rejected. It would be nice to get some help from above but for some reason that never happens either. Everything in my life has always been a struggle and nothing has ever come easy. I will continue to look for openings but it is difficult getting out of this mental and emotional funk and being positive about it. If I had something else going on in my life to distract me it would help, but work is it for me.

  • How's life been treating you? I have been all over the place. That retrograde moon to the past was interesting. My old boss invited me to lunch and I accepted thinking....I'm safe. She stood me up!!! I called a friend who still works there to get some insight as I didn't know how much clarity I was having and she said my boss has been doing that a lot ....not just to me. The old boss and once friend apologized and wants to meet Friday but honestly my gut says this is exactly why I left that job and I do not need a revisit. Are you still treading water? BLESSINGS!

  • Been down with the flu the past few days after a business trip last week. Fever is down, but having a hard time shaking the rest of it. I stopped looking for another job - decided to just accept where I am and make the best of it. Feels better this way. If I'm supposed to go elsewhere then another opportunity will appear without me having to chase it down. Some changes are afoot at the office, but feels like they are positive for me.

  • Did you pull the card that suggests if you let go of desired outcomes you will get what you want? ; )

    I hope you feel better, a lot of people are unusually sick for this time of the year. I was thinking of you since last week. Was hoping you weren't worn out. Sending you healing hugs! BLESSINGS!

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