A voice in my dream

  • i heard a voice in my dream tell me that a relationship that progresses quickly will lead to marriage. I'm trying to figure out if this is a message or my desires talking, telling me what i want to hear if you will 🙂

  • What impression or emotion did you feel about the dream - did you get the impression the result would be a happy one, for instance?

  • i felt very happy and warm

  • Is marriage something you are looking for - if so, the chances are the dream was a wish fulfillment. It doesn't hurt to be cautious anyway of any relationship that rushes along too fast for you to feel comfortable.

  • yes im in the process of making some decisions, and it is what i truly want eventually. im not sure i feel like i may just be a little afraid still but i am comfortable with the speed in which things are moving, im kind of amazed actually seems like such a blessing in my life at this time. Its funny you should respond actually i was just reading over questions and things i posted years ago on here and all the advice and wisdom you and others shared with me, it definitely soaked in. I've learned so much in the last few years mostly about myself an though the messages i received weren't there in my mind exactly they were with me. I've came so far and appreciate those that tried to help nudge me along, teach me or inspire me to think about things i didn't necessarily know back then. ❤

  • Gratitude is an important factor in achieving your goals.

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