Help with Dream Interpretation Please

  • I do see it manifesting or spirit would have had me say--your looking for--- or your craving---but I got a direct this will happen--a happy vibe---you know when you see something good for someone and feel the happiness? I felt excited for you. I think you have not really noticed how far you have come---it's the little things---the steady change we barely notice ---you have not given yourself credit but you have grown and it's a more fertile time. I believe your prayer was heard and I validated it. You do the same for me. Enjoy my hometown--SWEET HOME CHICAGO! Although this time of the years she ain't so sweet! BLESSINGS!

    ps-I am doing good---going with the flow!

  • Thank you. I am so cautious these days to believe in anything "good" actually/finally happening. Maybe its also because I see how many people here get so caught up in what they want and "see" things in the cards that support the want instead of the reality. I have been so guilty of this myself! A quote sticks in my head - not sure of the author -

    "Sometimes it's easier to believe what we want than what we know."

    Below is my card for the day, from the Osho Zen Tarot, along with the sentiment that comes with it. However, it does not escape me that today I am crampy and concluding this month's "cycle" LOL.

    "There are times when the only thing to do is to wait. The seed has been planted, the child is growing in the womb, the oyster is coating the grain of sand and making it into a pearl. This card reminds us that now is a time when all that is required is to be simply alert, patient, waiting. The woman pictured here is in just such an attitude. Contented, with no trace of anxiety, she is simply waiting. Through all the phases of the moon passing overhead she remains patient, so in tune with the rhythms of the moon that she has almost become one with it. She knows it is a time to be passive, letting nature take its course. But she is neither sleepy nor indifferent; she knows it is time to be ready for something momentous. It is a time full of mystery, like the hours just before the dawn. It is a time when the only thing to do is to wait."

  • That would be O-S-H-O Zen Tarot. Not sure why that word would be restricted!

  • The card definitely rings true! And I laughed about what you said about the overly positive reads on here--yes I noticed one in particular who no matter what, does a card read for distant not working relationships and EVERBODY gets a positive love prediction! I almost wanted to step in a few times as it is one thing to keep a positive outlook but encouraging a self destructive situation is very unethical BUT---I decided to pass on interfering as really, all of us must discern between wishful thinking and reality and all of us must discern who to trust advice from so I ignore it. At some point the women advised will still be waiting, and no that guy who stopped calling months ago and never answers their texts is not loving them in secret----she will get it. I tell it like it is and know which folks may not like it but will at least respect me later down the line for telling the truth.A lot of people giving advice or readings really want to make others happy. That's unrealistic. There is an honest form of hope but that takes true insight. And yes it is easier to believe what we need to believe as the truth means we must change and that is work! Change is not easy or we would all be healed over night. It is easier to NOT take responsibility for our issues and easier to blame people and bad luck. Change is hard! So many people want change in their lives yet resist changing! The one truth I know for sure is that any real leap up in my life came after doing something I did not want to do! We all resist what we need most to do. Change is never easy. But it opens a new door! We both have opened a new door---that's what we do, keep evolving---this year was full of adjustments and next year we ARE that change. BLESSINGS! ps--our stories may be different but both of us dealt with surrender---boundaries ---and self worth.

  • I know EXACTLY who you are speaking of :). It does get frustrating, those readings, so I just don't even open any of them any more. He does not want to face reality in his own life so he likes to spread the fairy dust onto everyone else so he won't be "alone" in his delusions. It's sad really. If he responds to a thread that I have been on, I just cursor down so as not to see it 🙂

    I have been struggling with the middle ground between the fairy dust readings and a reality that comes across too harshly. I'm not sure i am cut out for it! Tonight, for example, I did a reading for someone asking about a relationship and saw so many 3's - knew another person was involved and that he was struggling with the choice - but also did not want to drop that bomb. So said he was busy and guided her to work on herself and being able to be alone without depending too much on someone else's validation to feel good. And yet a few hours later she got word directly from him about the other person. Was that validation from Spirit that I should have said so from the beginning or validation that gentle guidance is better as it leads people to the answers in their own way? Not sure.

    Yes, I have made a lot of headway this year. But I am reflecting back on the year now and also seeing what I needed to take on and did not. So my work is already cut out for me for next year! It never ends...this evolving!

  • HAHAHA! Boy are we psychic! I read that post before you answered and very loudly I heard----another attraction is involved--actually I hear MARRIED! But that can just mean already attached. AND then I decided I'm not telling her! Then I read YOUR post and said---my am I just cynical? But yes then her post popped up I was right! I asked Spirit about that and what I got was regardless of our answers to that one it would resolve itself and we didn't need to respond. That's the hard part of being psychic--we must so trust our answers as rarely do we get validation to why they say what they say. What I tuned into was that this man comes on strong---the woman loves it at first but then gets smothered and makes space---he gets anxious when that happens so hurries up and must chase another. BUT then after a good breather the taking some space female suddenly feels he's wandered off and contacts him and now bam he's done it again and has more than he can handle---this is a pattern with him. Don't worry, I've censured myself ---it happens---brush it off. Trust that there may be more than spirit tells you and you got what was intended---maybe this reply from me was meant for you. The busy with work thing was already put out there by caring friends----this woman obsesses a bit too---and friends and loved ones are always telling her she worries too much---she gets a lot of that! I think it's funny you posted this!! I'm reconsidering this blog---the site has changed---I did disappear for awhile after they stopped monitoring the posts better---I feel they have less security and someone posted that when they googled their name posts came up!!! I have a few ladies I do exclusively and they have gotten past their challenge so it would be a good time---I'm going to google myself and if a post comes up my posts will definitely be out of here! BLESSINGS!

  • PS--I NEVER put my real name in a post so maybe that is how you end up showing up if googled

    they do have a disclaimer about not being tablespoon for personal info you disclose yourself.

  • tablespoon!!??? were did THAT come from? I wrote RESPONSIBLE----must be on auto correct!

  • I GOOGLED--no posts showed up! Thank God!

  • LOL that tablespoon thing gave me a really good laugh!

    Here's the reality of that reading - even if I had told her she would not have believed me . She only believes it now because she heard it from the horse's mouth. I tried to guide her based on what came through about her - self esteem issues, placing too much of her sense of self on validation from others. It had only been a few days and most people would have said ok he's busy and waited for him to reach out. But she had herself in a frenzy. She would still have found out eventually. Like I said, my telling her would have served no purpose. What she would have believed was one of those fairy dust readings! Heavy sigh!

    Chicago is cold and snowy!

  • EXACTLY!! That sums it up and was my impression.

    Chicago can be mean and ruthless in winter! The wind alone can be so fierce you can lean into it and not fall over---it's like trying to walk through molasses. I can remember living in an a huge old apartment that got so cold----most buildings have old radiators----I hung wool army blankets over the windows and the storm windows rattled and the wind howled. My first apartment at 18 I had no fridge but like many others I put my perishables between the storm window and the outside window. So if you wonder why there's food in the windows of older poorer neighborhoods that's why. I imagine though you are in a nice place downtown. I miss the art museum most and that beautiful mighty lake. I have had many Chicago poems published but don't dare share or risk being recognized. A lot of spiritual energy comes off of that lake!

  • Hi Blmoon - back home again. I didn't get out and about much in Chicago this time. Even cut my time short at the functions I had to attend. Just felt like some solitude in my hotel room and not very sociable. I think I'm just tired from this year and winding down - hibernating a bit before 2014 hits. Can't believe Christmas is next week!

  • My grandson got to come last night! He is here till sunday

    I feel as the year ends the tide is changing---I had a exhausted day too---and just blew off everything---I gave myself permission to not be super woman and just put up more christmas as I can---I made changes to my usual decor. Yesterday was cold today sweaty hot! Snow men look silly in this heat! I had to take a blog break---people started showing up in my dreams! That's my barometer---that and a tired stiffness! I bought myself a lot of old new music cds for myself. Spirit just showed me a man smiling creeping up behind you---in a good way----saying here I come! (no pun!) How nice!!! BLESSINGS! I see snow around him so can't be arizona---dark heavy jacket--dark hair--scarf----to die for sexy smile! Lucky you! BLESSINGS!

  • Ha! Sounds too good to be true...could it be about the new job? We do have "winter" here in the desert - coats and scarves are worn - but I have a hard time believing romance is around the corner. Everything that comes through is always about work and independence so I stopped even asking!

  • Maybe it was about my conversation yesterday with Lee Harris? He will be bringing one of his seminars to town and I offered my assistance/expertise in booking a venue.

  • By the way, Lee is the "energy" guy whose YouTube videos I have posted for you. And before you go there, I'm not the correct gender for him!

  • Sorry for all the posts - I was getting my hair done and kept getting interrupted so my thoughts were incomplete...

    First of all, so glad you have your grandson this weekend!

    Secondly, I also blew off my responsibilities today - what a coincidence (wink-wink-nudge-nudge). I was supposed to have yesterday and today as vacation days, but duty called yesterday. I thought I would just go in today as well and take the two days another time, but got up this morning and said oh the heck with it - I'm not going in! We always seem to be in synch these days 🙂

    So the man comment came out of left field and caught me by surprise - lol. No snow here although there are coats and scarves. My business travel for 2014 has not been released to me yet, but fairly certain no trips in January. First possible trip would be in Feb. although I had not planned on anything until March. Maybe it's next winter! I thought it might be about a job as everything has been job related that comes through for me. I did speak with Lee yesterday on the phone and he has dark hair and lives in an area where it is very cold and there would be snow so that's why I brought that up. Anyway, it sure sounds nice!

  • When you said hooking up withe LEE I got goosebumps---very good positive connection for you! I believe since Spirit showed me the man sneaking up from behind you means that he is a complete surprise and no you don't see him coming! I definitely saw he was in the cold and the jacket and scarf were clear--the jacket was dark but the scarf was not bright but had some color--his hair is dark. And he has a beautiful closed mouth smile. Funny your comment about gender! I had a feeling about that. You know this message makes me think of something you were told a year or so ago---were I saw you hooking up eventually in a spiritual psychic venture withe a female you would possibly partner with in a business way and you would also hook up withe a g a y man as well in a personal deep friendship and he would as well lead you into a spiritual venture and he would bring a brave boldness to your life. I do not usually retain messages unless spirit brings it up so not sure what that reading was but suddenly I remember a coincidence. I see this man as coming sooner rather then later----it could be LEE leading you to another? I'll have to look at him again see if he looks like the man I saw---he definitely had a great aura about him and yummy vibes. Spirit may be mum on details but for sure this is GOOD very GOOD! BLESSINGS!

  • I did get a vibe that we were supposed to hook up, but thought it was maybe because something needed to come through to me from Spirit through him. But it was generally just a very nice, pleasant conversation. He did talk to me about opening myself up to the possibility of 2014 being the year where good things would happen with my career and to work on my thoughts about it.

    So, not sure we will be hooking up in a business venture or not. When we spoke, he thought it "coincidental" that they (he and his staff) had just been speaking about holding a seminar here in Vegas and I work in a resort here in Vegas. However, I am in a true resort off the Strip and he said they wanted to be on the Strip. I told him that I could still be of assistance to him if needed - he thanked me and said he would keep it in mind and that was that. I do keep getting the feeling that I am supposed to help him with his contract - reviewing it and whatnot - as that is what I do and Vegas can slip things in that a person will not notice if they are not wise to the industry. But that could also just be my ego talking! Not sure if I should send an email to offer that specific help or just wait and see if they contact me. Regardless, if he has a seminar here I will definitely attend!

    I do feel an affinity toward him, but I'm sure everyone does who comes into contact with him. Very warm, generous, non-judgmental man.Kind of makes you feel like you are floating in your mother's womb - LOL. I felt surrounded by love when talking to him. A friendship with him would be very nice, but once again, I think he needs to keep his boundaries up with people as everyone wants a piece of him so to speak. He probably gets a lot of guru worshipers!

    Anyway, his videos for last 3 months are below. First is October and shows his great smile/presence. Second is November and shows him bundled up. Last is December - more of the same, but thought you would enjoy listening to this month's forecast 🙂

  • I sent a follow up email to one of his staff members yesterday and today received a response from his Business Manager. My help was accepted and they offered me a free seat for the seminar in return. Yay!

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