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  • Hi dmick59

    I will start a thread on the dreams we were talking about on Ariel360's thread (I felt bad I didn't mean to hijack the discussion I thought it was interesting). So I can start this///

    Here is what you last said "AstraAngel ~ You sound like me. My sister feels this way too! Like its everyone's world & we are just watching. She thinks it's because we did all our lifetimes & she is happy not to come back. I don't know! I would like to hear what my life purpose is though. It does get confusing as to what it is. I'm good with alone & my sister is too. I don't do well with dramatic lifestyles. The more peaceful I can create my life the better. Not boring but full of life & just peaceful. I believe dreams do give us insight it's just harder figuring out our own. We should start a dream thread. Some dreams I don't comment on if I feel they are more of a complex message that needs someone with gifted insight. It is fun. The biggest thing Ive learnd with dreams is if you are affraid in a dream to face the fear & ask what it wants. Im trying to do this but it's hard & I haven't been able to yet. Just remember that your Guardian Angel is always with you & we all have one since before we were born. You just have to ask them for what you want & be specific. They will answer in there time frame of course & bring us what we want or need because God wants us to be happy. Love & Blessings ~D

    I agree on the guardian aspect, I like that whole spirit companionship thing. I think such a being would certainly be working with us on all levels including the dream life.

    As for the "watching life" your sister could be right. I mean, it isn't like I have constantly felt like an observer, it seems more a feeling lately. When life is busy enough, jobs, kids, hobbies whatever I was certainly "there" into it. Maybe what she said is right, we learn enough and then we are in a sort of different dimension or something.

    I did do a tarot spread on my dream and that did seem to shed some light on it. I also had a thought that the dream may have been saying something to me about the way that the technology is creating "walls" that enclose us all, and yet it doesn't always mean that we are any closer as a result. The "WALL" of books all around... almost seems like the "wall" of Facebook, where people are posting everything. So the "books" become the people in a way. So I am seeing the people... while these "walls" are going up higher and higher. Books that I can't even reach anymore.

    That is sort of a literal interpretation, not so much symbolic. I drew card on it and got a LOT of swords, mostly little swords and the Queen Swords (i see her continually lately). So I knew there was a lot of thinking or communication issues in the dream.

    Your insights are nice, you have given dreams more consideration than me for sure.


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  • Oh that is interesting! Dreams are so symbolic? We wake up and remember the events and people and what not. Makes me wonder that in reality (while we are actually dreaming) the experience is very "un-real", like, we go into a different dimension experience - and then, on waking up our conscious logical mind has to quickly create some version that half way makes sense... so it translates the dream experience into all sorts of strange situations. It almost makes me wonder that what we remember as the dream, is actually something our logical conscious mind quickly made out of the original experience... just a thought.

    I had this other dream recently that was so wild. I was in some situation (I wrote it down someplace so this is a quick version) where I needed a camera in the dream. And it was right that exact instant where I had the thought in the dream that I needed a camera that I woke up! It was uncanny. Almost like my subconscious dream state somehow knew that "camera" existed in that "other realm" where I was awake, so the dream woke me up to go get the camera. That one really got my attention.

    So... giant rooms with walls of books, not so nice women with halitosis, and a camera.


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  • Hi dmick

    I would like to try and use the tarot to try an interpretation! Let's see what that suggests. I outlined the dream components and I drew a card for each position. You can compare this to your own interpretation.

    Army - 7 of Pentacles

    Setting up the tents/trailers quickly - Knight of cups

    Going up a straight gravel road - 4 of pentacles

    The road being rocky - 2 of swords

    The fields on each side of the road - The Hermit

    The trailer and kitchen - 2 of Cups

    The army has some sort of "rest and relaxation" connected with it. That is earth too so it is a "results" meaning (Pentacles are the results we experience each day). So there is something in life that is not really needing you (7 of pentacles) that indicates the reason is that it is at some sort of pause. So you may (have been) trying to get involved with something in your life that you thought needed your help, however it is in a "rest" position at the present time and signaled to you that its needs were at rest.

    Your own "trailer" is emotionally affirming (2 of cups). So your "life experience (7 pentacles, the army)" is sending you back to your own trailer which has to do with affirming emotions. The "road back to camp" is 4 of pentacles which is basic security patterns in life. So you were trying to push through a 7 of pentacles "rest" and life said "that's okay we are fine" and that causes you to retreat to basic life settings (4 of pentacles) and that leads you back to emotional balance and affirming something nice.

    The rocky road is affirming thoughts (2 of swords) so it seems like on your way back to your 2 of cups base, you are agreeing that this is the right direction, apparently. So that indicates some conscious effort on your part, almost like you are saying, "Okay the army, life doesn't need me right now... that is okay... I will just go back to emotional home of 2 of cups... the saying "that is okay" is the 2 of swords.

    You can see the setting up of the tents/trailers quickly as the much the same as the 2 of cups. Knights are repeating 2's so they are saying yes yes yes and the cups would be yes yes emotionally.... while the 2 card simply says yes. So the sense is that you are setting up your own home (sense of self in the army-world) around very affirming emotional currents.

    You are really working at maintaining an affirming emotional atmosphere for your life (hence you mentioning earlier you do not like the "drama" any more, that is all a part of the pentacles, life results). So the dramas must be something that you have either tried to help with unsuccessfully in your past, or recently, or you really felt you had some answers for that "drama situation" that could have helped... however the drama/life/7 of pentacles told you.. "no thank you". That causes you to retreat back to your emotional house that looks to be dependable as long as it can continue affirming itself. SO I would guess that in your personal life right now, surrounding yourself with positive, emotionally affirming influences are very important for you.... little reminders around you, a magnet butterfly on the fridge that says "I am a happy butterfly no matter what the day brings :)" ... things like that.

    The fields on each side of the road seems to show some areas of your life that you do not want to venture into. Hermit is a very seeking card and has to leave emotionally affirming situations to be willing to find their own truth. So the fields seem to be out there, however your focus seems to be on sticking to the road of saying "yes" to the basics of life, and not wanting to venture off into unexplored territory right now. The emotionally affirming atmosphere is what you are wanting.

    That is what I got from the cards... what do you think? This is kinda fun!


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  • Hello Dmick59,

    Yes I thought your dream was very cool! It did seem to be reflective of life in general, how the "armies" of the real world become those aspects of life that we contend with... and then wonder why did we bother. I have learned that it no longer helps to try and communicate with people for the most part (not this forum, these kinds of places you can... its the "real world" that seems the problem).

    You get so far with them and then they shut down and go into emotional control land. Reacting emotionally as a defense mechanism. I am like you, try to be forgiving and just keep smiling.... nodding my head. I have found that as long as you keep agreeing with them, they leave you alone. It is only when you try to share your truth and be honest, that is when they turn on you and you get the screaming and accusations and threats. So we all learn to just shut up and look to the angels I guess... I call it la la land.. a make believe place where the beings (extraterrestrials maybe) know how to communicate without yelling at you. La la land is my dream world I guess. And it is really where I wish I could be.

    " I want more Love in my life & how do I vere off the path & get that without changing the dynamics of my family or even how do you ask for that. "

    yeah, don't we all. Good luck on not changing the dynamics of the family. Families will always attain the least common denominator of the group, before the emotional controlling tactics come into play. And so the dynamics can't be changed really. Pray I guess is about all we can do at this point. That and sleep in hopes of finding nice dreams to explore!

    I haven't had any more dreams that I can remember. Not sleeping enough to dream any dreams I guess. I dream mostly when awake probably... of a better life, or true love (if it exists) ...somewhere else... maybe in la la land.....

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  • The silver ring - The Universe

    Reaching down to pick up - Empress

    Shiny nickel - Temperance

    2-3 shiny dollar coins - 8 of Swords

    $100 bills (5) - 7 of Pentacles

    a WALLET like this might be someone's money - Page of Swords

    Well, the silver "ring" sounds like the universe, the circle, the round wreath... sort of a portal or point where you enter into the ring then, like the looking glass, you step through and...

    Reaching down to pick it up is the Empress. So she is the Earth, the nurturing woman, growth and life, so that is how you are "reaching" in life, with a nurturing style... then you reach for the Universe and come up with...

    a shiny nickel! And that is Temperance, blending, mixing things together. So the "universe" becomes "blending" every time you reach out to pick it up. It turns from a ring of completions and perfect endings and turns into mixed up settings... or blending in...

    And that is not all, the universe keeps changing on you! It then becomes 2-3 dollar coins, so that is $2-$3. And that is the 8 of Swords... are doors and developments, and usually very expansive... so the "blending" of the universe became $2.50 thoughts and words as doors.

    So you have gone from the Ring of the Universe > Temperance (blending) > $2.50 expansive dialogue (like a used paperback novel) ... and then that used book becomes...

    $500 and that is the 7 of pentacles. Which is a reflective pause, rest, before the harvest (8). So the $2.50 words, becomes a $500 rest. A break, a pause.

    Then the "wallet might be someone else's" is the Page of Swords, so that is a page out of that $2.50 novel of door words, is YOURS. So the wallet is yours, NOT someone else's.

    The nickel is changes (5). The 2-3 is affirming(2) and growth(3), the $500 is big changes.

    What I get from all of this is you are about to come into some big money and it is all YOURS! A gift to you dmick from the Universe. As a reward for all of those great books you read! 🙂

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  • I think money is a metaphor for material anything... the physical experience of life, the "sensed" reality... so something really beautiful is ABOUT to dump on you Dmick, I don't know what exactly however it will be nice!

    Settings, physical surroundings something... wonderful for you... your heart's desires... overflowing those are some terms I get... the ring also sounds like love or completions, you know? the circle unbroken... wholeness... care, provision, security, abundance, the reward of setting your heart above at all costs... that is all I get right now...

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  • Hi dmick

    I did look at some cards on your dream and will share...

    I chose cards to represent your dream and they turned out to be:

    The cougar = Ace of Cups

    The coyote = 5 of Wands

    The snow = 8 of Pentacles

    The hillside = Ace of Swords

    So, making a story out of this... the Ace of Cups is chasing the 5 of Wands.

    That to me is like, a beginning of love chasing a change of inner dialogue patterns.

    They are both running around on an 8 of Pentacles (snow) and the snow is on the hillside (Ace swords).

    So the "foundation" beneath all this running around is an expansive material reality pattern that is beginning an outer communication pattern. So the beginning emotion-love is chasing the change of inner dialogue, and they are both expressing this as an expansive physical expression and that is also a beginning outer dialogue pattern. This sounds like you could be trying to change an inner dialogue pattern, that has its basis in an expansive material reality setting that has recently been starting to talk about that (the hillside). However when you try to change your internal communication pattern (ICP) you are feeling threatened by a new love beginning. So that could be wearisome if that new emotion-love continues to feel like a threat rather than a something nice. The setting is physical too. You could be aware of someone, something in your life pursuing a relationship with you, and you are not sure (changing ICP pattern)... so the chase goes on... meanwhile you keep getting colder! So, maybe the next time you have this dream, let go... cougs catch you so what... let the coug get you and see what happens! 🙂

    The hummingbird is a wonderful sign I agree., those are the most amazing little critters... I would see those at my mom's back in Georgia they are really something.... I am not sure about the symbolism I am sure it is wonderful though....

    Your dreams are cool.... I had a dream the other night that I was explaining the operations of a telephone pole treating company I used to work at in college. Salt treatment for the poles. Weird.


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  • Hi dmick!

    Just saw your dream there and it is very cool! Very vivid and you remembered it so clearly that is great. My dreams, I have not been remembering lately, for some reason.

    I broke out your dream into 14 lines and then selected a card for each "aspect" of the dream. Some of these cards turned up twice so that indicates something perhaps! Anyway here u go...

    6P Last night I dreamt that I was walking up these stairs -

    KW that were temporary.

    5C Them walking down

    4S showing someone the basement.

    sigma/star Then I was at the top floor

    9P walking through a mess of toys on the ground.

    KnW Then I went to take a shower in a glass shower

    6P & my friend from heaven came & asked me if I have ever done this before & I told him once & he came close & hugged me.

    AC So I wrapped up in a blanket & we went through the toys & he sat me on his lap & held me.

    KnP I told him it was so nice knowing he was on this earth & I missed knowing he is around.

    Sigma/star I got up & walked back though the toys with him & he was gone &

    KC I had two giant pieces of glass in my right hand that I had to remove.

    KC It was red but not bleeding.

    9P I do remember beng at the bottom of a long driveway in the end looking at the house.

    Next I will try to share what the cards seem to add to your dream.

    relate nurture - stairs = social nurturing of others

    share begin-be - temporary = communication beginning (with someone)

    the first two lines about climbing the stairs that are temporary seems related to social nurturing of others (people, family, work) and there is some sort of talk or communication about that and then it is gone? (temporary). It sounds like a communication with someone around physical relating begins and ends just as quick?

    view play - walking down = view play, emotion, feeling

    walking down stairs to a basement seems to be an emotional "view" so that is surveying or changing an emotion

    nurture share - showing the basement to someone - encouraging, nurturing communication

    then the communication begins again "in the basement". As you "show" the basement, you get to talk to this someone.

    many - then I was at the top floor = many, ethereal themes, stars

    and then - up you go! to the top floor which is the STAR card, so that is out there, ethereal, starry love themes are the result of talking to this person in the basement

    aware nurture - walking through a mess of toys on the ground = aware/complete nurturing physical pattern

    then the walking through mess of toys is a "completed" physical setting or you are very aware of this physical setting... so you can see how your dream here is trying to take you back to the physical (waking) realm as you had at the start (walking up the stairs, so stairs for you is a metaphor for your physical life experience. You are either climbing up, or going down. When you climb up, they eventually disappear and that leaves you out in the stars, disconnected from the physical life in a way. Then when you go back down the stair (to the basement) there are changes in emotion and communication of basic themes, in life... and that seems to complete your physical life pattern. So the "stairs" is an important theme for you related to how you interact and view your physical life in relation to "up there, out there" higher love themes (star). So I think there is a "REACHING for your stars of this higher sort of divine love experience (?) however the effort to attain that has some impact on your physical life and that all of a sudden takes the stairs away.... then you are back to the "basement" of your life trying to interact with someone(s) in basic communication patterns. That seems to be what keeps your "stars" in balance is very basic, secure communicating with others.

    **** so that seems like "part 1" of the dream we will call "THE STAIRS", now we come to the shower scene! ****

    nurture-begin-be - taking shower in glass shower = nurturing a dream, beginnings

    the taking a shower in a glass shower is a nurturing, encouraging of your dreams of...

    relate nurture - friend from heaven asked done this before and you said once, he hugs you = relating to physical, sharing physically

    relating with a "friend from heaven" who talks to you. So you can see here how the "dialogue" once again restores your physical relations and dreams. So there is something very physical here that you are dreaming of.

    begin play - blanket, went through toys, sat in lap he holds you = beginning emotion,play,feelings,happiness

    this shower in turn begins play, love, feelings, (I think the toys are metaphors for all the nice feelings, emotion, love, happy aspect of your dream relationship.

    nurture-nurture-be - I told him it was so nice knowing he was on this earth & I missed knowing he is around = nurturing a nurturing person

    then more nurturing of this person, (this is someone in your life in some way?)

    many - I got up & walked back though the toys with him & he was gone = many, ethereal themes

    SO, once again something vanishes (like the stairs going up vanished earlier). So the act of walking "back through the toys" sends him on his way. It is almost like "trying to keep the feelings around?"

    **** that seems to conclude the 2nd part we will call "THE SHOWER" ****

    share play-be - I had two giant pieces of glass in my right hand that I had to remove = communicating play,love,feelings with someone

    then we come to the this "glass" part of the dream... and that is more communication around play themes. So the "glass pieces" in your hands represent emotions in some way... with someone else.

    share play-be - It was red but not bleeding = communicating play,love,feelings with someone

    the same card again, so that sounds like this is all wrapped up in feelings with this someone whoever it is.

    **** that seems to be the "PIECES OF GLASS" part of the dream! ****

    aware nurture - remember beng at the bottom of a long driveway in the end looking at the house = aware, completion of a physical nurturing pattern.

    Then the dream concludes with a driveway, looking at house... it is another instance of the completion of physical life patterns successfully, and that is associated with the "mess of toys on the ground" (like your feelings on the ground, scattered? a mess? and this is about this 🏠 whatever that is to you. Your "home?"

    a communication with someone around physical relating begins and ends just as quick.

    resulting in an emotional "viewpoint".

    That seems to set up the "subject" for the dream. Communication about something physical begins and then ends. Leading to emotional view, changes and that leaves you IN A "basement" of life, where you seem to keep trying to communicate.

    communication begins again "in the basement" leading to an ethereal, starry love themes are the result of talking to this person in the basement. (SO you keep trying to get back to this "stary" happy feeling.)

    And the talk with this person results in a "completed, successful" physical setting (all is well)

    That leads to a nurturing, encouraging of your dreams of relating with a "friend from heaven" who talks to you and begins (to) play, love, feelings, with you in this heavenly relationship.

    There is more nurturing of this person, and more starry visions. many, ethereal themes...

    and more communication around play-feeling themes which is all wrapped up in feelings with this someone (friend from heaven)

    all leading to a completion of physical life patterns successfully.

    So it all seems to simplify to something important you are trying to convey or communicate to someone in your life, perhaps about your feelings in this "starry-feeling" realm above, with your "friend from heaven". So that sounds very much like angelic sorts of themes, and perfect love feelings (the toys?).

    The dream could be a sort of working through a communication pattern you are working on with someone physical in your life (at home?). So there is a "heaven friend" and a communication with your "house" (seen at the end of a "lo-o-ong road). SO the communication effort about these stellar emotional feelings is a "long road" for you, meaning it could represent a challenge? I think the whole dreamn is about some conversation you are trying to explain or convey to someone.

    Is there anyone in your life you are close to, that you are trying to communicate with or relate "heavenly" friend themes with?

    (I can relate to this dream as I have tried to share (without a lot of success) with those in my "house" this starry "friend from heaven" love ideal. I have yet to get much traction with anyone in that area, except maybe those on this forum. Like you! I think you get what I am talking about here.)

    THat was probably more than you wanted dmick!

    Nice to hear from you and have a wonderful week!

    (i think the "shower" and the "hug" are also metaphors for this "merging heavenly" sort of feeling. It shows a blending, water, emotion, with the (whatever is at the top of the stairs).

    The "Knights" seem to be metaphors for your friend from heaven.

    The "Kings" seem to be metaphors for what is temporary, or disappears. Along with the glass in your hands, red. It is like the King gives you glass and vanishes, the Knight gives you a shower and hug and toys. And you keep wanting to talk to the King about the Knight and it has some challenges getting that across (the 5 cups).

    Okay I need to stop here or I will write a novel haha....

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