Help with Dream Interpretation Please

  • hahaha!!! I hate bathroom dreams! thank God I rarely have those. And they usually mean a purging is in order but also as in your's not about you but more about you trying to get somewhere and being surrounded by others c rap.....what you needed was refuge and water....water is a strong spiritual metaphor and you are thirsty but instead of being on a path to lift and nurture you descend...yuck!...also walking a plank? That does not read well either. So your dream reinforces your awareness of where you are at but you still have to escape. I think if your job environment was as real as the dream you would have an easier time hauling as s! Otherwise we both waited to see just how shi ty it had to get to run without a real back up plan.: ).

  • I know! I neglected to mention that when I jumped - it was almost like the leap of faith of the Fool and I landed on the beach. So although I landed in some of the cr ap that spilled over from above, I was near the ocean and away from all those people on their toilets!!! It's funny because I feel like I have had the "aha" moment and have true clarity now that I need to leave and why and yet i am still getting messages reinforcing that. When i ask about how to get to what's next i just get "patience" and "choices" and/or "decision".

    Anyhoo, I am leaving briefly to see if I can get a read on you and your son...

  • OK, I just pulled some initial cards for you. I will be able to get a much clearer read Saturday morning after a good night's sleep and no work :). Your cards and my take on them are below, but I have to ask as I keep getting this weird impression that he is moving away or just moving toward maybe a relationship maybe? Did he inherit some of his father's highs and lows?

    Anyway, your cards were:

    High Priestess of Earth

    The Hawk Prince (spirit communication, paying attention)


    The Grail Knight (romance, ilusion, seeking the sacred)

    The High Priestess of Earth: What really came through was the symbol on her third eye and the stuff on her head - supposed to be plants/flowers/etc but I saw it as cloudiness. You do not have all the information or he is not telling you everything. I got a "wait and see" feeling with it also.

    The Hawk Prince: this is about communication with Spirit, but I think it is also a message that you will be learning something important either from Spirit OR from a phone call, email, etc. from someone. Some type of message will be coming to you. If it is to come from Spirit, then it is a reminder to be still and calm so you will hear it.

    Moonlight: This one was weird - not sure if I am just tired or there are two distinct messages coming through with this one. The first is that with the moon often comes illusions and reinforces that you do not know everything about this situation. Also that he is either not being truthful with you OR is not seeing the truth himself. I keep getting relationship stuff (?). But the moon is also about intuition so it is also reinforcing to go with your gut and trust your instincts rather than what is being said.

    The Grail Knight: Another card about illusion and also about relationship. Once again, it just points again to dishonesty or him not seeing the truth in the situation. But again, I am reminded that this card is akin to the Knight of Cups in regular tarot. This card always shows up when someone is in a new relationship and seeing things through the rosy eyes of new love/infatuation and not seeing the shadow that is there. Ungrounded emotions. I also got a flash of the prodigal son returns...knights are usually going on a journey. Just getting an impression of him travelling, moving on. BUT also that it will not be what he thinks/hopes and will return.

    Once again, I will probably do better on Saturday!

  • If this doesn't involve a woman I'll be shocked!!

  • A Rembrandt for you...the prodigal son is sticking with me...

  • I'm off to bed. EXCELLENT READING, I wish we lived near each other we could open a little shop. sell local art do a few readings. Get local spiritual talent to hold workshops. affordable stuff.....sure would beat any cra per dream! . I'm too tired to write. I hate getting that TEMPTRESS it just me?!! Never I smack her or apologize? who's fooling who? She's a tricky card.

  • LOL!!!! "Do I smack her or apologize?" That was laugh out loud funny...

  • He's a Sag AND born in a horse year ....that's double the horsepower! Your painting is true. Interesting you chose Rembrandt as he was born very artistically gifted. He won many awards in school and local shows then one day just stopped. Luckily he was my last child as if he came first I would have stopped at him he was exhausting and diapers he could climb out a window in a blink...I had to nail windows shut. He was also big hearted and the one who brought me flowers and slipped hand drawn cards under my door when the four boys had driven me to my room to cry. I loved being a mother but my sons as well as my husband and I are all leaders....a houseful of generals! And unlike my strict childhood of no speaking up I raised my boys to speak up......boy it was lively! They were close in age and everyday was a circus. My youngest has not been the same since his brother died....they were best friends. He was a caretaker in his marriage and it broke him so his dependent wife had no idea how to change rolls.They separated last year. My sister died the week he was born so I know his pain but can not help him. He has been very lost. As psychic as I am, I do not know how to help him, he used to have strong self esteem but now he loathes himself and it is something out of my hands to fix. I won't write too much here but I do know his past life and how it relates. Have a playful weekend! BLESSINGS!

  • So in other words, I was completely off (hahaha!). See what I mean - I need to keep my day job 🙂

    He sounds like my great niece - crawling out windows in diapers. She is full of that energy too. I know what it's like to have your Spirit killed/depleted like that. I never really came back completely either. My heart goes out to him. And you!

  • you were very right! Including the moon reference.....yes he's ready for a woman (I met her) but I feel he will be disappointed and his attraction will not be positive and his decision to leave before healing is motivated by feeling he can not bring another needy woman into my home.....I will not take on that burden so he is motivated to leave so he can end his loneliness without being choosy about his choices. As you know, you can't attract a healthy relationship until you heal the one with yourself. And he will repeat that pattern and any female he attracts right now will reflect his own broken self. You were very right! He says it's nothing to do with a woman but I feel it very much is and it will set him back. But I also feel he will be wiser. I do not think he intentionally lies to me as much as he lies to himself. And yes he has extreme highs and lows. He has so much energy...talks hard.....very multitasking BUT as he gets older he needs to balance but doesn't so just crashes. I hate it and we discuss it but no one likes to listen to their mothers.He is an adult. Motherhood is hard! Your reading was very right on. Thank you!

  • I hope you're not just humoring me 🙂

    The prodigal son...the point that really stuck with me is that he RETURNS. I was raised Catholic without ever really going to church (haha) so I didn't really know the story. I looked it up and the story rang true. I felt your son would return after this relationship not working out. The prodigal son returned feeling a failure and ready to pay penance to his father, but the father welcomed him back with open arms and did not punish him. He will return to you but it will be difficult because he will know that you were right and he ignored your warnings. BUT it is in the end a good thing for him. Well, not "good" maybe but just something that is part of his growth. Also, that GRAIL KNIGHT is similar. The knights of the round table left in search of the grail...something romanticized and that was ultimately not found.

    So, yes, your gut was right about the situation. Trust that it is part of his path and be ready to welcome him with your open arms. I know it's hard for you Mama Bears to let your children go through pain...but at least you have the benefit of seeing the truth in what is going on with your psychic sight.

    Patience. It seems to be a universal theme for April. I'm not much good at it. You will fare better with creative outlets to channel your energy! I am stuck with just trying to keep my head down...chop wood, carry water as they say.

  • I grew up VERY catholic. But I reread the story anyway. It did ring true. And would you believe I got rearended today taking my grandson home and spent the whole freakin day in emergency! I'm home thank you GOD! And every healing Angel I could call to my side!!! They scared the cr ap out of me! I got scanned and xrayed like crazy and then was told I had a embolism in a artery in my neck!!! My blood presser went high and they decided to scan my chest arteries and then aorta.....I remembered you warng me about the heart and blood! OH man oh man I was making promises to God , because I realised how if they had to keep husband had no one to give him his meds.....I was very aware of how I had no back up. His meds are locked up, my room is locked up and since his heart attack he has heart meds too and it is confusing....I do write down for myself. Anyway, one good thing that came was I now know my heart veins look good! I had wondered as at my age who knows? Those aren't routine tests. I have no idea what the neck embolism is about but they said I was fine. I can not believe this happened...I have a new car AND the girl who hit me didn't even slow down...just BAM! I'm grateful my grandson was not hurt but he has a headache. I am so hoping I will not be in pain for long. The young lady had kids in her car and she claimed shoulder pain so they put her in with me and my God....she was talking about being bipolar and had all kinds of meds on her and said she had three hours sleep....she was obviously out of control! I'm thinking REALLY? She was talking crazy. I'm thinking girl you need to be quiet as the medics are writing it all down. She said she has been trying to be good. This is exactly why I tell bipolars they need to have help. I can not imagine giving my husband all his meds and saying here you go now be well and take your meds. And she had little ones in car seats! THANK GOD I'M HOME! BLESSINGS BLESSINGS BLESSINGS! And a prayer that that woman uses this event to make a change or her mother steps in, I heard her on the phone telling her mom it was not her fault!

  • Oh Blmoon - so glad you are both ok. What an ordeal! You seem to be a magnet for the bipolars...what's up with that? Pay attention to any pain that comes may need a chiropractic visit and some massage. I'm assuming they did an x-ray of your spine - especially the neck area to check for whiplash? Take it easy and be good/gentle with your body for a few days. I was rear-ended like that once...I was at a stop in front of a traffic light and a truck came barrelling into me at full speed as if the light was green. Although I was given the "you're ok" by the doctors and released, I still felt "off" for several days. Honestly, I would go see a chiropractor today because if you do need treatment the sooner you go the better - for insurance purposes. If you wait too long they will fight it and not pay.

  • yep you are right. And yes I was scanned for everything and last accident had me in pain for two years and chiropractor visits several times a week and messages once I was healed enough. THOSE were heavenly! I got Tboned by an old man in a big old pick up years ago.....he came out of a side street as if I was invisible! AND his insurance was in bankruptcy so my ins had to pay. We sued him but got pocket change as his ins did a shared settlement with many others. HOW does an ins company get to operate without proper assets? And yes....I sure am a bipolar magnate and what IS up with that?! I'm thinking instead of unlucky if she hadn't of hit me she would have further up the road done worse and killed those kids! BLESSINGS!

  • How are you feeling today? Probably very sore!

  • YES VERY! They do not have the police report online yet so that's on hold....her car is still sitting there but I think she ended up either baker acted or jail. My intuition says her urine test turned up more than her legal meds. I just hope her insurance is for real. You know someone can have a card but be cancelled. I would think she would have had it towed but as I said I think she's locked up. But I decided to ask others for help and to "mother myself. I believe that is spirits message for me........i sent my son with his father to run all my errands. I'm in a very f it....someone else can do it mood. I think the message for me is to stop taking on so much responsibility and to MOTHER myself....also I really think had she not hit me she would have done worse on a busier highway and those children would have either died or been seriously hurt. She hit me in a 35 mile hour zone but up ahead it was a more dangerous high speed area that has a lot of accidents anyway. I do not even have her name takes 72 hours to buy report on web. I've got muscle relaxers for a few more days.....they make me cross eyed. ; ) I did get off a poem today that was supposed to have a Saturday postmark on it but spirit said send it anyway.....I put a Jimmy Hendricks stamp on it for luck! BLESSINGS! PS. I may be cross eyed but I see some kind of important news for you within 3 days. A big number 3.

  • I guess spirit put a hand over one eye so it wasn't 33....haha!!

  • If she had valid insurance I think the car would have been towed. However, in my state anyway, if no insurance the police would have towed/impounded it so it's strange that it's still there.

    I'm not getting anything about her and her insurance but definitely getting that you are meant to stay put and let others take over. If you don't have a place to go for a jacuzzi then at least give yourself some hot baths to help soothe the aches.

    I sent a note to my client friend at the bio company today asking if there was someone I could follow up with (I hate this new age of everything on line and no one to talk to!) She said they are typically very slooooooow and would ask about status for me. Haven't heard anything from the other place either but that was a long shot and a hotel job anyway. Maybe I'll hear something in 3 days...that would be great.

    In the meantime I have been chopping wood and carrying water. Spent my lunch hour outside today - sat in the grass, took my shoes off, had some chicken and soaked up the beautiful weather!


  • Heard from the ex today. He has reached out a couple times for favors - this time wanting assistance getting his parents a room as they are flying out for his son's graduation. I would have read much more into it in the past! Hoping that's not the news you saw coming my way!!

    Are you still forcing the men of the house to take over responsibilities?

    Had a bath yet?

  • No Epsom soak BUT weird thing is last night I remembered a few days before the accident I was in drugstore and felt compelled to by this lotion by Morton salt that has epsom salt in it made for sprains and aches! I remembered it last night and rubbed it on and boy it worked! I have a headache though. I was good most of day until i got the police report and did finally get her insurance and a claim number BUT I was told I had to file medical with my insurance because of that stupid Florida no fault 10 grand injury part of everyone's you know Florida is retarded and scam crazy....people stage accidents and sue ...and they have been trying to restructure. I asked my insurance if this was going to hurt my insurance as last time i went policy hunting they have a point system here and count claims even if not your fault. This bites.....I don't know what to do yet as I was also told last time I shopped that once you sue no one wants to give you a policy. Florida has the goofiest laws that invite crime and fraud...that's how we became the pill mill state. Lines around the corner and people buying opiates for cash. After years of so many deaths the doctors get a probation slap and open up shop some where else. It is so bad here very few legit pharmacies have controlled substance licenses. We have so many organized accident scams they have busted rings of sue happy lawyers who have doctors and fake MRI'S and own their own clinics. One is busted every month but no one goes to jail. Anyway that's my rant. I called a REAL lawyer but of course they want you to sue. I just want advice so I do not get scre wed...anyway spirit says to do one thing at a tomorrow will get my car in the's new so has to be done by Ford or my warranty will be void. I would't doubt if my hospital visit was ten grand already. They charge a lot for all those scans. OH men husband did take me to walmart but he is slow and talks about stuff that means nothing to me...techo facts. AND he gets lost!! I told him take your blood pressure cos it was right there and his chatter was slowing me up ....I walked a few feet to get bread then done look and he's gone...he calls me on cell of course it keeps hanging up....I'm feeling sick...I text I call ...he doesnt answer....he sends voice mail where am I. I finally see him isles away walking towards me but never seeing me as he looks left and right but not forward. I told him he was a two year old and so he waited in the front of store. He does this any time we shop together. At checkout he says let me get it so I'm thinking ok this is nice but then I notice the girl ahead is already paying and he's not put a thing on the counter! As you know you must hustle at checkout. He's looking at news updates on his phone. Then we get to trunk and instead of loading it up quickly he's over analyzing placing of the bags. Which made no sense whats so ever. JESUS MARY JOSEPH! But I was nice. BLESSINGS! PS..I do not drink but bought a bottle of moscato red wine!! Spirit made me do it!

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