Help with Dream Interpretation Please

  • LOL!!!! as I was reading your post I was already responding in my head! And said no no stop depreciating yourself. SELF WORTH! And MY HEAD IS YELLING E-MAIL E-MAIL HIM BACK. Then I read your next post and was relieved---and laughed. So glad you are taking more rests and listening. What a validation from him---yes next year can be your manifestation year! Forgive me being smaltzy but God does have a dream bigger than you could imagine. Looking back from age 60 I can tell you that each time I took a step up into a new exciting phase in my life it was preceded by a really dull bored feeling time of stagnation yet busy exhaustion---lack of passion and feeling like I was stuck---THEN some energy filled person showed up and opened a door and it was both exciting yet scary---I felt energized YET felt like I wasn't worthy or didn't fit in! So there is a choice and luckily our guides do push. The truth is that we are meeting our next teacher to lift us up a step and this only happens when we are ready. The teacher leads us to other teachers and new lessons of higher learning BUT the one truth is a major teacher is always present to provide self confidence---so take it!!! I'm in the same boat and so ready for my next passage. I am very happy for you! Be brave---stay bold! BLESSINGS!

  • Hi Blmoon - hope you enjoyed your Christmas 🙂 I am taking today to recuperate (LOL). I am growing "tired" of being so tired all of the time!

    So Lee is my next teacher, huh? Hmmmmm. Don't get me wrong, I would be thrilled, but not sure how that would happen! Yes, there is that sense of not being worthy, in a "I'm not nearly as far along the spiritual growth path as he is and why would he choose me out of all the people who would want to be his student?" kind of way. But there is also the practicalities...He is in another state, travels a lot, and I can tell he gets lots of groupies so his boundaries are and need to be pretty firm.

    He does have a mentoring program, but it is really just a series of 3 one hour readings over a course of 2-3 months and it is pretty expensive. Is that what you're picking up on?

    I would love for God to have a bigger plan for me....just would like for at least some of it to be exposed at this point! LOL. I am feeling very dull and bored these days and all I get is "patience." It drives me batty! At this point I would settle for just knowing if the "change" coming up is just a shift in the current job or a new job altogether. If it's something new altogether, I would like at least a hint of what it is!

    Hope you had your grandson and granddaughter with you this week!

  • I picked up a door opening to HIS kind of world and I see him extending friendship to you. But I don't think you should have expectations as I see things coming TO you in the near future. You only need to be open to receive and go with the flow. I believe he follows his intuitions and he likes what he sees in you---he only surrounds himself with his kind---because he can! Remember I mentioned feeling bored and dull often precedes a new exciting journey and new friends and teachers. I see a change next year on every level of your life. Anyway, try not to analyze too much---make room for magic. And boy was I lead foot dragging tired for days pre-christmas and telling myself next year I will plan better. I have done nothing for two days now and it is wonderful! BLESSINGS!

  • You know, I was thinking about it and it's kind of funny my aversion to becoming a groupie :). When I first got started in the business I am in, I handled a lot of events where major movie stars were in attendance. Although a part of me would be star-struck, I noticed how others would follow them around with their eyes widened and mouths agape and thought how ridiculous they looked. I promised myself I would never do it! But then during one function I had to personally escort Michael Douglas to his suite. Prior to meeting him, I had liked his films but was not particularly star struck by him. But when I met him - I was overtaken by his presence, aura, star quality, whatever you want to call it. It was hilarious. I tried so hard to remain nonchalant, but it didn't work. I had a clipboard and other things in my hands and kept dropping them the whole way! He just kept bending over and picking them up for me - I would say thank you with my flushed cheeks because I was soooo embarrassed. Hahaha!

    Anyway, I just bought both of the books mentioned in this video interview - focusing on detoxing my body and getting healthy. Thought you might like it...

  • THANKS---I need them--it's a focus for the new year. I know what you mean about being near really gifted folks. Specially for psychics there energy is intense. I once grabbed a famous poet (nobel prize winner) I admired on stage and spun her around with joy---yet she was kind to me and she would send me letters! The whole audience roared--- I was so embarrassed! After getting to know more gifted people I learned that they know the difference between the joy of those who truly are their kind and those who are just infatuated with social status. They know and enjoy getting positive feed back. If I go to a concert or literary reading and the person truly moves me I always let them know. Everyone appreciates validation.

  • So another dream last night...

    There were quite a few other parts, but they escaped me upon rising. What I do remember was that I was being released from prison into a program similar to a half-way house. I was given a job, but was not allowed to drive myself to and from work. I was SO MAD! What do you mean I can't drive myself??? They were very stern, firm, unemotional and just said that I had to obey the rules.

    In light of the fact that I am in this "holding pattern" in my life and wanting to get the show on the road so to speak, I guess I understand the dream! Just wanted to share because I thought it was funny 🙂 Guess my guides are telling me to sit tight and be patient again (lol).

  • Hey Blmoon,

    I hope you had time to enjoy your grandchildren over the holidays. Happy New Year!

    We "coincidentally" were just answering the same post together. (smiles)

    I had another prison dream last night. And this time there was a lot of construction and "rubble" around me. Once again, I couldn't drive, but got my hands on a little scooter. It was the size for a 4 year old and was pink, but it seemed to get me around. I encountered two of my former employers. Very strange...

  • red is a color of passion, have you ever heard the term, "if it were a snake it would have bit you in the face"? Is there a chance you have an opportunity to follow your passion and the opportunity is staring you in the face? Or maybe there is a possibility of romance and you are avoiding it because you never considered the person?

  • WATERGIRL---I loved that last dream! It is funny and so true. As you know it is always important to be in the drivers seat in a dream. My most dreaded dreams are NOT being in the drivers seat but I mostly had those in my younger days. My dreams have been crazy too, very very exhausting nov. dec. and just started calming down---but there was so much busy energy in the planets then---lots of meeting housecleaning deadlines on all levels. And my old job showed up a lot! I see your dream as a validation of your new self----an opening of feeling safe and strong and protected and not needing to be too tough or having extra manly energy to survive. Your true gift is a childs innocence YET with a very wise head! AND your fierceness. I get that when you were 4 you already had the kind of power that was bigger than most adults---in fact you picked up uncomfortable vibes so often you thought---gee what is wrong with ME?! Your next phase of life has brought you full circle---no more fighting or grasping or attracting jealous sabotagers. Special people who have a strength about their spiritual gifts will come to you! You ride that pink scooter ---past the rubble and people who do not like your scooter. Ride your truth and those that appreciate that will invite you into a place you are meant to be.BLESSINGS! PS---Last January I started going pink! Pink and that blue teal turquoise of the sixties----it was the theme of my tree! At first the pink felt odd but I grew into it! In fact looking back my writing career took off during my pink and blue years!

  • I am told that PINK is the color for 2014. You will see a lot of it in fashion, etc.

    The painting I want to do for my great niece is pink and blue!!! More specifically, a raspberry pink daisy like flower with 4 quadrants behind it in a teal-blue shade. 2 quadrants are teal blue with white polka dots and the other 2 are the teal blue with a little more white mixed in. If I ever get around to doing it I will take a picture and post it.

    Anyway, my little pink scooter sure got me around! I think I was even on the freeway 🙂 One of the employers I came across...I actually rode the scooter over to their building. My boss and the owner were there. The boss was a friend of mine. The owner was a lying cheating greedy you know what. They both said "Oh thank God you're here! We need you to...." I just smiled and said "no can do, sorry."

    Looking forward to being invited in by those I am meant to be with. Sounds lovely!

  • Oh Blmoon what a week! How was yours?

    Lee told me that it was okay to let my inner btch back out after sitting quietly in the corner and taking it for so long and boy did she come out this week :). Reconnecting with my fire, chi, whatever you want to call it. It was explosive though. First, it was good because Cruella (our VP) was throwing her angry energy directly at me and I threw it back to her. Threw her for a loop! But all week I could literally feel the inferno fire running up and down the center of my core. It was intense. Couldn't sleep. And there was so much chaotic, hectic energy around the office. So my fire was let out some more. I think people are wondering what the heck got into me. I was feeling like maybe I had gone too far with a couple people and started to wonder where the balance was between taking things quietly and letting the inner btch take over. But Lee said not to worry about it right now as it is the kundalini reawakening in me and I just need to let it flow and notice it - I will find the balance later. He started laughing talking about how I was getting people's noses bent out of shape. I need a hobby so I can direct some of this energy into it!

  • We are riding the same broom! What Lee said is right on. After some intense "back at you" in my own crazy few days I received the same message---which at first seemed unclear as my cards were responding positively---? When I was not feeling it. A last reading for myself--I prayed for clarity and got the message Lee gave you--that a necessary night wind blew through for a positive purpose. Yesterday I felt the shift and can see the purpose and I observed the two emotions that manifested----either a scary fight back mode of not just turning the saintly cheek---or feeling sad and heavy. I had started a more focused health commitment as the weight has creeped up. Now I'm forced to deal with the issue that has plagued me as a psychic all my life. Avoiding outside energy and keeping restraint as a high energy power. Sound familiar. I prayed for help to end this issue already! Last few days have been good and I lost five pounds already. So yes, I had to be aware before finding balance. OH and I believe it started with my issue with my grandson's mother which now has resolved---she did do a turn around and without explanation returned our visitation schedule. So now looking back it seems stepping into a higher power that 2014 can bring meant honing my ability to deal with conflict, anger, how and when to fight.. EFFECTIVELY. One can still be both----the big hearted little girl on her pink scooter AND a force to be recond with when boundaries are truly being crossed. I believe it's about owning your conviction and truth and faith in yourself but NOT needing to convince or argue----like with my grandson's mother----I blasted her back with my truth but then let surrender manifest. I think fear is the obstacle on many levels. Fear is saying if we bend noses somethings terribly wrong as our spiritual expectation is one of perfection and healing and peace. We carry over from our childhood that our power is dangerous. Lee is right---if we don't honor our truth---put it out there then how can we see it or sort it out. Self trust is the leap to where we wish to leap as every time one craves innovation and change it requires a brave boldness to trust in the process and as always let go of the ego. I'm sure Lee could not live his truth without much resistance----he boldly puts himself out there open to public scrutiny. There is always something scary about really being your true self! I spent a fortune at the health food store yesterday! Spirit has been helpful and I feel energized. This is going to be a very "high energy year".........rev your pink scooter and ride! BLESSINGS!

  • Ha! I got the same confusing cards at first - OBEDIENCE. So I thought I was being told to cool it but then kept getting PRISON WAIF with it. However, it was reversed so I knew it was about breaking free and NOT being so obedient any more. I also am just taking it all as confirmation that I truly am ready to get out of here. Do you still see something coming TO me? Something popped up that I thought I would apply for but I keep getting non-action and patience cards.

    I too started a new health regime and have also dropped 5 lbs! Not coincidentally, this new "fire" began shortly after my detox started to kick in.

  • I do still see an offer but it comes to you and although it may seem too good to be true or you may feel a bit unworthy the offer will be a persistent one--it will feel as if you are being pulled into an encouraging place. I would wait----if this job is the one---more validation will pull at you. I think this feeling right now is more from your head. Wait and see what your intuition says and how persistent it is. I keep hearing that universal message that says when you are in the flow you do not need to grasp. It's that fear of missing something or feeling we must work or grasp. I am asking spirit the same question! For me it's which manuscript call to answer----do I waste my time and tie up my work or wait----publishers only take unpublished work and take months to decide so despite my psychic gift I have a hard time picking THE ONE----as well as lotto numbers! And yes---doesn't it feel good after a total detox! BLESSINGS!

  • Thanks for the confirmation :). It's just hard to sit still with all this fire energy coursing through me! I am so antsy to get this show on the road and my programming tells me I should be taking a more active role in looking for it. So this thing came across my awareness and I thought what if this is it and I'm supposed to express my interest first before it comes to me? Now that I am truly behind getting out of here each hour, let alone day or week, seems unbearable. And oh lord what if it comes down to a choice like you and your manuscripts??? That will make my head explode!!!

  • Arrrrrgh! I am so restless...getting unbearable. And yet I can't even concentrate on the work I could/should be doing on my desk. It would help occupy me but I can't concentrate.

  • You already have your foot out of the door and are done helping make those folks rich. It is what it is. HAVE A FANTASY! It's the full moon. Stand at your desk and howl!! Better yet---that stack of papers on your desk---start rolling them up in balls and see how many heads you can hit : ).

  • LOL. I wound up going from one end of the spectrum back down to the other. Making my way back toward the middle :). So my anniversary date is coming up and I have a week of vacation I need to use or lose. I certainly do not feel like donating a week to these people so I'm taking the week off. Only thing is I'm not sure what to do and it's in two weeks (1st week fo Feb). Initially, I was just going to stay home, relax and get some things done around the house. But this weekend I have really felt the urge to finally GO somewhere since I haven't taken a real vacation in a decade. I fel inspired to check out the Canyon Ranch and Mireval resorts in Tucson. They are what I feel I need right now. Healthy food, yoga, pilates, outdoor walks, art classes, meditation, spa etc. But they are so expensive!!! So now I'm torn as to what to do. Spend a ridiculous amount of money, search for something else to do (with not much time to plan) or just stay home. What do you think?

  • This site keeps messing with my computer! My post got stuck last night and it's been happening more often. My response was much more energetic yesterday, did yard work and was energized. Today I'm droopy but also got into dust cleaning my room. My reaction to your post was excitement for your vacation idea! Yes do go. I was born in Tucson and always dreaming of going back. So I am biased but Spirit agrees that you are intuitively right to go where the spiritually minded go as well as the creative minds. Lot of art and literary history in them parts! Most of America's greatest Art movement at the turn of the century from 1800 to 1900----went there to nurture ideas. There are many writers retreats hidden away in the southwest. It is a good area to connect with spirit and gather energy. I think you definitely should go where you can mingle with positive creative others . Problem solvers , movers and shakers. Avoid the pretend high minded resorts where people just like to be shiny and can afford it. Trust your intuition and don't over think this----can Lee recommend a place? I think probably your first attraction would be your intuitive best. Your power is strong right now. Trust your gut. BLESSINGS!

  • Hey Blmoon,

    Well I didn’t go to Miraval but did take the week off. I had done a huge remodel to my house back before I quit my other job – but the bathrooms and some finishing touches remained unfinished. Even though I have been back to work for 2 years, it has been a rocky road and I have not felt “safe” in that I could count on remaining employed! So these things remained on the back burner. Last Nov/Dec I decided to move forward with it. Work has not begun, but I have gotten quotes from the different contractors and picked out materials. I also desperately need new couches and a dining table (I have been eating on my lap for years now and I can’t sit on my couch for more than 30 minutes without needing a massage!). It’s a huge chunk of money I am about to spend so I decided the $3 to $4 grand on a week at Miraval was not a great idea.

    The time off was sorely needed. Normally after a week away I would feel differently about returning to work, but today I feel even more that I don’t want to be there any longer. It’s going to be tough to return tomorrow. Something new and better is what I am hoping will come to me – and soon – but I am struggling with the belief that it will happen. At the very least, I would like for things to go more smoothly at my current job, but so far this year it has gotten worse. I hate being so gloomy, but it’s becoming more and more difficult to have faith. I’m tired of feeling stuck and need some movement to occur.

    Anyway, hope you are doing better than I am!

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