Birthday Reading Please - Birth Day November 8

  • Hello,

    I'd originally posted this under the topic heading of 'Numerology' inadvertently so am reposting here!

    Would appreciate a reading for my birthday please 🙂 Looking for insight in the area(s) Love, LifePurpose, or Career! Unsure of direction for each of these area. Thank you so much!

    Light and Love,


  • Well, TT, this year should have seen some big changes or improvements to your career - if you are still looking for the right profession, you should be seeking work in which you can express your creativity and indulge your curiosity; you would make a superb criminologist, psychologist, writer, musician, or pioneering scientist and engineer. Other careers that might appeal to your imaginative progressive mind would include administration, education, counseling and law, or occupations of a philosophical or religious nature. When in doubt, go with what fires up your passion! You tend to be attracted to unusual subjects that others would consider borderline, shadowy or dark. In some cases, your interests may even be considered peculiar or, at the very least, out of the ordinary.

    You are brilliant at concentrating your energy on achieving your goals, and this, combined with your courage and ambition, augurs well for professional success. You have the ability to attract money your way, to rise to the top of your career or achieve a comfortable standard of living, an important goal as long as you don't get distracted or sink into depression. Sometimes the desire to achieve materially may get so strong that it becomes overpowering in its intensity, so it is important for you to remember what is truly important in life. It is your curiosity which draws you to the shadowy aspects of life, and a part of you longs to push the boundaries of knowledge and experience to their limits. If you are able to maintain objectivity, you have the potential to be a real innovative pioneer; but if you can’t keep your distance, there is a real risk of you becoming too closely identified with the darker aspects of the world and the shadow side of yourself. Emotionalism can thwart your best creative efforts.

    Though drawn to the unconventional (especially when younger), as you grow older you will become more practical, disciplined and goal-orientated in the realization of your objectives. Whatever age you are, however, the key to your success is the ability to confront your inner fears rather than seeking it outside. When you can do this, your hunger to explore the meaning of life will inevitably draw you away from the darkness within to the light of understanding, compassion, love, and what is truly important in life.

    In love, you would be well advised, and would increase your chances of finding happiness, to date someone clever and interesting but also grounded and secure, like a Capricorn. In other words, stay away from the kind of person who is unusual but dangerous. You do know who and what they are like, but sometimes you ignore what your intuition is screaming at you about such types. You have strong passionate desires ( you can get a bit obsessive and addicted), yet sometimes you may come across as rather reserved and overly serious. Try to lighten up more and it will make you very attractive to others. Employing your sense of humour more will also help you to to understand that, if you take yourself too seriously, you will lose the sense of perspective and objectivity you need to make good judgments in love. A new approach cannot hurt.

    Let's face it - You like to spend, and it is important to make sure that this doesn’t get out of hand, as being in debt will make you feel anxious and unsettled. As for alcohol, gambling and recreational drugs or sexual addiction, you need to avoid them too as they will lead you down a dangerous path. Because you find it hard to open up to others, you may bottle up your emotions; this can have a damaging effect, so counseling or therapy might prove beneficial. As far as diet is concerned, the emphasis needs to be on fresh, natural or organic, and the more colorful fruits and vegetables you have on your plate the better. Regular moderate exercise is recommended, in particular yoga and tai chi which can encourage your mind and your body to become more flexible. Above all, spending more time relaxing and having fun is highly recommended to help you keep a sense of perspective and be a little less intense. Wearing the color orange will help you feel more spontaneous and encourage you to reach out to others.

    Your life path is to balance the shadowy and the lighter sides of your personality. Once you have developed a healthy sense of balance and perspective, your destiny is to explore the unconventional and expand the frontiers of human knowledge. You are blessed with the strength and stamina to see you through the twists and turns of your life passage. If you can avoid depression, addiction or repetitive behaviour, you will enjoy much success and happiness. You are here to delve into and assimilate the content that lies in the realms of your unconscious. As career-minded and ambitious as you may be, you must overcome your fear of being different from others in order to pursue your own individuality. To do this, you must undergo a sometimes frightening process of examining your inner life, dreams, fantasies, and imagination, as it is there that you will discover the wealth of inspiration that will allow you to live an authentic life. Though you will never quite give up your orientation towards the practical or your literal/linear-mindedness, you must draw on the imagery found in your imagination, expressing it through some form of artistic endeavour. Your core lesson is to vanquish the fear of your own unconscious and to release the need for material security. Your goal is to tap into your creative fertility, using your gifts of resourcefulness, determination, and originality to find success.

    What you really want is to be in absolute control of every area of your life all the time. You have an insatiable need to think you have the power to succeed. To attain this goal however, you must stay in touch with your feelings and insecurities and share the truth about yourself with others. Acknowledging your insecurities will give you a stable base from which to create success in the outer world, for you are no longer fighting yourself by trying to hide or suppress your feelings. This gives you a calm inner certainty from which to accomplish your goals. And by acknowledging your own emotions, you will develop an awareness of other people's feelings. As long as you remain aware and supportive of other people, you will gain the support you require to help you on your own path.

    Your Achilles' Heel is your need for control ("If I can only make everyone get their lives together, then I can relax and be vulnerable"). But you can never control people or situations enough to feel that it's safe to be yourself. When you try to take charge in other people's lives without being invited, you are inappropriately usurping others' responsibilities. You must also avoid an unending search for acknowledgment ("If only others will recognise my contribution in a respectful way, I can begin to feel good about myself"). But others can never give enough recognition for you to feel satisfied. Only when you acknowledge within yourself the importance of the contributions you make (through nurturing others in a supportive way) will you begin to feel fulfilled. You will never have enough authority to feel that it's safe for you to be vulnerable. At some point, you must take a chance and let others know the truth of who you are and what you feel: your insecurities, fears of rejection and abandonment, and feelings of inadequacy. The irony is once you do this, you gain total safety - because in revealing your feelings, you've taken charge of yourself on a deeper level.

    2014 for you will involve taking stock of all of your life lessons because you may be passing this wisdom onto others. You might find that others are drawn to you for advice or teaching next year. Trust that you have what it takes to guide them. You might be reflecting quite a bit on the past, but this is only so you learn from it and move on. Make sure you are not holding on to the past in 2014. Let go of what and who no longer serves you. Finish up any loose ends and unfinished business in your life. Forgive anyone who needs forgiving and that includes yourself. You might require more alone time in 2014, so you can connect with your intuition. There is nothing wrong with this. Value this time with yourself; there will be a lot more excitement in 2015. This is a period for reflection, but it is also a time for recognition of everything you have done and achieved, so make sure you are taking stock of everything good in your life, and it will come back to you manifold. You will be harvesting your many rewards, so enjoy your bounty. You deserve it!

  • Hello TheCaptain,

    Thank you so very kindly for the awesome reading! It was hitting on all 4 cylinders for me! You spoke a lot about my current experiences. Have definitely seen a LOT of change the past 3-4 years in fact! More than my fair share I'll say. I am in fact in a numerological Personal Year of 7, so it has been very slow, introspective and reflective! Spirit is definitely preparing me for my 8 year of manifestation in 2014! Working with the Universal year's energy of 7! Should be interesting to say the least! I am in a 2 year spiritual/personal development program at the time being so it is amazing how synchronistically things have been aligning in my life now that I am more awake and aware of the 'flow'!

    Again I appreciate the generous insights you've provided!

    Light and Love be multiplied your way!


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