Love reading

  • Can I have a love reading just whatever you pick up.

    Thank you

  • Regarding your love life, I drew a card from my self-created Wisdom pack for you -

    The Card of Support, Devotion, and Dedication

    This situation calls for a high level of support, loyalty and devotion to a relationship, situation, goal, or project. You must either commit 100% or take a long 'pause for thought' if you are unsure of what you want to achieve. There is no in-between at this time. Being a supportive person is one of the quickest ways to strengthen your relationships with others and build mutual respect. Start your day expecting nothing from the people in your life. This way you are completely open to being pleasantly surprised, rather than disappointed. If you are being nice to family, friends, colleagues, or your partner just so they will be nice to you, you are doing it for all the wrong reasons. There are many different ways you can show your love and support for others in the different types of relationships: physical comfort and emotional support (listening and empathizing, holding their hand, kissing, giving them a hug, love-making); esteem support (expressing confidence in them, and providing encouragement, praise and appreciation); informational support (giving advice, gathering information); and tangible support (taking on responsibilities so others can deal with a problem, or helping to brainstorm solutions to a problem). Don’t be fooled into thinking that people automatically will know what you need when it‘s your time to be supported, either. That sort of thinking is guaranteed to lead to unhappiness. Nobody should have to be a mind reader - dialog and communication are key in any relationship or project. Get to know that special person in your life better - you're always changing, and so is your partner, take the time to travel their journey with them. Be a sponge like when you first met, listening and taking in all they have to say. You are both individuals who chose to journey together, but it’s healthy for each of you to maintain your own interests, no matter how much fun you have together. Encourage your partner to rekindle friendships, spend time with their family members, stay involved in hobbies, and pursue their own goals, both small and large. Take care of them when they are tired, hurt, or sick - everybody loves to be pampered when they aren’t feeling well. Simply knowing that they can count on you to be there for them in their time of need will elevate your relationship to a new level of love and stability. Create common goals and work towards them together. Show your partner that they are truly number one by taking every opportunity you can to boost their ego. Show public unity and avoid correcting them while in the company of others. If you do feel the need to criticize them, have a respectful conversation in private when the time is right. Compromise when they need you to - put yourself in your partner’s shoes. Don’t be so competitive that you push your will on your partner just so that you win. If the issue or choice doesn’t matter to you as much as it matters to your partner, bend their way. But through all this devotion and loyalty, make sure that you don’t take support to an unhealthy extreme and turn yourself into a doormat. If your partner doesn’t recognize how supportive you are and return the effort, then there are other issues at hand. The idea behind becoming the most supportive partner you can be is that both of you work to support each other, and in doing so, take your relationship to a new level of respect and understanding.

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