Help with Dream Interpretation Please

  • First of all, your stories about your husband and shopping and whatnot truly CRACK ME UP! You should forget about poetry and become a stand up comic (hahaha).

    Secondly, OMG....EPSOM SALTS!!!!! When I originally told you to take hot baths what was really coming to mind was epsom salt baths, but it confused me (because I really wasn't sure what epsom salts were good for) so I edited that part out. When I reminded you about taking the hot bath it came up again and once again I edited that part out. LOL! It's so hard not to second guess myself because that's how I get stuff - - not through clairvoyance or clairaudience but suddenly information will just be in my head. So I often wrestle with it - thinking it's just a thought my mind came up with and not a "message".

    That really s u c k s about the insurance in FL. It's not like that here. I'm sure we have scam artists, but probably not as much. The retirement community is probably a magnet for people who try to take advantage. Do as instructed and take one thing at a time for now - get your car fixed, take care of your body, etc. If the medical bills will be too much - especially with your husband's recent ordeal, I would probably sue anyway despite the possibility of your rates going up. But we can look into that when the time comes.


  • That humor was Chicago made.......everyone is a comedian there. The saying is "if you're crying you're dying". In fact I have a poem titled that. A good laugh cures many things. AND oh Watergirl, your gift comes just like mine! You just do not know it. AND censoring yourself is every psychics burden. Spirit does speak to you....puts the words in your head. I also see images. It's about being free to be wrong and trust. Leave the brain out of it......that's why this site is such great practice as believe me before I was urged to come here I was too afraid to be wrong. This gift comes with such responsibility. IF we dwell on that! What happens is we get the words in our head but we may as well have our own analyzer brain step in and say, that can't be right.....OR our puny little faith says oh come on you can not be that good to be so specific so to be safe we edit! On occasion when I read someone may not get something BUT I brush it off as I trust spirit and often messages are time sensitive. My psychic often told me things that didn't pop up for years OR spirit has a plan. Say a person is not appreciating a mate or counting their blessings or just being too negative.....spirit may say to that person they see a divorce! When maybe not true BUT it shakes up the person in a way that makes them realize despite their complaints they suddenly appreciate their mate. I know that not all I give will be validated and I just put it out there no matter how my brain sees it. Here's the best example. I once did a reading on here and through the whole message I kept seeing quarters....buckets of quarters but ignored it....but as I typed the rest of message it got more intense...and I said I'm not writing that...I will look so stupid. Finally, I gave in and said....I know this sounds crazy but I can't get all these quarters out of my head! The return post, the woman told me that her sister and her were settling her fathers estate and that night in his house they were dealing with buckets of quarters! They had asked for a reading about their father. Have more self confidence as all psychics have this issue. Let go of making a mistake. Believe me I have to constantly tell myself this same advice! BLESSINGS!

  • Well now that we have confirmation on the Epsom Salts.. have you used them yet???? You are probably wicked sore now as it usually takes a day or two for the muscle soreness to really kick in. Take that bath!!! You need soothing.

    I was raised to fear being wrong - dire consequences for that - so it is extremely difficult. There are some I try to read for on this site and then never post it. Sometimes because it's something off the wall and I fear being wrong. Other times because hard as I try nothing comes through. Other times because I know it will fall on deaf ears. That happened yesterday...didn't post it because it was all about LISTENING to what others had to say and to stop allowing her self-will to go unchecked. But she is still too immersed in her I am right and everyone else is wrong thinking. Self-righteousness. So I didn't bother.

    I'm thinking maybe the 3 was about the number of opportunities I will have to choose from instead of number of days. But nĂşmero logically it is also the number of creativity and fertility...

    Take care!

  • Just did a short meditation at my desk to send you some healing energy. First a blanket of AA Raphael's healing green energy...followed by a soft cashmere-y blanket of soft pink love and nurturing from Mother Mary and Kuan Yin...lastly a shower of shimmering white light (it had some bubbles like in champagne - Epsom salts!!)

  • I had an awful day today! I got a claim number from my insurance for further medical care. I had such an intense headache and I have a tender lump on top of my head going back. I think it was unnoticed with all the attention on my neck and back. I really think I hit my head on the headrest with my head over extended backwards. The medics kept asking if I hit my head but I said no....thinking of my forehead but then I kept telling them I feel like I got whacked in the head and they kept saying but you said you didn't hit your head. The truth is it happens in an instant and I was so confused. I almost went back to the hospital today as the paper work said to go to emergency if I got a head ache. I'm praying on it tonight and actually felt some relief a few hours ago....thank you for your prays. My intuition tells me that hospital is not going to help me There is an emergency orthopedic near me that has a good rep....or I may just call a neurologist though the orthopedic place feels more positive.Hard to be intuitive when in pain. But I think tomorrow will give me an far I've done one thing a day. Thank you again for does make a difference!

  • Oh Blmoon -I had the most horrible headache yesterday after I sent you that healing energy! I kept thinking "this doesn't make sense" because I normally know what stress or physical ailments are causing my headaches. Now it makes sense! It was a doozy so you must have hit your head. You probably can't remember but were you facing forward when hit or was your head turned even slightly? I felt it more on the left side but definitely in the back. Go see someone today - try the ortho. Meanwhile, I will send more healing energy your way.

  • OH WATERGIRL! I am sorry, I appreciate the healing relief but I hate that you absorbed my pain! This happens to me as well. It is a struggle to balance that. Sometimes I have to take a break from readings for people with chronic pain issues. They feel great but I get zapped. Today was much better! I honestly can't remember the moment of impact other then not hearing or seeing it coming....actually I may have been looking to my right some as my grandson luckily was leaning forward changing the music....I think that was why he didn't get hurt as impact happened while his seat belt was extended so he got pulled back but avoided the head whipping so much. I had just slowed to a stop.......leaving lots of room between me and the car ahead. I would have been facing forward eyes on traffic but my grandson likes to touch everything so may have started to turn my head towards him. I'm short, so the headrest is useless and my head isn't resting. I do keep getting a vision of my head over extending backwards my upper back arched forward and the back top of my head hitting the head rest...and you are right I have a ring of swelling tenderness with a weird valley down the middle AND it's more to the left! You are very good! Do a healing for yourself after connecting to me. BLESSINGS!

  • Don't worry about me! Hope you are feeling better today. Actually, I started thinking that maybe I was just crazy and probably have some neck tension I wasn't aware of! Then I read your post and thought "oh she's just trying to make me feel better again and is making stuff up." LOL. I'm still a cynic 🙂

    I did get an impression of you looking to the right which would make sense - the pain in the left side. It also felt like just muscle tension. So here is the part I would normally edit out - I got Ben Gay, like you should use ben gay lotion on your lower head/neck/shoulder area to help with the muscle tension. Maybe that's why you got the lotion with the epsom salts in it - I still haven't looked up what epsom salts are for so I will leave that to you! Have your husband do it for you since you won't be able to reach - I think he might owe you some TLC...

    So funny story about me being a cynic. I never used to believe in any of this stuff. I'm much more a logical, left brain person. Back in the mid to late 90's I attended a seminar. My friend bamboozled me into going by telling me it was a financial seminar. It wasn't a psychic or spiritual seminar, but it was a self-help type of deal. On the last day, they had us sit with a partner and take turns closing our eyes and describing a person that the other person was thinking about. They just used it as a technique of "connecting" with others without talking about psychic impressions, intuition, etc. So when my eyes were shut I just kept telling the guy that I couldn't feel anything below my waist - like I didn't have any legs. When I opened my eyes his mouth was agape and his eyes wide as saucers. He was an attorney and was thinking about one of his clients who had been in a car accident and was now a paraplegic. I just thought that I was making stuff up in my head and that it was a coincidence and laughed it off. Hahaha!

  • Uh, that's Ben G a y lotion....

  • Faith is everything in making useful your psychic gift. AND did you know the BEST psychics DO have a strong analytical side? It makes for BALANCE because otherwise there is no grounding and grounding gives the gift power. You just never had a mentor. I know bengay.....and yes muscle tension is an issue that keeps the injury from healing....pain and tightness circle. Epsom salts are MAGNESIUM. Did you know most psychics have a higher need for magnesium?. It's a salt......loosens muscle tension. Epsom salts in the garden will also make your roses smell sweeter! BLESSINGS!

  • Hi Blmoon - how are you feeling? Hoping much better 🙂 Happy full moon...and its a full lunar eclipse tonight as well. I try not to give these things too much power but the eclipses seem to always really affect me. I'm hoping the energy shift with this one will bring the new job we both need! Why do psychics have a higher need for magnesium I wonder?

  • This song makes me dance no matter where I home, in the office, grocery store, car wash, etc. It makes me HAPPY.

  • My pre-eclipse card pull...



    How do you communicate with your powers, or with me, your goddess? When you choose this card , it is a symbol to create a ritual, to connect with your spirituality, with your own inner magick before you make a move forward. Now is the time to pray, to meditate, to acknowledge the sacred in every experience. Don’t take your next step lightly. You are inquiring about something important. Breathe, and wait for a sign before you act. Choose another card if you need more understanding of my wisdom for you.

    The Eagle King (the big picture, angelic help)


    The Eagle King is a sign that your highest destiny is within reach. You’re on the right path now, even if you can’t see where you’re going. The Eagle King soars high above the mountains and valleys of life and is able to see the big picture when you seem to be lost in a bit of a fog. He makes a formidable Ally as he takes your prayers up toward the sun and releases them to the Divine. They will be answered for the highest good of all.

    It’s a fortunate omen when the Eagle King decides to be your Ally.

    Protecting Treasure (“You are always protected and Divinely directed.”)


    Although this is a time of great risk, know that at a fundamental level you are able to move forward safely and securely.

    The proverbial nest egg is safe and sound no matter the fluctuations in the world. Guardian angels and other guides are whispering to you, making you aware of their protective presence.

    Your loyalty is an important theme now. Nurture that which you hold dear. This is a good time to strengthen bonds of friendship and ensure their integrity. If you feel tested right now, know that a true and loyal heart always achieves its aim. Take refuge under an angel’s wing. You are not alone and have no need to fear. Embrace your courage.



    This marker brings excitement to your path. You cannot know the outcome of the action you’re being called to take until you do it. In this way, you’re required to be blind in the forest for a time, risking all you know and all you’ve acquired on your journey for the potential of something better.

    Perhaps the training you require demands faith in what you cannot experience with your five senses. But reliance on the sixth sense—your intuition—can provide you with another type of sight to aid you in your journey.

    Very important questions can be answered now: “Is engaging in the situation worth the risk, or does my inner sight tell me to wait until another opportunity comes?” “Am I willing to learn a lesson of defeat in surrender to the promise of unknown potential?”

    Pray for guidance and ask for a sign. If the answer is yes, take the risk. If no, rest, regroup, and wait on the will of the Divine Mystery.

  • Oh Blmoon I hope you are doing better than I am this week! How is your head?

    I somewhat braced myself for the eclipse energy as in the past it has surfaced either a well of emotions or events that pushed people to anger. Just extreme energy on whatever front i guess. Yet this week I felt like I was up to my neck in quick sand. Such sluggish, stagnant energy. Exactly the opposite of what I expected. It's been a long, hard week trying to get through the days.

    I am also dealing with the fact that neither of the 2 job opportunities will be turning into anything for me. It's upsetting because I really want out of my current situation and now it seems a bit hopeless as there is nothing else out there for me to pin my hopes on.

    So much for energy shifts! Hoping things have gone much better for you...

  • WELL.......maybe number 3 will be the winner. As for my week? true to the planetary predictions .....emotional quicksand. I stopped speaking to my man all week after a giant storm on my part....then done, no arguing or getting my self in a tizzy...which for my health I can't ....I have gone into the desert, metaphorically. DETACHMENT is my state of emotion YET still maintaining personal love and wonder. Started the latest Chopra meditation and every day coincides with my mental state so I guess I BE WHERE I AM MEANT TO BE!? In fact your card pull spoke to me that first day I decided to let go and move into a lone space for awhile. I'm not in pain anymore unless I push it but still dealing with a dippy head....forget stuff and I sleep more...which is really kind of nice as normally I am so awake at night. I tried following up with medical treatment outside of the hospital but no one wants to get involved with an auto accident.....the ones who would take me are all sue crazy! They want that cash and rehab hungry. I had a very trusted psychic friend mail me card that said I am just fine! He's right, so far I have been doing well under my own care. The day after the accident I pulled a card that said that healing angels are in charge and would be with me until healed. As for your current situation at work. Just quite. It's killing you. BLESSINGS!

  • A giant storm with a partner and then not speaking all that's eclipse energy. Especially since this lunar eclipse was in Libra! Everyone I know has been sleeping more this week so that may just be the universal energy and not so much about your head. Just continue to take it easy. Dare I ask what your poor mate did?

    I can't just quit my job - it would be immature. Besides, I've done that twice before in my life and it only made matters worse, not better. I would like to think that if I just take a leap of faith and quit that the Universe will swoop in with a new job for me, but it doesn't happen that way. If I can't attract a new job now, how would it be any better if I'm stressed out about no money coming in? If there was a husband's income coming into the household it may be different, but there is not. Just me! Practically speaking, it is much easier to get a job when you already have one. Searching while unemployed places you in a different category. It's hard enough right now, I don't need to make it harder.

  • Your argument looks good on paper but leaves little room for "RISK". Your job is immature not you. I get about not burning your bridges and being professional but do you really think if you left withe 6 months notice they would still give you a good reference? Unless you get a letter of recommendation from a friend in the company the only recommendation you will get is this response when they get the call, your boss will say in a professional tone...."all I can say is yes she worked here." You say that

    . I would like to think that if I just take a leap of faith and quit that the Universe will swoop in with a new job for me, but it doesn't happen that way.

    YET your cards ALL support otherwise. I agree I get to depend on some income from my mister. BUT I took the RISK and threatened divorce. And I do not play that card as it has no meaning otherwise. SO risk is in my life too as I do love my husband and divorce is beyond scary but sometimes Watergirl for your own loving good and to get the change you deserve you must let go of possibility of all the scary stuff and just do what is needed. Put in your notice and take the risk.....or life will do it for you and it will smart . I think you would be happier shelving books at booksamillion! Anyway.....risk is a hard one and can't say you are not entitled to your caution. I myself have delayed RISK until smacked in the head! If your job was just a job to endure it would be more perspective but your job diminishes your true treasure and physically drains you and compromises your sense of self esteem....they do not treat you right! It's like a bad marriage or toxic relationship. You would be better off a less important job but around positive people. You give good readings so you know if you are wrong about hanging in there a life event will take over and end this job for you. I pray the number 3 was not the phone call from the past x but an offer on the horizon. BLESSINGS! And a prayer.

    Dear Saint Michael please support Watergirl during this time of uncertainty, if it is risk she must embrace please give her strength. Please as well protect her from the negativity of this job. Bring faith and bravery to her energy so she may wear it as an Armour. Allow her true treasure to shine through strong enough to attract an employer who will value and nurture her gifts. Make her future relationships all win win agreements. During this time of beaten down weakness please raise your sword and protect her from predators and those who would exploit her . Please enlist all healing Angels and guides to raise her vibration so her soul kind may find her. May all the help she has given others come home to her now in her time of need........may she radiate a self love that brings to her all she truly deserves. Thank You! AMEN!

  • I think there is a difference between "risk" and just doing something impulsive and irresponsible. I'm not worried about a reference from my current employer. My boss - the one I like, not the Cruella that is above him - I know will give me a good reference letter. I am more concerned with how unemployment looks on a resume. In this day and age you rarely get the chance to speak with someone - you just submit a resume online and get a notice that you will be contacted if they are interested. That is what happened with this last job. I never had the chance to speak with someone. They just reviewed my resume and it was rejected. And I had an "in" inside the company! I took a "risk" the last time and quit my job without something else lined up and I believe that is what is hindering me now. I have an 18month gap in my resume with no employment. It doesn't look good. And really, how well did that risk turn out for me last time? I lived off my savings for 18 months and now my retirement nest egg is gone.

    So based on experience, taking that risk again is not going to magically make some new job appear. I thought the Universe would back me up the last time - had high hopes for something good coming into my life and perhaps even getting clarity on what my life purpose is, but in the end I just had to pick myself up, dust myself off and just get back to the reality of earning an income. If I quit now without a new job I will not be able to collect unemployment and I already went through my savings. So I would have zero money coming in. How would I keep the roof over my head, food on the table, air conditioning in the dead of summer, health insurance, etc? I mean it when I say I have no one to rely on but myself (and I don't say it in a whining way of 'why can't a man show up to take care of me?'). Even if you divorced, you would still have a source of money that would come from it so you wouldn't be completely without income. I'm okay with relying on myself. It's what I have always done and I know I am capable.

    I'm not saying these things out of fear, I'm saying it out of wise experience and practicality. Doing readings would not cover the expenses. It might work as supplemental income but not the main household income. I would also have to try to build a client base first before money would start to come in from it and wouldn't even know where to start. If I felt passionate about it it might be easier, but honestly I'm not really sure I believe in readings anymore. Future predictions never seem to come true. I'm not the type of reader to give people "feel good" messages to just get them through the moment. Even if I did have a passion for it, based on results with this site, I would be hard pressed to find people who would actually want a reading from me let alone pay for it. I need a real job. And I need to find a new one before I quit the current one.

    So I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree.

  • GO PLAY! you are much to serious and cynical and have no faith at all. Your wheel of life isn't just on bottom it ran over you! And Cruella is driving! Maybe she will wake up with a big boil on her but....or worse wake up as herself . BLESSINGS!

  • Hi Blmoon,

    Was on a business trip this week - 4 cities in 5 days! The last stop was your home town of Chicago and thought I would share a pic with you. We kept seeing these trees with the blue and purple ribbons on them. They were really eye-catching and although beautiful, I got a strange sad vibe from them. This one is on Michigan just north of the Water Tower. We finally went up to take a closer look and discovered that they were all in front of Catholic churches and they were a tribute to the victims of abuse at the hands of the clergy. That explained the sad vibe. Had to crop and resize to make it fit so it's not the best of quality...

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