AstraAngel, please help me!

  • Hi, AstraAngel! A few weeks ago you were kind enough to add your insight to a reading I had done myself regarding a love relationship. Others also helped with valuable interpretations. All were acurate. You told me that I could have him back if that is what I want.

    Right now we are not in contact, because he has decided that it's best to keep our communication to a minimum. We were last in communication briefly about 6 weeks ago. At that time he said that he wants a relationship, but our situation is logistically difficult. I am trying to move on with my life. Wonderful things are happening in all other areas of my life. I am manifesting everything I have ever dreamt of...and thought impossible...with the exception of a relationship with this man. I knw he loves me, always has and always will. I feel the same about him. If you are willing to help me, can you please help me determine how we can make it possible. What are the obstacles that are keeping him from trying, and what can I do on my part to move it forward. I hurt him seriously long ago when we were very young. That mistake was due to immaturity. I am grown up now and we both have changed. I am willing to move heaven and earth for a chance with him. How can I get him to see that? I have revealed my feelings to him, yet he remains closed off. I am willing to wait if that's what it takes. I just need toknow for once and for all am I wasting my time. If this is not meant to be, then I need to know. Thank you so much for your kindness in helping before and entertaining this again!

  • Hi again Scorpiette,

    Okay, I get where you are coming from, as regards your situation with him.

    So, let's see. I will draw cards that should sum up the situation facing the two of you. And I am going to try and look at this as a relationship from both you and his point of view. So we might get some insights about you and about him as we go along.

    So the first two cards (situation or setting) is

    The Tower


    The 5 of Wands.

    So that sums up where you are at with him.

    Tower is something that is changing rapidly in a general sense. Movement, change of conditions.

    The 5 of Wands is simply a path-role change or adjustment. So basically, it looks to me like your relationship with him is in a path-role change condition, and it is trying to really change or move, or something like that. Path is the focus though. Your path together is what this reading will be addressing.

    1. Beginning - 7 of Swords. 7's are usually laid back and reflective, kinda day-dreaming. So this is showing something beginning that the relationship has started. Must be some reflective, thinking or dialogue is being entertained about this path change (that is obvious or sudden, or surprising).

    Someone, you or him, or both have been beginning to think more, or reflect more on a path change together. Like "I wish we could be this again... or that... or this could happen..." There is a lot of "beginning" to dream-wish about your path together, how that could change.

    1. Affirming - 10 swords. Okay. So now more swords of thinking, and this is a completion-ending-transition of thinking. So the "reflection" of your relationship is thinking > fulfilling or ending or transition think-talk <. Meaning that your mind (either your's or his or both) are swirling around, "I would love to see this (the fulfillment of the 10), or is it ended (the conclusion of the 10), or are we becoming something new (the alluded to beginning after the 10)?." So this is what that 7 swords began/begins to think about. Those sorts of thoughts. And it is all path-role based. And... it is wanting to see a real change (tower).

    2. Growing - Emperor - This is another change card, change of view mostly. Someone, you or him or both, are changing their view about the relationship in some important way. There is a lot of thinking and viewing of the two of you going on! You are (both) in the midst of a lot of reflection about the two of you. I can't say who is more reflective, you or him. However that doesn't matter too much to me. You know he loves you? And you love him? Then there is a relationship, no question about it. The relationship must be going through a very reflective dreamy time is what seems to be going on mostly. It seems nice to me. (I don't hear anything like, he is still feeling hurt or anything, he "feels" very open to you in the reading, I get really good vibes about the two of you). I think there is a lot of thinking going on though, a lot of wishing.

    3. Foundation - The 8 of Earth (pentacles). Ah, now the pentacles make an appearance as the foundation of the relationship. Pentacles to me represent the "outcomes" of life. Results of our thoughts (swords), wands (intentions) and cups (feelings). So with the 8 of 'results' here, that shows an Earthy expansive "result or manifestation" of all of that think, feel, dream, wish work going on. So that is the basis, you both must be after, a REALLY expansive and wonderful life together. Very complete, with a little room to grow. Very richly appointed in love, in touch, in caring for one another. There is a lot of aspiring for this physical reality of the two of you as an 8 pentacles couple-life together.

    4. Changing - Knight of Wands. Okay. Now... the Knights appear. Knights are always saying "yes-yes" to things, and this is taking us back to the 5 wands changes of the present setting. With all of that thinking and wishing and dreaming of a life together. And with a very physical goal in mind... expansive life together... this Knight is changing the path to Yes-Yes instead of No-No, or "not sure-not sure"... all of that stuff. Uncertainty... will we be together, will this work out, what can I do, what can he do?... that is all handled by the 5's. So the knight is charging through that morass of uncertainty and declaring yes-yes to the changes, the wishes, the dreams of paths together.

    5. Social and sharing - 2 of Swords. So the way you are both socially connecting and sharing with each other now is strictly in swords, meaning it is all think-talk, and not feel-feel or path-role. Meaning that there are clear thoughts of together (yes yes path of the knight) here trying to be agreed with. You long to communicate to reach yes's in the relationship. That is the desire of the relationship now, the focus is on path changes to YES and agreements and concord. Communication.

    6. Reflection - 7 of Pentacles - this is another sharing card, of Earth (results). This is adding more wish-wish for a nice physical life together. This is the dream. That is what is being wished on by the 7 swords (beginning #1). So there is a lot of swords - pentacles with the relationship right now, meaning a lot of thought and a lot of "results" under the covers. By that I mean, hidden. There are forces at play really urging physical results between the two of you, as the result of an agreement.

    7. Fulfillment - The Hanged Man - and now... the feelings. The Hanged man carries a lot of emotional foundations as a fulfillment and... a new path. So, the fulfillment that all is wanting to manifest is this emotional foundation between the two of you, and a new path (together). This is what the Knight of Wands is aiming for, what the 2 of swords is sharing about. An emotionally secure and dependable relationship, which requires communication and clear dialogue (all of the swords in the reading). So that means a lot of reflection going on with the both of you, probably rehearsing questions, "what would he say to this? What would she say to that? I wish we could talk, I wish we had a life together" is the wishing thinking going on.

    As to your questions...

    "how we can make it possible?" Keep loving one another.

    "What are the obstacles that are keeping him from trying?" I don't see any obstacles other than a lot of reflective thinking going on which must be a requirement at this time.

    "and what can I do on my part to move it forward?" Well, I would say wish wish and dream dream of him him! 🙂 Dream of your life with him, hug him without seeing him. Whisper to him at night, tell him you love him. He will hear that somehow. I mean, just let yourself go... love him and not be too concerned that you aren't together physically yet. That will work wonders. Rehearse your questions. Plan out some talking points.

    What if he called you today? And said...

    "Hey Scorpiette, I was wondering if you would like to meet up over drinks or tea or something, and talk about us. I have some questions for you."

    What would you do? Would you know what he will be asking? Do you know how you would answer?

    What about your questions for him? What specific questions would you want answers to?

    Write those down. Make a list, and rehearse a little. Put a teddy bear or something across from you and talk to him....

    I mean, some possible questions could be,

    Should we get married?

    What are your goals if we do?

    Do you see us achieving anything specific as a couple? Do we have a shared work together?

    Where would you like to live?

    What can we grow our love for each other?

    I see all the swords in this reading and I think someone is wanting to ask someone some questions!

    "I hurt him seriously long ago when we were very young. That mistake was due to immaturity. I am grown up now and we both have changed. I am willing to move heaven and earth for a chance with him. How can I get him to see that?"

    Well, that is something you can declare to him when you see him.

    "Dear James... I want you to know I would move heaven and earth for a chance for us to be together. To build a beautiful life together. To grow our love for each other, deeper and deeper." That is a beautiful expression of devotion right there. How do you get him to see that? Well he is at a very impressionable time right now (Emperor as growth) so he is VERY open to viewpoint talk. Sharing views would be a good timing right now. (Moon is waxing too now, close to full, so there is some hidden emotional tides urging matters forward too... ) I would say write out your position with him emotionally, declare your dreams for/with him, and have some questions ready. And carry an extra pencil.

    "I have revealed my feelings to him, yet he remains closed off. I am willing to wait if that's what it takes. I just need to know for once and for all am I wasting my time. If this is not meant to be, then I need to know. "

    So you revealed your feelings for him and he has not replied yet? He is probably still processing it all out. Me? I wouldn't let up. Declare your heart to him again and again. Doesn't have to be in person. Do what I do.

    Start a blog and share how you feel about him (in a secret sort of way). Call him your prince charming. and write to him there. Just like he is a part of your life.

    "Today is Saturday the 16th of November.

    I dreamed of you this morning, I saw us walking down a shoreline and a moon was rising, and you turned to me and said,

    "Look Scorpiette... the moon rising over you...


    I look at the moon and I see your face,

    I look at the stars and I feel your heart ,

    I look at the sands, and I know your thoughts to me are true..."

    Then you held me and we kissed, there, under the Moon. And the ocean made sounds like lovers do, caressing us, consoling us, making me dream of you more and more.

    Then we went skinny dipping!"

    I mean, that is one way you can be in love and sing about him, even while he is still trying to figure himself out. I hear these stories of the guy, sort of non-responsive and I think "it's because he is still trying to understand himself... or maybe some fear of love"... who knows. There is always a reason for the silence. It doesn't mean that there is anything wrong though, or a block to the relationship. It just means that at this time, he is playing catch-up with you.

    Here is something else for you...

    See yourself as class mates in the 2nd grade. You saw him in your class and fell in love, and he likes you too that is obvious! Because he gave you one of his plastic army men. With a note "I wanted you to have this, my friend Scorpiette"... and then, you two started to play together at recess... and then maybe something happened where you felt like he didn't give you the exact army figure that YOU wanted. So you told him something about that, and he felt hurt. And you stopped seeing each other. And then a few days later, you saw him on the playground again, and he was alone. And you walked up to him and told him,

    "James, I just wanted you to know, that I liked your gift so much, that little infantryman was beautiful to me... and I also wanted you to know how much I love you... I know we are a little young yet... but I do feel such strong feelings for you." And then you hug him and kiss him on his cheek. And run off to the swingset. Hoping he would follow you there... and then you see him just standing there, crying and trying to understand.... what love means from a beautiful girl in Mrs. Bumblesburg's class.

    So, Scorpiette, all of that was a long-winded way of saying that love will always win in the end. Guys... guys have more work to do emotionally to come to terms with commitments. And hurts. That is just the way it is today. Guys can be really lost emotionally and it takes a really special lady who understands them perfectly and can be willing to wait as long as needed. Guys love to get over hurts, and let that be great building blocks for great relationships. Forgiveness. It can take a little while though for a guy to get there. He could still catch himself wondering "What was wrong with the infantryman! I liked that one... why did she want the parachuter?"

    I think your work right now is mostly keeping your mind from trying to compel you to make any conclusions based on what life "looks like" with him. I would just keep doing as you are, love, love, love him. Love everyone, everything. Love your car, love you car, and pretend that is all him too! Just love and express your heart in nice ways that may be private... while you love yourself. I do like the blogging idea or some writing for you... poems... can be anything.

    Imagine what he will think... when you show up... and you have a stack of poems you wrote... or a journal, or art, or your pretty smile, and you sit that in front of him and you say, "James, that little army man meant so much to me, And now I have a gift for you... my poems... my smile... and they all say the same thing in different ways...

    I... love... you.

  • AstraAngel, THANK YOU!!! I am so sorry that I am only now replying to your reading! I truly appreciate the time and energy you have taken to bless me with your insight into my situation. It has been a crazy few days for me, and I have been trying to process the reading.

    I am overwhelmed right now. I honestly don't know what to think! A large part of me is saying to mself that this cannot be true...that there is hope of a future with him. Yet, this is what I wanted to know. So the other part of me is elated. I have been sending him love by means of energy balls. Recently, despite trying to let go, I have been feeling closer to him. Sometimes it feels like I am picking up on his energy. Some say it's possible to pick up or feel when someone is thinking of you. I believe that I am aware of him thinking of me. I am working diligently on shaping my life to allow room for him. I have thought about contacting him via email, but the moment has passed. I will allw him to initiate contact. I will follow your suggestions about the blog and journal. I had been journaling about the relationship. I believe it is an effective tool in manifesting desires. I gve it up in frustration,, but everything I had written has come to pass with the exception of him in my physical reality. I am a student of thr Law of Attraction, and since actively putting it to practice in my life, I have seen dramatic improvements. Things I believed were impossible have come true. So I know with patience, he will be with me, too!

    Thank you, again and again!!!

  • I had the urge to contact him, and I did! I sent him a brief text...only 9 words. I asked him how was he. He had shared that he was going to experience a life changing event about 2 weeks after our last contact. I have never said anything to him about it, and thought I would now. I know...any reason to maintain contact. Well then doubt got the best of me. From past history, he may or may not respond. If he does respond it may be days from now. I choose to believe that he will respond.

    Curiosity got the best of me, so I did a one card reading asking "how does he feel about getting my text today?" The card I drew was the 4 of cups reversed. I know some readers don't use reversals, but I do. I see this as a positive development, because in the past this same card showed that he was not interested in pursuing the relationship. Perhaps the reversed 4 of cups now means that he is willing to consider what has been offered. To clarify, I drew 7 of pentacles, and I saw this again as being positive, because maybe now he is seriously considering going forward, despite the hard work necessary and it being "logistically difficult". I drew one more card and got the 7 of cups reversed. When I received this card before, I was told that I had been delusional or fantasizing about the hopes of a relationship with him. Can this card now be saying that he feels that what we have is real and worth acting on?

    That's how I am reading the cards. In light of everything you told me above, AstraAngel, what do you think? Is this a positive development? I choose to believe that it is. You said that everything pointed to him giving careful thought to moving forward. That's what I'm seeing here too, especially considering that the 7 of pentacles is repeating. Let me know please any thoughts you have. And thank you, again for all you've done. I'm testing the waters with the text, and won't go further for now, unless he gives me signals that that's what he wants.

  • He responded. Very brief but he shared something very personal with me? In light of all the readings, what do you think?

  • Hi Scorpiette

    I think it all sounds wonderful to me. The 4 of cups (to me) is emotional foundations and with all of the 7 cards around that seems to show him really reflecting on something very dependable and secure emotionally with you ( 4 cups). I see all the 7's as very reflective so, the 7 pentacles would seem to be reflecting on the physical reality of a established 4 cups relationship with you. And then that 7 cups just keeps adding more reflection and musing about that, I think it shows some real depth of interest and desire for emotionally blending and trust. 7's are so beautiful they are really from above... mysterious and lovely.

    I would see any response from him at this point as being really nice, with all of the nice emotional influences around the two of you... 4's and 7's...

    As I was sitting down here ready to draw some cards for you, thinking about your situation, I caught a glance of the card on the bottom of the deck, and it was the two of cups. So I thought "no need to draw anything!"... that 2 cups sounds so beautiful and special to me... you two really love each other I know. I can only project wonderful things ahead in love... i sure wish that for the two of you dear Scorpiette.

    You follow your heart and you listen to spirit which I know you do... you may need to balance what I say because I am incurable romantic and would believe to the end in love :)... if you feel love for him, then you have your answer... 2 of cups... that is so sweet for you right now...

    wishing you every possible nice development,

    and much love,


  • AstraAngel, I also pulled the 2 of cups this afternoon when I asked how does he feel about me now? Amazing, isn't it? Coincidence? Or synchronicity? I am grateful for yourhelp and interpretations. But most importantly for the fact that you are cheering us on. We have obstacles to overcome inmakimg this work, but I am beginning to believe there is real hope of a future together. There is a connection on both our parts that has now spanned decades. I see things happening on my end that will facilitate our being together that I thought were nearly impossible. I have to believe that there is movement that I am unaware of on his end as well. I want to share more, but am reluctant to do so publicly. But as things develop I wil let you know what is happening.

    Today's message although initiated by me was progress on his end. In the past he would often ignore any attempts at communication. So things are definitely looking up! I will retreat for now, andreach him on a spiritual, energy plane. Thank you so much for the insight! I really hope that what you are seeing about us wil all take place!!! 🙂

  • Hi, Astra! How are you? Hope all is well with you!

    I want to update you on my situation. He contacted me today to my surprise!!! He texted to wish me happy holidays. He has never done that before since our reconnect last year. I was shocked. I had a reading done recently and the cards drawn were the Lovers, the Sun and the Chariot as the outcome with 2 of cups and 10 of swords reversed. I was told that these cards showed that I would get everything I have been hoping for and that he may initiate contact. I guess the cards were right. Let's see what happens next! Thank you!!! 🙂

  • Hi, Astra! This is a follow-up to my last update. Ok, so he sent the greeting on Christmas Eve. Later that week I sent him my own wishes for a happy and successful new year. He responded New Year's Eve with reciprocated wishes. This is such a huge development for us. As I stated above, he has ignored most of my attempts at communication. This is the first time he has initiated contact since the spring. In fact, I had decided to let him go and move on. I sent him correspondence to that effect. His text came 2 weeks after that. So today, I decided to again get a feel for any potential we may have for a relationship or the outcome of a relationship between us. Because I still very much a tarot novice I generally will do a one card reading and add additional cards to clarify the first card. I drew first the 4 of pentacles reversed. I know that the 4 of pentacles in general is not a good relationship card. Many interpret it to mean either stinginess or greed, even jealousy in a relationship. And reversed can either be interpreted as either a loosening of the grip so to speak, or ill dignified, it can mean even tighter control, even possessiveness. To clarify I drew the Strength card. My understanding is that this puts the 4 of pentacles reversed in better light so that that it's meaning is more positive. Since pentacles can often relate to the physical, is this a card with the Strength card that may point to a future sexual relationship, perhaps sexual abandon or giving in to lust? To clarify even further, I drew the Chariot, which seems to follow the same line.

    The cards again were: 4 of pentacles reversed; Strength and the Chariot. What do you think, Astra? Am I misreading these cards or on target? Any insight, as always, is very much appreciated...Thank you!!!

  • Oh hi Scorpiette,

    Well, that is good news that the communications are still there with him. Back and forth. So maybe he is saying to you that he wants to try and pick up where you left off? It sorta seems that way. So you are looking at cards...

    I will share how I would look at them... I think my definitions are a little different that classical tarot sometimes as I seem to be more on a number meaning sort of basis, (numerology I guess?). Plus the decks I design are a little different... anyway...

    4 of Pentacles. I really don't see any of the 4's as in any way 'not good' or anything. They do tend to be quiet, sort of "at rest" like a table with 4 legs is at rest and just standing there. So the 4's tend to not be in any motion. In earth (physical reality) that simply says solid, secure, basic, dependable physical settings. So the relationship is very dependable physically is what I get. I mean, it shows a lot of secure, established, attained physical life results. So I take all of that as something very positive. It may not be a rocket ride exactly... however it is secure it seems. I haven't been considering reversals too much either, so I will leave that alone for now.

    Then the Strength card to clarify. Lately I have been seeing Strength as sort of a "delicate balance" in a way. You know the picture of the lady holding the lion's mouth. She makes one wrong move and ... uh oh.. the balance could be broken. So "Strength" seems to show a very tenacious hold on one another, "not giving up on you for any reason at all" sort of an idea. So, there is that very secure earth foundation, that is dependable, that show something real. Then.. the strength seems to show the two of you embracing in some way in the spirit, like saying to each other "I am holding on to you if you are holding on to me"... and that "balance" is something that is very strong with the two of you. I do feel really nice things here for you two Scorpiette. It feels a little delicate, like a dance the two of you are playing... however it seems like a close dance, cheek to cheek...

    "Since pentacles can often relate to the physical, is this a card with the Strength card that may point to a future sexual relationship, perhaps sexual abandon or giving in to lust? To clarify even further, I drew the Chariot, which seems to follow the same line."

    I do think that strength with a dependable 4 of Earth is in fact setting up a setting for sexual closeness, because think about it... the 4 of Earth is the "dependable" part of the relationship... and the Strength really does seem to show the closeness, the tenaciousness, the firm hold on one another, on top of that base.... so yes... that does all seem to pave the way for tenderness and something really beautiful sexually, under the moon...

    The Chariot does seem to show matters moving ahead, sometimes sort of "out of your hands" in a way. I think you two are off and running to be honest...

    Yes, I just drew the Knight of Cups to that chariot of yours, and that is all about chasing down love.

    I think you have something really special developing here Scorpiette. I think your reading those cards pretty well, I am still learning... so take whatever i say and you weigh that for yourself. I get really good vibes for you two though! And you are very welcome! Happy new year too!

  • Hi, Astra! Thank you for the insight! Once again you've hit the nail on the head! This is a very delicate balance, and often it does feel like we're engaged in a dance. I've decided to follow his lead. I used to respond to his communications with outpourings of love and very emotional feelings. This has sent him running in the past. I've decided to mirror his tone when we do exchange communications, and this seems to have had an effect. Some believe that how we connect to others is vibrationaly or through our energies. I may have been sending very negative, needy, even desperate vibes in the past which probably scared him. I am now so confident about the potential outcome for us, I no longer feel that desperation or the need to hand on to him now for dear life. I am going to allow him to come to me, when he's ready. But I do feel that once the connection is acknowledged on both our parts, the rest will be beyond our control.

    I am looking forward to a great year, and hope the same for you, too, Astra! All the very best!

  • Hello, Astrangel!

    I am updating you on my situation and seeking further guidance. This post may be lengthy so I will apologize in advance for that.

    Nothing has changed between him and me. I sent him a very brief email about some things he had revealed to me when we had been in communication, and have not received a reply. I am not overly concerned about that because he has been known to be slow about replying. But this was an email, and he has never responded to any of my emails. But he has alluded to something within them that led me to believe he has at least read them.

    At the beginning of the year I had had a reading done and my cards were the 6 of pentacles, King of Wands, 5 of cups (reversed), Judgment, Knight of Wands. I had requested this reading as confirmation to a reading the previous month where I had received the Lovers, the Sun, and the Chariot as the outcome with 2 of cups and 10 of Swords reversed.

    The interpretation of the confirmatory reading (6/pents, K of Wands, 5/cups, Judgment/Kn of wands) was that the previous reading was correct. Both were showing that he would be returning and we would have an opportunity to rekindle the past relationship. Maybe I am getting impatient, but I am ready to give up all hope in this. I feel that waiting for his return is keeping me in suspended animation. I feel half alive, and the pain of not knowing how he even feels about me is getting to be too much. I need peace in my life. Maybe the email sent a few days ago was the wrong move. I felt it was neutral, although it dealt with a very personal matter. But I also gave him an out to not reply. I have actually made the decision to give up on him. I guess I'm looking for confirmation that this is the right move for me. Am I jumping the gun? The reader above also said that a first move had been made (the holiday greeting 2 months ago) but at that time nothing else has been planned.

    I am not questioning the accuracy of any of the readings. I've been asking for so long now, "what is he thinking/feeling/planning, that I've failed to consider what's in it for me? Is waiting the best move? Or should I just forget this, and chalk it up to one of those life long regrets? Can I forget about him if I tried harder? Or is he my twin flame, and this is part of the process of reuniting. I apologize that this is so long, and really hope that it makes sense to you or any one else for that matter, who would like to offer insight. I have been all over the place with this, but I finally feel I can walk away if I have to. Maybe someone who has not experienced this would find it/me crazy to keep hoping without any concrete signs. But I have come to appreciate that these situations can be journeys and everyone arrives at the right destination at different times. Maybe mine is longer than another's, but the point is arriving at the right place eventually.

    Thank you once again for your time, kindness and insight!

  • Hi Scorpiette,

    I hope you don't mind my jumping in...

    I have been in your position so I know what you are feeling and going through. I also know that your mind is in overdrive. This is natural as it is actually a representation of you fighting the truth that you already know inside and would like to push away. It's hard to let go of someone when we have placed so much love, time and energy into the idea of it turning into the lasting relationship we would like it to become. It's best to put notions of twin flames aside...most people who speak of this concept are looking to hold onto to someone who has become toxic to them and this helps them to rationalize not letting go. I know that sounds harsh and I am truly sorry, but it is time for you to accept what this relationship is and is not.

    I am getting that this man is committed to someone else and that is why he has once again retreated. I also feel that you are aware of this other commitment so this should not be a shock to you. Be good to yourself and stop agonizing over him. He is not yours. Accept this so you can release him, begin to heal, and start moving toward a better path for you. God, the Universe, your Guardian Angels - whatever it is you believe in - would not wish or intend for you to have a love who could not truly return that love to you by choosing you above any other. This relationship was a life lesson for you and in that sense, he is your soul mate. The reason it keeps coming back is because you have never truly let go of him which indicates that the lesson has not been learned.

    I did pull a few cards for you which I will post below along with the definitions - only because they confirm what I have already said. Hoping seeing the print that came from the creator of the cards might help you see...and set yourself free.


  • Card 1: Oath

    This is the symbol for all promises and a reminder to keep the ones you have made. An oath is never made lightly nor in jest. Promises are meant to be honored. When you choose this symbol perhaps it’s time you look at how you have made your promises. Have you crossed your fingers behind your back relinquishing the magick that binds you to your oath? Has anyone broken their promise to you? Let them go, don’t hold on if someone refuses to be honorable. You don’t want them in your life. For now, the most important promise you can make is to yourself. Promise to be kind, loving, honorable and good. Do no harm.

    Card 2: The Chess Queen (challenger)

    When the Chess Queen arrives to challenge you, it simply means that you’re living too much in your head: planning, scheming, and strategizing what your future will look like and how and when it will unfold. Remember the saying “Man plans and God laughs”? You cannot know the power and beauty that is meant for you until you let go and ask for Divine guidance. The laws of cause and effect apply here. Don’t dictate what you want, as your wants may be not in your highest good. Ask instead for the miracles set aside for you and you alone. What does Spirit want for you? Perhaps it’s time to let go and turn your life over to the care of a Higher Power. You can never lose when Spirit plays the game of life on your behalf.

    Card 3: Strength (reversed)

    When you see the Strength card reversed, pay particular attention to your health, for this indicates that your body, mind, and spirit need strengthening at this time. Ask yourself what you need to do to bring balance into your life. Perhaps you feel the bonds weakening in a relationship. Be strong, face the reality of your relationship at this time, and give it your attention. Let go of whatever robs you of your life force, and trust that something better will take its place.

  • Thank you, watergirl18, for your kindness and understanding! This situation has had me in turmoil for 2 years now.. When I made theinitial contact with him it was not with the intention of rekindling our past romance. I wanted to apologize for past actions. His reaction and other things about him that I had learned independently led me to believe that there was interest, and gave me hope for a future. I have repeatedly told him to please tell me to go away and leave him alone. He instead contacts me, perhaps knowing that I would read more into that comtact. I knew about the other woman, and I am also in a long term relationship. He referred to the other woman as a friend, and not as a significant other when I asked. They recently had a child together.

    Please believe this is not who I am. I know how it looks, but I have never done anything like this in my life. He was my first love, my lost love, and I was his. This much I know. I think I have held on to him all these years apart, believing that somehow he still belonged to me. We had both moved on long ago, but I knew that he always loved me. So his reaction to me during the reconnect had me feeling that I could reclaim what I always believed to be mine. I know this is illogical, but these were my thoughts about him. I thought maybe it was possible to rewrite the past, make different choices, since it was my choice that ended the original relationship. I guess I thought wrong.

    Not everything about twin flames resonated with me. I considered that theory in an attempt to makes sense of what was happening to me. Prior to the rereconnect I didn't even believe in soulmates. But this has turned my world upside down. As a result I have contemplated things tht prior to this I would have considered unimaginable.

    I have been feeling a sense of calm at the thoughts of giving up on him, and moving on with my life. The timing is all wrong, and the price too high. I have already lost my self respect and dignity. I will let go, and release him to the past and his present happiness.

    Thank you for your insight and input!

  • Dear Scorpiette,

    I apologize I went through a move there and pulled away for a while to deal with stuff.

    It looks like Watergirl has some great things there. I will be very honest Scorpiette, I am not sure that I am really cut out to try to "predict" anything, I simply use the cards lately more as a sort of exploring process for me. So, I may not be really helping much here. You sound so tuned in though, I know that whatever your concerns are in the situation, it is being orchestrated to be the most beautiful outcome.

    I will look at your last paragraph and those questions and try to use the tarot to give you a reply and you can then make of that as you like?

    "You said, "I am not questioning the accuracy of any of the readings. I've been asking for so long now,...

    "what is he thinking/feeling/planning, that I've failed to consider what's in it for me?

    5 (5 of Wands) To me that is changes in a path-role beginning, something or other. I would say he has been dealing with path changes and that can cause other areas of life to be put on hold perhaps, as that settles out.

    Is waiting the best move?

    44 - delta, empress, nurturing, foundations. 4's tend to be at rest, stationary, more of a "maintaining what is" which does sound a lot like patience.

    Or should I just forget this, and chalk it up to one of those life long regrets?

    10 - transition in path-role. Transistions mean active conditions, so I would say whatever it is is still transitioning from one thing to another. (5 wands above seems to be the background, so change, transition is a developing theme here).

    Can I forget about him if I tried harder?

    42, magician. beta, play, house, fun, happiness. I guess you could forget him as long as you can forget about the magic with him.

    Or is he my twin flame, and this is part of the process of reuniting.

    39 - completion of nurturing themes. So this is very deep fulfillment card to me, the perfect 9's and it is all of life together, 9 of Pentacles. That is really saying completion, whole, complete, entire, nothing lacking in all of life. It feels like he must already be a part of you physically in a perfected state?

    So, I hope that helps? I have also been experimenting more lately in the cards, so that makes me isolate myself to work through whatever it is.

    In a general sense I have such nice feelings about you and him though! There seems to be transitions in some theme area, 5 wands...

  • Hello, AstraAngel!

    I didn't realize until yesterday that you had posted this new reading. I really hope all is well with you! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this for me. I really, really do appreciate your help!

    Wow! You are one of the very few people who feels anything positive about him and me together. I guess too, it's primarily because of the present circumstances that everyone is negative about my chances with him. And I do understand that. But it does feel good that you are getting good vibes about us together.

    Right now I am in a back-off mode with him. I sent him an email about several weeks ago, and I haven't received a reply. In truth, I really have not been expecting one. He has a lot going on with the new changes with his life and I respect that. I don't believe the relationship that he's in is serious despite what is going on. That's not wishful thinking on my part, but based on what he said. And believe me, I know men lie. But this is gut feeling, that he was telling the truth. There was no commitment then, and nothing seems to have changed. In any event, I am not interfering and am keeping a respectful distance. He is not staying away because of this woman, but because he is unsure of me and because of our past together.

    We are quite a distance away from each other. And I just received an opportunity to travel to his current location within the next few months. I have decided not to tell him unless he initiates contact with me. Is this the right move, and how will he respond? Right now I am not sure that he would even agree to meet. But if we were to meet, how would things work out?

    Thank you for anything you can add. I have done readings for myself, and only confuse myself further. The cards seem to point to his being determined to keep his feelings from me. They're showing that he's very guarded, and wants to think only with his head and not his heart. This is in keeping with what he told me when we did talk. He does not want to be vulnerable to me. What I am accepting is that the timing for us is off right now. But maybe in the future?

    Thanks again! 🙂


    He has initiated contact. The circumstances that have kept us apart have not changed. Or they appear not to have changed. On my end, I am working diligently to make a way possible. I can see eventual success. For him, he's pessimistic. He believes that the child referenced above maybe part of a package deal. He can't envision a world were he is not an active participant in the child's life. The child is his world. He wants our connection, but will not risk losing the child. I am surprised that the relationship with the woman has fallen apart so quickly. I had kept my distance. I have not, did not encourage this. He sought me out, and shared all of this.

    After our recent contact which spanned several days, and included the sharing of intimate details, I drew cards to try to make sense of our situation. I asked what did he want me to do? The card I pulled was the fool reversed, the 9 of wands as a clarifier, and the 9 of wands again to clarify the first 2 cards. I am struggling with the fool reversed message. I am reading the 9 of wands as his wanting me to persevere or hold on despite the obstacles. I have determined that I choose not to be the cause of the end of their relationship. I am not actively pursuing him. He knows I am available for if and when he's ready. But there is no love for her according to him, just a sense of obligation. He also does not want to be the reason my current relationship ends.

    Despite these circumstances the feelings for and connection to each other are real. They now span decades. Can someone please help me in interpreting the cards I drew? The Fool reversed, and the 9 of wands twice as the advice on how he would like me to proceed? Neither of us wants to hurt anyone, but a resolution to this issue is what we long for.

    Thank you for any help offered!

  • I want to add that I pulled the queen of pentacles clarified by the chariot as his feelings for me now. I know that pentacles can refer to the earth or the body. I am reading this to signify his attraction and the chariot is his attempt to control or refrain from acting on those feelings.

    Please add additional insight if anyone chooses to. Thank you!

  • Hey Scorpiette

    I will try to circle back with you my internet access is limited now so it is quick takes now and not sure how much use I would be. It sounds like things are progressing though! So keep the faith I guess. Let's hope he stays "back".

    very best


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