21 day - Guided meditation - Deepak and Oprah

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    h ttp://bit.ly/HkMWAg to begin meditating..it’s FREE!

  • I am doing this one too. It's the one for who you really are, desire and purpose. Perfect timing with the ease up in the planets--the door is wide open and the road clear! These are excellent meditations---I did last fall's--three in a row and ended up buying the trio! After doing the abundance one I did come into a nice chunk of money!Glad someone else is aware of this free blessing! They are quick and very effective!!

  • This is my first time doing it this way but not new to the experience. I think they are doing this every fall. Thanks for sharing your experience. Is the abundance one part of a package? Happy to hear about your manifested abundance. Namaste!

  • Thank you for posting this. This is also my first time and I started yesterday and it was a wonderful experience!!! I just finished #4 This came at the right time thank you again

  • Abundance comes to me freely and easily!!! I agree, this one is perfect for me right now too---to really zero in on desire and purpose---I'm working on an important goal. Isn't IT wonderful how the universe really does support us? BLESSINGS!

  • Shadow, Blmoon, happy to hear it. The notice to me was so unexpected that I knew I had to share.

    Blmoon, I was asking if the abundance series was part of the package you purchased per your post above.

  • You can order any single on it's own---I had already done the three in a row so liked them enough to buy the package because it was cheaper that way---I bought the downloads but you can order the cd's--same price. Go to his web page and you will see all the things available. This one we are doing now as well touches on abundance---after it is over you will get emails with offers. He has many for sale and you can listen to a sample first. OH, be carefull if you order not to pick the cheaper ones that are just the music---I noticed people get confused. The music is just for those who prefer their own words but I prefer the guided ones! The package I bought last fall was 99 dollars for the three. I think one alone was 39--It was well worth it! BLESSINGS!

  • Thanks for sharing all that!

  • these meditations are awesome, blessings to all

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