Help with Dream Interpretation Please

  • If anyone out there can get any intuitive or psychic hits about this dream I would appreciate it.

    The elements that stuck out to me upon awakening (besides the obvious snakes!) were the colors of the snakes and the diamondback shape to their skins. Also, the fact that this was in my garage.

    So, as stated, I was in my garage and their were snakes. The first one was a very large Cobra. It was face to face with me - all puffed up - and then quickly and forcefully bit me in the face. I'm not completely sure, but think it may have been a shade of red, but more like a dull brick red or orange. It was quite startling and I remember thinking fearfully that I needed to get to the hospital.

    Then there were more snakes in the garage. Two that were diamonbacks. One was red/white and the other was black/white. The red/white one disappeared under something although we (not sure who the other person was) were trying to catch/kill it. The black/white one was in the same place. Someone was catching it for me - almost like someone I would have called in to help exterminate. As he pulled it out it got bigger and bigger - huge. He hacked away at it and cut it into pieces. Then picked up the pieces (which were now just empty, hollow pieces of skin) and put them in a garbage bag.

    I remember the slithering of both (the red/white and black/white) were alarming and scary to me.

    I know this is not about temptation because there isn't anything going on in my life that would be congruent with that. I also don't feel it's about kundalini energy.

    I am currently in an emotional process, though. The "I dreamed a dream" song from Les Miserables has been playing over and over. It's a song that speaks to loss of hope.

    "...I dreamed a dream in time gone by when hope was high and life worth living...I dreamed that love would never die...I dreamed that God would be forgiving...but there are dreams that cannot be and there are storms we cannot weather...I had a dream my life would be so different from this hell I'm different now from what it life has killed the dream I dreamed."

    I know it sounds dramatic, but I am just working through accepting that some things we want just don't happen for whatever reason and reaching a state of grace about it. Only thing is, I seem to be in a state of mourning over what I am releasing. Hoping the grace will come next.

    Not sure one (the snake dream) has anything to do with the other (hopeless release).

    Thank you.

  • OH I was so thinking of you! I rarely need an outside read and do well on my own but so prayed you'd pop up today----You are an excellent reader and I'm too "emotional" about a current situation" I am physically ill over it so not good for my own insight at all--as I advise others. I can give you a read on your dream---hoping you STILL trust me. Your dream is about your state of mind right now

    snake dreams are important and either warn of enemies or can be positive if snakes are killed or captured. To be bitten does tell you that damage is real. The colors are important and red is a theme for you. Black and white means exactly as it seems--black and white is clear cut logic----a tunnel vision of seeing things---no other possibility when things are black and white--it is LIMIT TED thinking. The red and white is EMOTIONAL thinking. Passion. The BIG heart. These snakes are not outside people who are enemies--- they represent your thinking. Parts of ones home represent levels of awareness---basement to attic. Basement dreams are the lowest in our subconscious. The garage is part of your home yet it is DETACHED. It is also the place were we tend to store our junk. The beginning of your dream is very important--it defy s logic as really it should have killed you and in your dream instead you get past that fear and it becomes less a problem---it was huge and the red represents your self enemy is the fear of too much emotion--the red of heart, passion making you a fool and open to dreamy magical thinking that will just bite you in the face---you are closing up--- some part of you fearing being hurt by that part of you that dreams UNREALISTICALLY. The war is between black and white--detached logic and the heart--innocent and open with faith in ALL possibility. The most telling part is the help around you that just appeared---you are being watched over. AND it is very telling that the huge snake was slain and that is was really NOTHING! The empty part of it says a lot. To sum it up you are having a doubtful time---a period of cynicism that you believe is a good thing. It's all in your head your fears of your own making and you are not a fool. You are in a critical state of mind---seeing too much negative possibility. You are losing trust in yourself---and your spiritual beliefs are being tested. This happens to everyone. I think you do make the connection--it very much is a hopeless release. But it is temporary, your spirits and guides are backing you up. You need an inner child vacation "little red riding hood" is the healing card that comes to mind! Get out of your isolation of responsibility and adult dream squashing logic and go play---and stay away from others problems for awhile unless you know they can be helped and are not just perpetual problem gatherers. The reality of the dream says--you can't change yourself

    you are a dreamer and you do believe in magic and have faith in spirit. I see the card that says you are perfect---nothing needs changing---you are beautiful. Keep your big red heart open--YES it makes you vulnerable---all things have two sides. It is true an open heart will hurt you but is so worth it----the alternative is to shut out serendipity, magic, and divine possibility---and THAT snake will indeed multiply and ripple through your life and invite real snakes!. You are just swamped by emotions! It will pass.

    Now can you please plow through my EMOTIONS and do a read---trust yourself and I've prayed to Saint Michael to speak for me through your gift. I have been raising my grandson part time since he was born---he is 15

    his mom is hostile but I have always let go of my ego and appeased her for the sake of my grandson who would get the backlash if I butted heads with her. She is a very fearful emotional woman who is not happy and my grandson is terrified of her and can't openly talk to her---he just abides--hes very gifted. Plays many instruments he keeps here. And already has college credits in a magnate dual enrollment school. Suddenly she's crazier than usual but nothing I could file a complaint on. The visitation is really in my sons name although he has always lived here. He is on the honor role---gets letters from the president for excellence BUT she finds out when he doesn't do assignments---she emails all his teachers---he has a procrastinating habit like a lot of teens---he puts off his homework then does it all and gets makeups and gets a good final grade.He did the same thing last term then after all the drama brought home a honor role certificate. Of course I do not condone this homework game he plays even though he makes it up. but I also do not go ballistic--well she took his phone--I pay for ---but really that's a fair consequence---but she also cancelled his girlfriends birthday celebration at my house---ok---sad but he asked for it and I told him to go home and do all his assignments and to know himself and work on his magical thinking when it comes to putting off homework His mom did say in her first rant that he could not see his girlfriend--she was taking her away.. I sent her a careful text and she returned a calmer one and actually thanked me. I thought the storm was over. BUT yesterday I get another rant and she says she is taking away visitation from us!! I was physical ill all day. I told her plenty! And asked her not to e-mail me back. She did but I refuse to open it. I fear for my health so protecting myself----unlike my other grandchildren he is more like my child because he has lived here part of every week. In fact the reason she did not get better visitation was at the time she tried to take him before when he was 4 she worked nights and he lived here 24-7---she spent her day off partying---now shes always trying to be perfect--is married--has two more kids. She denys totally her past and resents the fact she missed bonding with her son. I never bad mouth her to my grandson---I listen to his complaints---give him compassion but always show him both sides and he is smart and gets her totally. I was a teacher so I know what harms a child most. Anyway---without thinking too much can you pray and pull some cards. Thank you! BLESSINGS! PS----years ago my psychic predicted this event!!! She said between 14-15 all hell would break loose between them---but I do not remember her prediction of outcome----only that she always said he would always be in my life.

  • Oh, Blmoon, I really don't trust myself to do readings right now, or any more for that matter, so please take this with a grain of salt if it doesn't sit right with you. And of course I still trust you. I will reply about your comments on my dream later. For now, here is my read on your situation. Let me know if you have any specific questions after.

    I see that things will blow over and you will still have your visitation. You seem weary, tired of the struggle and fighting with her, but keep your sword up and do not give up. Don't allow her to bully you - push back and set your boundaries in a firm but calm manner. You will actually be doing her a favor as she needs to learn self-control. She also needs to learn by example how to be strong without being destructive. Is there a problem of some sort with her current marriage/relationship? She has a lot of anger right now and I don't feel it's really about her son, at least not all of it. She is just using him (and you) as an outlet. I feel a truce coming up in the near future, but things will still need to be truly resolved after the calm sets in. In the end all will be resolved. I still see a juggling between two households for him.

    Advice for you from Angel and Archangel oracle cards all came through as confidence, assertiveness, and personal power couupled with telling you not to worry, that all is well and everything is happening as it should. You have the power of Archangel Michael around you, but also the support of two archangels that represent the feminine as well as motherhood - Gabriel and Haniel.

  • oh bless you!!! I did calm down and you validated exactly the message I got myself and my own card reading. You hit on ALL my intuitions but I worried it was wishful thinking. But I too was thinking that despite my past passive energy with her now it is meant to be over---and you are right she needs to stop being a tyrant. I used to in early years let her cry on my shoulder but she always took advantage of my open heart and would dump on me out of the blue and make me cry, so for many years now I do not play her friend--in fact I just beep when I pick up my grandson cos shed drain me at the door and I felt her cra ppy energy for hours.--- today, I kept hearing Spirit say I was too nice and this visitation thing was her getting an inch and taking a mile---and you are so right---I think she is very miserable with her husband---he is detached and never argues with her at all and it is an illusion of happiness on the surface and my grandson complained there is something wrong in his life there because his step dad never talks to him---he said in a year he can count on one hands the times he's said anything!---hes not mean but just ignores him. She cheated on my son with this man when my grandson was 2. She is older now but had a surprise little one who is 2 now and she can't handle a small child---that's why I had her first son cos she couldn't stand not being able to control a little one. She has a daughter and went crazy when she was little. Her husband only married her after she got pregnant---I really feel he wouldn't have otherwise. I kept getting all day that there was a time for keeping peace but this happened for a reason and now I must draw a line and she needs to appreciate and respect me and stop terrorizing people with her fears and moods. Her sister was bipolar and committed suicide several years ago but she had nothing nice to say about her. They didn't even have a funeral for her and I was instructed not to tell my grandson how she died----even though I did not believe in that. I have always had a suspicion she is mentally ill and it will progress and when I first met her husband I had a big intuition he cheats and some day he will get caught. How right on for you to bring him up. Please have faith in your gift. Maybe you just need to be more like me awhile and be very selective with readings---trying to help everyone can turn you cynical and mostly we get little validation as sometimes our gift to them is not realized till later. Or hate the message kill the messenger! When I prayed last night for clarity---spirit whispered your name and I thought how am I going to find you as I haven't seen you pop up---and then there you were first thing!! Your reading gave me great peace---it was perfect! HUGS HUGS HUGS. May your gift come back to bless you. BLESSINGS!

  • Yes, I was somehow "told" to post about my dream last night and afterward I knew it would be you replying. I also kept pulling cards for myself the past few days that were repetitive...Focus on Service, Counselor, Giving and Receiving. Haha!

    Honestly, I think they are headed for divorce but I didn't want to come right out with it which is why I asked the question about them. You will need to find a way to let your grandson know that her outbursts, although directed at him, really aren't about him.

    I also had typed in a few sentences which I then deleted that told you that through the years you have allowed her to have the upper hand in your relationship in the interest of keeping the peace - and although this may have served its purpose, it was now time to let that go, be more assertive with her, and stop being so nice. I think I even heard, "you're too nice."

  • thank you---and I indeed have always nurtured understanding and empathy for her in my grandson---taken the high road because it is for him I do it as it is important he not hate his mother. In fact she took him to a counselor awhile back---as every few years she imagines there's something wrong with him! And he did have an outburst here screaming he hated her---and he is just never like that. I was upset but then I did sit him down and explained to him how it is never about him and what happens in her mind---honestly I am exhausted with this 15 year battle and have worked so hard to keep him from becoming broken. Interesting though was that he was so relieved and happy when this counselor explained how his mom sees him as an extension of her---she used my words exactly! My grandson is very sensitive and psychic but too young to embrace it yet--it is a burden as a child. Now he's 15 I have been protecting him less as I feel he is ready to face his own lot in life---we all have parent issues. Maybe my work is done and now I get to just enjoy him without all the work of damage control---he has learned his own damage control. She is such a miserable fearful person it is hard to wish her revenge. I have indulged myself now and then in funny ways. When my grandson was little he shard with me how it upset him that his mom made hateful remarks about fat people---special y in public and he said it was wrong. While driving she would call other women fat cows and constantly remark about fat people. Well she went on one of her tirades about me---not to my face but at home in front of him---it went on for weeks and of course being psychic I kept feeling the ping of poison arrows. I knew it was not ethical to attack her but what I did was visualize a shield of protection and at night I said any malicious arrows sent to harm me will bounce from my shield and return to sender and turn to fat. I would go to sleep laughing. Then about two week later my grandson gets in the car rolls his eyes and says my moms on a crazy diet again---grandma I hate when she diets---she is freaking out cos she is gaining weight and can't figure out why! I said nothing but boy I enjoyed that and her poison arrows stopped! I hope your passion returns----you are just burnt out---renewal and new direction will come. Thank you again! BLESSINGS!

  • Hello watergirl

    Your snake dream is not bad the cobra represents hidden fears and the biting in the face means you are waking up or acknowledging a situation that has been bothering you whether it is conscious or unconscious. black & white represents a clean slate in this particular situation so to speak. When you saw the empty skin of the snake it means protection for you the reds that you see are self renewal & healing. The cobra itself is a creative being and something in your dream has you hypnotized but based on the rest of your dream you will find a way to get what ever is/was bothering you resolved

    I hope this helps


  • bluemoon your grandson is a smart young man & with your guidance and love he will be fine. He loves you very much and you are his rock.

    on another note he is 15 yrs old and in most states he has the choice at 12 or 13 to decide who & where he wants to live with. Is it possible he could go to court and have a judge put the order in


  • Hello WG,

    I need to add to what is shared with you regarding your dream:

    Jealous people would like to call your ruin.

    I haven't been around here for a while so I am out of touch. Yet I was pulled to take a peek and saw your post.

    So in general have your antenna's up and running for the coming time until it all reveals itself to you.

    Take good care of yourself,

    Flow xx

  • Thank you Blmoon, Shadowmist and Flowsco...

    Blmoon: You are right that the snakes are about my mental state of mind. I have received many messages that my thinking is "off" and am being warned about it. Problem is I just can't seem to change it. Yes, I am closing up. I'm just unable to have even the slightest faith or hope that any of my dreams and ambitions will come true anymore. It's been so long. Too long. At some point one just has to accept that some things are not supposed to happen for some people, no? I've lost trust in the Universe. So many people and messages have come to me this week which I know is a sign that "they" are out there and with me, but if the power is there to send these people/messages to me, then why can't some Divine Intervention take place in what I have been hoping for these past 20 years? Law of Attraction gurus would say that in the state of mind I am in I won't be able to attract those things. But after 20 years of hard work and hope followed by disappointment, I truly need a miracle to get me out of this and restore my hope for a better life. I'm tired of empty promises from Spirit. It's time to show me.

    Shadowmist: Thank you. I don't know what the hidden fears are, but I guess that's why they're called "hidden." I would say I am waking up to what I would consider the reality of my life, but it feels more like an empty slate than a clean one.

    Flowsco: I was so glad to see you here. I'm sorry I was not there for you. There is someone at work causing me a few problems...a bit of a "snake" in the grass as they say. She's intimidated by me, yet it does not stop her from trying to get away with things behind my back.

  • WATERGIRL---I see a trend in the posts. Many other gifted females are being tested. Woman with gifts and big hearts who truly do take the high road and have been of service to others and live in faith. And I see a common thread of weariness from carrying hat weight---it is harder to do the right thing and in our weariness we are feeling maybe not so special if we are still in the same battle. And there is a theme of betrayal. I do not think this is an accident. I wonder what that psychic guy you would share every month is saying----wonder if this universal. I also see a trend of accepting help---cos usually we do not like to be a bother. For a dark moment that night after my grandsons mother tortured me I felt abandoned by my faith and wondered why being good wasn't rewarding me! Right now I'm laughing at how ridiculous that is----but when your beaten down you really are not yourself and hopelessness happens! I am blessed to have such support in heaven and earth---I'm safe from my most pitiful self! WE ALL ARE! And there is something else going on beside doubtful times----you ARE being sucked dry by someone close by everyday---sounds like work. This is a pattern----solve this one--kick its a ss. BLESSINGS!

  • Hi WG,

    So one is visable. Now to look out for the other 2. You don't need to search...they will manifest soon enough. You know..the aha moment. 🙂

    Darling...yeah this year has had a great deal of turbulence for me. I learned long ago (for me) when I ask and don't get answers to let it be. When I need...I have to be in great "perril or fustration" to get presented what can save the day. So I learned to activate a great deal myself ( as in change). Not always what I think I want yet just to get to the next stage ..I suck it up and grow.

    When we don't understand (pick it up) in conciousness it manifests in a dream or dreams and as you know not always as clear as we would want it.

    Boy I have my share so I can relate.

    Yet most of the time the answer isn't as complexed as we think. It's just annoying to get the "duh" moment

    Remember we all are equal and you are special to yourself. So trust yourself more to know what you want and what you need.

    Flow xx

  • welcome back flowsco we missed you. hope all is starting to go well for you I agree we all need to trust in ourselves but lake bmoon says when we are beaten down and being sucked dry it is hard to keep faith in ourselves. and I keep feeling I am being tested and I cant remember any of my dreams when I wake up. I am so frustrated and the only thing we can do is wait. maybe that is my lesson patience lol

    blessing to all hope everyone will have a peaceful day

  • Hi Shadowmist,

    Not really back yet nice to see you too. Life is still a challenge for me yet I have learned to stop procrastinating on each level of my life. I agree that it’s hard to keep faith yet you need to bounce back as soon as possible. The longer you feed the defeat, the difficulties or poison arrows or bites the more it sucks you dry. My most recent experience involving people that I thought was more knowledgeable than myself. For a moment I took their word and intentions to be the truth yet my body and mind was telling me otherwise. I ignored and opened up to their grasp of misdirection. When I got a very in my face answer by someone else I decided that this was my turning point in the matter and not to doubt me in this particular issue. I confronted the person and told them they nearly had me but not anymore. My dreams were warning me that I was going the wrong way about this matter yet I wanted to trust someone else to have the right answer. No need to say after the confrontation they didn’t want to play anymore…lol. Dreams are hard to remember that’s true yet the one that truly has a message will be reminded or repeated.

    Shadowmist you can wait if you choose yet will you recognize the answer/solution if you yourself don’t put in energy or shift the energy in what you want or need?

    Since the time I came to this forum my overall message to most of the ones I have assisted is to change location. Some had to just move homes some had to travel. And time upon time I have seen (even if it takes up to years) that as soon the blockage has been broken by their own doing that a great deal of other things becomes clear to them. Yet I have also seen some prefer to stay in place and go through more hardship than necessary. Everything is temporary…if you choose it to be so.


  • Yes it is hard to get moving and I have started to cleanse my home and I am slowly making changes to remake it a home and haven. I took two days to revamp my resume as I had a couple of leads on full time employment. (That waiting is the hard part) I will be following up next week.

    I love were I live at and most times it brings me peace

    I was curious and started to delve back into the past year trying to find why I have been blocked and let go of all the things I felt were holding me back. I pulled up an old numerology report and it said this is a transition year so it feels like I have been riding a roller coasted lol!!

    So I will work on change a little at a time. Now if I can figure out why I keep waking up at 3:30 every morning with the strangest feelings like I have to be up, something is going to happen what I don't know.

  • Well, the one person at work that was causing me aggravation - a new person - seems to have backed down for now. I know I intimidate her, but she is also very much in need of "proving" herself due to low self esteem so that need was overpowering any fear of rattling my cage. I just had a "don't eFF with me because I am in NO mood" attitude.

    Another of the girls at work - a friend - has been frustrating me the past 4 months. She left for maternity leave in March. All of us had to carry her load while she was gone. She came back without any appreciation for what was done for her and is in constant need of attention - listening to her woes of motherhood. She does suck me dry. Always needs to have everything be about HER. Bit of a prima donna. I jokingly referred to her as "H.R.H." (Her Royal Highness) a few months ago - thinking she would get the hint - instead, she actually LIKED the nickname. Hilarious.

    Another dream last night. I waited too long to write it down so a lot of details are missing. I was in a skyscraper - top floor. There was an earthquake or something of the sort and the building came down. The top few floors just toppled over sideways, fell a few floors and then stopped. I remember trying to get out of the rubble and in the course of doing so we fell a few more floors, but still ok. Can't remember the rest. I do think in the end I got out, though. There were other people there, but can't remember who. Feels like there was a relationship - a man - involved. Oh well, can't remember!

    Went to a Michael Buble concert last night. He is adorable and a great entertainer. Made me sad, though. Tired of going everywhere solo.

  • The HRH sounds just like my grandson's mother!! Really, if you looked up the word narcissist---their pictures would be there. Since they are egocentric having to care for a baby is impossibly painful for them because caring for a little helpless child requires so much sacrifice and it is all about the child. That's how I ended up with my grandson to begin with. My mother is a narcissist and I think perhaps I keep finding myself in that role of trying to deal with them. I'm getting positive feedback from the cards but still feeling so tired of this battle. I know it is best to honor my emotions at first so I can get my head in power mode---this week has s su cked. A lot of tears and anger. She did let him come for the weekend but it's not about her being nice at all---she is thinking her son will ease into her plan for total control. I know I have to surrender to the unknown on this as this was meant to happen---but it still s ucks. My hope is we do not have to get a lawyer but I just pray to saint Michael to show me the next step everyday. Your dream sounds like a change in direction---have you gotten that card a lot lately? To be on the top floor is a very positive thing---in fact to be that high up is very much a place of higher consciousnesses. The shaking up of your power is coming at you from many different directions---not one event. The relationship is male energy---your male energy that fights these shakeups----also you do have a weak spot for feeling extra lonely right now---and that is partly universal---I think any loss or relationship bumps are amplified right now. The fact you were not harmed in this collapse is a very positive thing----this is temporary and will pass. I'm glad you enjoyed the concert---I too have turned to music during this sad time---music is very healing to me---in fact both my husband and I play the guitar and piano---I just bought a piano for my husbands birthday. I taught my grandson guitar and he ran with it--we bought him instruments. He plays keyboards, bass and guitar---he also plays trumpet. And I too feel sad that at her house that doesn't exist. She doesn't allow his instruments at her house---they clutter his room. Did I call her a narcissist? Maybe despite what's missing in our life we should dwell on the happy. As Lincoln said---should I lament the rosebush has thorns---or celebrate the thorn bush has roses?! I will keep you in my prayers and whatever this new direction is may we both see the other side soon! BLESSINGS!

  • Yes, your battle will continue a bit longer I'm afraid. You are being guided to not give up and stay strong against her - do not allow her to see weakness. Continue to be the loving, sane place for your grandson to seek shelter. There are things going on that are not being revealed to you. I can see your weariness and can relate. But very strong message of Don't Give Up! Hold your sword HIGH and Michael will back you up.

    Mostly I'm getting messages that my thoughts and/or attitude are veering me off course and that I should not give up hope although my time of being in a holding pattern is to continue for a while. Might be too much to ask of me.

  • wow---we sound like we are fighting a similar battle. AND you have just read my card pick for myself today--- after I posted! My cards where number one

    that I was undervaluing myself! So yes I need to not let this beat me up and only I have the power to change my perspective---card 2---to bless and appreciate the abundance coming my way---i'm thinking I do need to be joyful for what I have and I considered that I should be ready to fight as right now I can afford the best lawyer---I came into money last January (after doing Chopra's abundance meditations! 3rd card said I needed to take a leading role in this situation. You are an excellent psychic! I feel the same way on my weak days---that maybe I am not up for this one----but the cards say different. I think we will both come out stronger on the other side and something will be released we have struggled with all our lives. You are in my prayers tonight. BLESSINGS!

  • Hi WG,

    Regarding your second dream Blmoon said it already. Earthquake is change and since you came out okay it’s positive. If you can remember how the interior of the building where you was that might you additional clues as in what area of your life.

    As for the work situation … it seems that the two colored snakes are known. Now the Cobra has to be identified.

    We talked about the doing things solo before. I told you not to focus on/stress too much about it and just enjoy life. Things evolve as it should for you and you will be surprised at a moment you least expect it. A recent example. I got a friend that I met a singing classes and she has been single (not by choice) for a very very long time. She picked up a new musical direction last year (Greek music) and this summer she was invited to play (accordion) music in Greece itself. She doubted very long and I encouraged her to go. She did and too my surprise she came back with a new love and he happens to live here. I told her to enjoy and take it one day at the time.

    As for myself I had a concert last month. I will get back to you on that another time…tomorrow night a cd release of a young new artist. Keeping this short it’s late and I have a long day ahead.

    And if dreams are a regular thing now…have a notebook and pen next to your bed so you can pen down at any time. Even if it’s only a few key words.

    Take care,

    Flow xx

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