AstraAngel, please help me!

  • Hi AstraAngel! I hope all is well with you! Happy that you're back.

    Here is a brief update on my situation. He called me out of the blue a couple of months ago and resumed communication between us. He has even initiated contact between us. But we are still at a standstill because of the other relationships. I am not worried because I can see that the timing is not yet right for us to be together. I know now that I was not crazy and what I was picking up was also what he wanted. He confirmed much of what I had thought and hoped. I am not interfering in his current life. We are both maintain respectful distance from each otger. But we have made clear what our hopes are. Can you please provide insight into how this plays out? I am in a much better place than where I was when this began, but would appreciate guidance on how to proceed. Thank you for your help a d tine!

  • Hi Scorpiette

    I hear you sounds like you are transitioning to me through those situations

    = well we can look and see what is what - we will stretch the boundaries you and me dear Scorpiette! To see what we can see to boldly go

    zeta parent = relate

    alpha-gamma = begin-share

    kappa-alpha = a bunch of fun guys in a fraternity (away begin)

    epsilon = view

    iota-beta = complete-play

    so we hit a complete card there at that pauses it at five

    okay so what do you think?

    relate begin-share // that was the first two and those are parenting relate plus beginning to share something - so that sounds really nice in terms of your relationship with him - there is a parenting relational atmosphere now so that will assist in communication concerns between the two of you probably - it is in relation to a beginning of a gamma something or other - so you and he now are as the child who begins to share ? (i know these are sort of general terms they seem to be what evolved from tarot in a way to some simple themes)

    then a group of three - away begin + view (parent) + complete-play

    that is a transition of path-role concerns (and probably accounts for some of that questions you have about where things are going - 10's would be wondering that ha! So a ten is a nice sign really in a relationship reading - especially in wands - it is perfect really! You can't go wrong plus you have the social relate parent theme helping in alllll communication efforts isn't that nice? 🙂

    the complete play is perfect (9) of cups so that completes or is a perfected play-fun-kids emotion so that is where we paused - so this is 5 now

    yeah i think you and he are in "view" territory (5) when you are asking exactly what you are asking - those are all view requests going out to the universe ? you would think the universe would always be there for us that way

    so in view you will be making little stops and starts in the relationship individually in some ways - like probably still off to yourself and thinking about one another and continuing to deepen affections like that - that is what i do i think of you

    and then let gravity take cARE of the rest - that way you can let natural forces carry you along without to much problems

    did that help at all? i hope so - i mean you and me sitting at tea i would look you in the eyes and say "i believe the outcome for you two is very favorable"

    well take it all with a grain of saly haha


    here is some water for you too! water is nice themes for 5 keeps you flowing along i know all is proceeding well for you

  • Thank you, so much, Astra!!!

    Your reading is so accurate. When we do communicate he always shares pictures of the child and his progress as a new parent. The 10 of wands is so appropriate because this situation is difficult, but we are both trying to work through it. I get from him that he wants to keep me near for when timing is better for us. So the 9 of cups, the wish card, makes sense as well. I can also see where this will be a series of starts and stops. I agree with you that there is a joyful outcome that awaits us. I feel this on a soul level. So once again, thank you for your insight! All the very best to you!

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