Astra, been a while.. would like a reading if you have time

  • Hi Astra,

    How are you? Getting into the holiday mode yet? I assume you celebrate Christmas 😉 Anyway.. I would like a quick reading if you dont mind... My ex bf and I, havent spoken forever. more than 6 months.. I am wondering how he feels about me these days? I am thinking to reach out but am not sure if its a good idea... Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

  • Hi Aprilca

    I'm fine thanks! I hope to be in the holiday mood by Christmas. 🙂 Hope yours is nice!

    Okay I will look at some cards on your concerns, let's see...


    a. 5 Wands

    b. Moon (8W + 1C)

    1. 10 Pentacles

    2. 10 Wands

    3. 6 Wands

    4. Knight Cups

    5. Queen Cups

    6. 9 Pentacles

    7. 8 Wands

    8. 9 Wands

    Wow a lot of Wands.

    Well the "setting" ("I am wondering how he feels about me these days? I am thinking to reach out but am not sure if its a good idea... ") is the 5 wands (changes of path and role) + the Moon (8 Wands + Ace Cups).

    So, that says something like

    (a) change of path that is (b) "moon" (can be emotional and sorta weird) and related to expansive path and beginning emotion (that could be the history of the relationship there, your path with him was very expansive one point, and there was a nice 'beginning" of emotional connection, and then pfft...)

    Now, the story begins...

    1. Beginning was a 10 of Pentacles which is a transition of Earth (reality, experience)

    2. Affirming is the 10 of Wands which is another transition card, of path and role.

    So, something is going on that is a big transition in his life right now. It is wandy and earthy, meaning it is significant. Nothing really says "feeling you" yet... this is purpose and path stuff and transitions...

    3. Growing is the 6 of Wands - that means growing social-sharing in path. That is mostly his outer circle. Could be anything, work or personal. Not sure. He is trying to transition to something social and sharing in path, sounds like dating or an interest in getting out again. I get the sense he has been holed up a while since you.

    4. Foundations is the Knight of Cups, that is his base right now in life. that is emotional affirming, so he is saying "yes yes" repeatedly to his emotional life right now. So his emotional well-being is his "main" concern even thought all this other stuff is transitioning. I do think that leads to some sort of social love-emotional pursuit.

    5. Changing Queen of Cups. Queens are all about security patterns so this is changing for him. He has had some sort of emotional secure pattern going on that is now changing. probably a relationship of some sort is changing, someone moving out or someone leaving that he counted on.

    6. Social sharing - 9 pentacles. This is connected to the growing social path-role card at pos. 3. So he is getting out and sharing the wealth it seems. 9 pentacles is like the total completion of everything, so he is dating again I think, maybe on the rebound? Willing to treat a girl right... nice dates... nice dinners... nice other trings...

    7. rest-reflection is the 8 of Wands so that is reflection on an expansive path. So he is really wanting (*and thinking a lot) about a expansive path. So this seems to say he wants to get the good thing going again.

    8. Expansive is the 9 of Wands. So yeah all of these really intense wands, this relates to the 8 wands, so he is really wanting to expand back into a fulfilled wand path.

    I didn't really pick up anything in the cards that expressed his feelings for you specifically. What I did get is he is looking for love, wanting to replace something that he misses. Now, if that is YOU Aprilca then he could be disappointed cause he ain't gonna find someone as sweet as you, now is he?

    I am sure he will come to his senses and realize it was wonderful with you... not sure what his problem is! That Moon maybe, some fears?

    I don't think reaching out to him is a good idea right now as there are no swords, so he is not in good communicative mood right now. Maybe later, we can look again later. A few weeks maybe.

    Oh, I hope that helps... blessings and hope your Christmas is nicenice!


  • Hi Astra, thanks for the reading. Although I still have no idea about how he feels about me these days, It's very nice to know whats going on in his life... And I agree with you - reaching out to him was just my crazy thought. i doubt I would ever go that far. HA. too much self pride. Anyway.. I wish you a very happy Christmas, and new year!

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