Help with Dream Interpretation Please

  • Hmmmm, this business as a WHOLE is not me....that's not something I had pondered. I thought it was just this particular place. When I take this particular management/ownership team out of the equation, I feel like I enjoy what I do and am good at it. I have no idea what else I would do... So you have opened up a whole new can of worms! LOL.

  • Your SKILLS are real! But get held back in your current job. Part of the joy of life is discovery, and when surrounded by the right people you discover more about your knack for more than you imagined. Basic skills often branch out in other directions. At heart you are a problem solver and that has so much potential. To organize, get things done. Your current job does not let you use your problem solver skills to the max because the organization has strict hierarchy rules and limits you. You all get disconnected and held back . A perfect organization is one that is more of one big family....all are heard and a TEAM. AND mostly growth....a good boss just not just see the company as one progress but an enlightened leader has a vision that goes beyond her personal dreams and expands to each employee....everyone should benefit and grow along with the company. I was lucky in that for many years that is what kept me at the school I worked. I worked hard but I learned a lot and found myself in new positions I never could of imagined....the growth factor.I discovered things about myself. But my boss the owner was adventurous and she always gave us freedom to do things our way as long as it worked. Everyone felt satisfied. As we got bigger and bigger and she let in outside family opinions and help in....which saves money ...but it also put her in the position to PLEASE. Too many freakin cooks in the kitchen! AND eventually, the ego takes over. Also in the beginning no matter what position one had all felt equal but in the end that is what really urked me how in effort to hold onto good hard workers who she wanted all they had ...she started giving ego stroking positions out like candy, but they really had no authority. Meaning, everyone's toes got stepped on. I ended up spending more time cleaning up after others decisions. No more unity or communication. My issue in hind sight is how long it took me to see the change as a whole ...instead I was searching my own state of being. Like that example of blind spot.....throw a frog in hot water he leaps out immediately but put a frog in a comfy temperature and raise it slowly, he will stay until dead!

  • Ok, so what is your take on this?

    I received an "invitation" of sorts from another company regarding a job position. It wasn't as flattering as it may sound as it was basically a computer generated invitation that went out to who knows how many people with the same qualifications/work experience. BUT, it is an opportunity nonetheless.

    It is for a different company/corporation in town, but essentially doing the same thing. The big differences are:

    (1) I would get to work from home. I have been wanting this! Partly because I am so sick of having to guard my energy and be in a negative environment. Also, I would like to have a little more freedom over my schedule. Not sure working from home will really give me this, but at least is has the potential.

    (2) I am just sick of dealing with the day to day operational issues that I have no control over (my problem solving skills that are not heard). This position would take me completely out of the operational side of things. Right now I am in sales, but still have to deal with the operations side due to a lack of well trained people. I would be working from home which removes me from this aspect, but also would be representing ALL properties within the company and not just one so this further removes me from day-to-day operations.

    Last year I was aware that my fantasy to work from home may have just been about being tired of dealing with things that were aggravating me and being at home in my little bubble :). However, the fantasy of having a less hectic day, more control over the hours I work (hopefully), and being in a calmer more positive environment sounded idyllic.

    However, I am that problem solver you described me as. And I can see how lots of things could be so much better if I just had a little more say in things. So I also thought of getting that promotion to the next step up so that I could potentially induce change and make things run more smoothly.

    So I kept saying that I wanted that next position up OR a position with more freedom and less headaches/chaos (working from home).

    I am not sure about this new company - people say many bad things about it that have worked there. Not sure if it's sour grapes, it just wasn't a good "fit" for those people, or if it would be jumping out of the frying pan an into the fire so to speak.

    Also, this new position, although working from home, would require me to spend at least 10 days every 8 weeks in the territory I am assigned to. That's a lot of travel - especially if I got a territory that was far away (long plane rides!).

    The person in charge's initials are J.C.

    The corporation starts with a name of a person who is famous for saying "es tu Brute?"

    What do you get from this?

  • Hmmm, well it's not the work from home position I thought it was - it's actually a promotion to the 2nd in command position I have been wanting. Interview next week...

  • Sorry I didn't husband had a heart attack and I have been at hospital for days. He's ok right now. And I did think that about your post! My first thought was that there was a different offer. I need sleep. But will chat more.BLESSINGS!

  • Blmoon I'm so sorry! What a horrible ordeal! Is he ok ok or just ok for now? Did he have surgery?

  • Had a stent put in. Has some heart valve flapping damage so will be on meds for that. If he behaves they may let him out today, .....after two days of hard icu chairs and no sleep I crashed hard last night! Now that the crisis has been dealt with I'm feeling that truck that dragged me a few Miles ; ). It always could have been worse so I'm holding on to blessings but my back is like a rusted hinge today.....WD40?

  • OH, Last night on my way back to hospital my limit meter said this is it...I'm toast....sure enough I got out of the elevator and found my self on the PRENATAL floor!! No brain left...a nice nurse said she "felt" my need and kindly put me back in the elevator and hit the right button! Angels do follow me...thank God!

  • Take care of your husband and YOU and forget about all of us tarot dot com people right now! It's draining both emotionally and physically - what you've been through the past week. Be diligent about getting enough rest and resist the urge to give to others right now. That "be selfish" advice I got? Now it's yours!

  • You ARE very right. I ended up going back last night as he has a fever and his heart keeps flip flopping. I spent the night on a cot near him. PRAYERS APPRECIATED! His work has him on a prayer list. I will take all I can gather. THANK YOU!

  • Sorry my last message was so brief - I have been travelling and was sitting in an airport terminal using my iphone to respond. I have now been up for almost 24 hours trying to get home (finally here!) and am tired as well, but this is what i got for you...

    First thing was to pay attention and read between the lines - paying attention to what is not being said as well as what is being said, gestures, etc. Ask questions.

    Second, ASK FOR HELP. You have already done this by asking for our prayers, but it still came through so not sure if it's about asking for help in lightening your load with chores/etc at home or asking nurses for help...

    Next thing I heard was "baby steps." So I think this is just a preparation for the recovery phase. And of course, diet and exercise came through strongly for him.

    Last thing I heard was "this too shall pass." So hang in there. Feels like he will be ok.

    I sent a prayer to Archangel Raphael and asked him to surround both you and your husband and to send healing energy to you both by cloaking you in his emerald green healing light as well as the protective and cleansing white light.

    I send more after I get a good night's sleep. You do the same!

  • I pulled a card for you this morning...Good News!

    Archangel Raphael, God's doctor, thank you for taking care of Blmoon and her husband. Please continue to watch over them and bathe them in your emerald green healing light so that his recovery will be smooth and steady. And please send Blmoon the help she needs so that she does not become overburdened - send earth angels her way! Thank you.

    Let me know how you're doing...

  • God you are psychic!

    you are right and I am finding a lesson underneath this.. I did not indulge my emotions during crisis but now home my man is looking much better than me!!! I'm so aware of an important imbalance "who is taking care of me.....when I may truly need it? I must fix this!! BLESSINGS!


  • I am reminded of the March Energy forecast from Lee...he spoke of working with our nervous systems during times when there is a lot of chaos around us and we are being thrown off our center. He said to take at least a few minutes each day to "come back to you." Have you ever done chi gong? I think chi gong or yoga would be very beneficial for you right now as a morning practice. Also, during the day if you feel being thrown off center by all the demands coming at you, Lee demonstrated a practice of using your own hands as healing energy on yourself. For instance, for a person who is overcome with fear and the brain is in overdrive thinking - circling thoughts - to place the hands on the head to calm the mind and stop them. He has also spoken of just sitting in silence for a few moments with one hand on the heart and one on the stomach to help bring yourself back into your body and calm anxiety or whatever you may be feeling. Anyway, I got a strong sense of chi gong for you...try it!

    And don't forget to look to those around you and ask for help 🙂

  • Good reminders. I have used the hand over my heart. AND I have during deep crisis suddenly remembered that my healing touch is not for just others and you are right.........we can use loving touch and send healing to ourselves. I will look up chi chong.....though cheech and chong may be more like it ; ) ! HAHAHA!! I am already getting myself back. I am a smart a ss. Being in a hospital is a psychics about spirit overload and so much residue of anguish and pain! Funny about asking for help. I had to go out and deal with picking up meds , dinner etc. Normally, I never lay bad stuff on strangers, never. It's a code I have. Usually strangers tend to share their pain with me. Well today thinking of your statement, today when ever I felt I was with a stranger who had a special meek vibe....innocence...which is a card drawn today, anyway rambling on......I would apologize to them for being confused and shared that my husband had a heart attack and I was so tired I couldn't think yet. And oh my I got such empathy and prayers from them and could feel it. At Boston Market, at the window I was confused about the order and she was not irritated at all, I apologizes and told her my situation and not only did I feel heart energy, innocent as a lamb......God's child ......and she offered prayers and blurted out...oh please can I give you an extra side?! I said no honey, thank you for being sweet, it does matter! BLESSINGS!

    I feel so much better being away from that nasty hospital...I need CLEANSING!

    Thank you again, you could open your own psychic business any time you chose! You ARE the real deal. Some one else is about to tell you that....outside of this circle. Believe it!

  • Cheech and Chong chi gong - LOL!

    I don't know about being the real deal - pretty easy to figure out you would be on overload after being in a hospital for a few days! The airports were bad enough for me - can't imagine!!!

    Who would say anything to me outside this circle? I don't do readings outside this site (and barely do them here).

    Your hubby will need to address the stress levels at his job - got vibes of lots of fighting or just high anxiety.

    Hope you are feeling cleansed and back to your energetic self!

  • Fighting? I went to bed feeling ahhhhh myself. Woke up to find my husband decided to take his meds himself!!! And like you predict about having to really watch and read between the lines.....I called the pharmacy on an intuition and seeing a discrepancy between hospital list and the meds I picked up...found out that the most important med was mistakenly missing a dose!!! REALLY!! So you picked the fighting vibe cos this morning when I saw he took his own meds I wanted to kill him.....I go from desperate to keep him alive and killing him!! Of course I'm venting people....I love him very much. He put x's on each bottle.....but had no idea what he took cos he did not write it down. I had to count each bottle. My husband is long past his job and planned on retiring in Nov at 62 but we have to have insurance and trying to get that solved. Anyway, I locked up his meds. He is playing guitar, I just made him lunch and was on the phone taking care of business. But yes you got it right.......I was yelling....which by the way rolls off him like water on a duck! And can't say where that validation is coming from but your ability's will be noticed or validated. Probably by another psychic!

  • Hahaha! Men!

    How did you bounce back so quickly? I am still not feeling right after my trip and I spent the entire weekend on the couch.

  • My bounce back comes and goes! Yesterday felt great...decided to go pick up his missing meds and go to grocery for food as we had nothing. I told him if he felt antsie go out and sit in the swing...we have a huge swing with two separate one is built extra sturdy out of cypress. I sit in it ever night. He calls me to say he flipped out of the swing and hit his head on a rock!!! I'm home....trying to figure out how that could be possible. I pull up look at swing nothing broken no malfunction but it's off the chains. I check him all over I take him to emergency? I ask him to explain again but nothing makes sense. I go out and hook swing up and try every way possible to flip and no way. Finally I get an intuition and sit down hard on the front edge and sure enough it tilts forward not back just enough for one chain to lift off. But he says the whole seat came off and pinned him on the ground. HAHA MEN? Well he survived another day......I told him not to leave the chair while I left to pick up my grandson today. Last night I warned him I saw an adult daycare near us last week! You know most the day it upset me but by the time I hit the pillow last night the vision in my head of my man laid out and pinned with a swing seat on him just made me laugh.... I about pe ed myself. I know , I'm a sick pup. But REALLY?! BLESSINGS!

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