Temporal Convergence Period

  • Could someone tell me what a Temporal Convergence Period means please? I had a mini Numerology reading it said my Life Path was 9, Expression # 9, and Soul Urge 8, and that a Temporal Convergence Period would start Nov. 20, 2013. I have no idea what this means and would be thankful if someone could help with this.

  • Done some checking and seems there's no such thing in numerology. tried to find how to delete the question. Sorry for the post.

  • You didn't ask but I feel you are heavily weighted down with RESPONSABILITY. You normally have excellent intuitive power but lately you are so mentally exhausted you feel a bit lost and disconnected! I get that you do not see any way out of changing your situation and can't let go of responsibility. If you do not allow room for help or recharge or set boundaries you will suffer mind body spirit. What spirit is stressing is if you do not lighten your load--life will just do it for you and it will be unpleasant and out of your control as you cannot keep going on nothing coming in. You are giving out more than taking in. SURRENDER----be good to yourself and in a loving forgiving way make peace with your "guilt gatherer" voice---you can't fix or please everyone and if you do not give to yourself---you can't continue to give to others. BLESSINGS!

  • Blmoon,

    You are right. I have felt like i was in overload lately. A lot of it i think is the situation i spoke with you about before.. We finally got guardianship papers done on niece and nephew, but seem to have to deal with parents a lot more. They would call maybe once a month or so, now they want them to come stay almost every other weekend and really don't have . the room or food for them,and they do not watch them like they should with all the people that is around them. The nephew has been playing peewee football and the niece cheering for team and the parents have came to one game and i had to pay for them to get in. The father gets a check every month but can not save enough to come see their kids. That is just not right. I do have other responsability with my family members i have to deal with, my husband works 14/14, 14 days home and 14 days gone to work. So i have to deal with it by myself half the time. I thought i was handling it pretty good, just sometimes it does seem to be draining the life out of me. Any insight you might get would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for the insight you have given me. Many Blessings to you.

  • You are a giver and have healing energy. I deal with that too and it requires more rest than normal and a space that is not overtaken by other's energy. I can relate how difficult it is to maintain boundaries when you are the one carrying the respectability. In reality you have not just taken on two children but four! The parents are trapped in a state of helplessness ---addicts are usually trapped in that state of mind. Addiction allows a person to NOT be present in their lives so they can be clueless and they miss normal growth and tend to remain immature and have a sense of entitlement. They really feel others or the world in general owe them. Anyone who helps them ends up feeling resentful and used and though generous of heart the toxic situation can bring out the worst in others. Blow ups and guilt. Being around addicts---even if they are clean is still about energy---they tend to be anxious people and bring a draining vibe to a space. They will also wear you down---start by taking an inch then one day you realize they have taken a mile. Also, because they have not worked hard for anything they tend to be irresponsible and careless about other's things and if that person gets irritated they will see that person as being nit picky or just plain b itchy. Things like washing small loads wasting water--raiding the kitchen in the middle of the night or disregarding rules in general. Leaving doors open, tv on---tying up the phone. A generous person hates being put into a position of babysitting and reprimanding a grown adult. This couple only sees their predicament as hard luck---they live in denial and you bite your tongue knowing they see you as high and mighty if you point out possibilities of ways they can improve their predicament. After awhile you will be questioning your own sanity if you do not include an unbiased person into your relationship so you can keep your head straight. You can't carry all this weight as you will suffer more then them as you FEEL consequences were as they have blocked out feeling reality. Also you get caught up in what SHOULD be and wanting the right thing. You feel the kids need their parents. But what if it is what it is and you can't fix it. By providing your home on weekends and allowing them to still live THEIR lifestyle you are only enabling them. They get to see their kids without taking responsibility. The kids only see their love for their parents now but as adults they need the lesson. You have to set rules and mean it. You are not being mean or petty. They can't come into YOUR home and live their life---THEY must respect your home and rise up to earn the home you and your husband work hard for. There is no way they will like this or even like you but you must do what's right by your morals or they will put you in a position of compromising and some of THEIR consequences will start coming to your life and home. It starts in small ways---you hate griping but they get by on that. Your good energy is not enough---you need firm boundaries and some back-up. They need rock bottom enough to want to change and if they can't change alone they need a program, counseling---commitment to some kind of program. Some other positive people in their life to take some weight off your back. There is plenty of room for them to have supervised visits with their children without staying in your house all weekend. You are going to burn out and it will strain your marriage then you will not be in a place to even help the children. The parents are not responsible adults who just need a break. They must stay at your house and make life better by doing work you need or spending quality time with the kids. Be in reality about the truth. The problem now is you are worn out! And you need power to set boundaries. The situation has eaten you up. Be ok with making others angry at you---when you know you are making the right choice. You may have to tell them you need a break from weekends to deal with your own life. Since their focus should be to be with their kids you can offer outing options the kids request but the parents need to sleep were ever and you can't worry about that. Once you get your foggy head straight again---feel yourself strong--- then you can sit down and write on paper what you would really need from them to make your efforts not wasteful. You give--and they must give. Give them goals they must complete and earn help from you. If they attend some kind of help meetings and you can verify that then maybe you can give them one weekend a month. You also give them your house rules and chores. Next goal may be that they must give you x amount of money for food and if all goes well you may decide to let them spend a night. If you have already exhausted yourself with rules and advice and gotten nowhere with them then your issue is being the male energy that holds the sword of action and protection---Saint Michael will help. In fact if you pray for strength and guidance every morning on waking he will help you through the day. You need to be honest with the case worker if the weekends are too much. I have a friend who went through the same situation and it took years of jumping through hoops---they thought it would never end. The courts are very hesitant to remove parental rights. My friend endured a lot as well. Eventually it was finalized and they have been a family doing well but like you they wondered when it would ever end. The court tries to exhaust every opportunity to keep the family together. My advice is something HAS to lighten up or you will suffer and be of no help to anyone. You really need a advocate to keep your perspective. A counselor, a support group. You are too alone with this burden. BLESSINGS!

  • Blmoon

    I just wanted to let you know that every since we spoke on here i haven't had to deal with parents near as much. I don't know if you might have done something to help me out or not, but if you did i thank you. I think in my last post i jumble things up and confused you. The parents do not come to our house to stay with kids, my husband would not allow that at all, because they will steal you blind no matter how well you watch them. Parents have a small camper trailer in not a very good environment , so i worry when kids go because of so much going on around there. I'm feeling a little better, thinking about trying to start meditation, been reading up on it some and hoping it might help calm my anxiety some. Thanks again for responding back to me, and thanks a million for any help you might have done to help me with this. I wish you the best of BLESSINGS TO YOU.

  • I did pray for you but also it felt like you just needed validation to be more confident with setting tighter boundaries and your own energy can change things. You made a change. When we are feeling worn down or beaten it does allow leaks in our boundaries---like in the jungle---predators sniff out weakness and unfortunately this couple have become needy predators. Also---their interest in the children will go in cycles because the truth is depending on their habit they cannot care about anything else so they go for awhile caring about nothing including their children to then waking up and attempting to straighten out but they never totally commit to getting help----they still think they can handle this----too much denial. They lie to themselves. I'm happy you got your break---you needed it! BLESSINGS!

  • blmoon,

    I have something i need your advice on if you could help me please. My son's girlfriend is one that thinks she can get any man she wants, well she is making moves on my husband, i say moves just little things that she don't think anyone notices. i have known this girl all her life, and grew up with her family. I been married to this man for over 30 years and yeah i watch how women act around him. I have always been jealous of him. lol. But this one is just before making me show out, i'm talking about being really ugly. I don't want to hurt my son, so i need to know if there might be some way to go about it in a nice way. I told her a couple of times that i was very jealous, but she still don't seem to care. she is in her thirties but acts like she still in her early twenties. I have told my husband what i think and he swears he would not have anything to do with her in that way. But this girl knows how to get to a man, she just got her divorce this year, she has been with boys that her oldest daughter (19 years old) went to school with and has caught her with other men, so i know it is not just me being jealous. Any help i would be thankful. Blessings to you

  • You can help yourself by not advertising your weaknesses. I get that she is poking at you! Enjoying ruffling your feathers. I'm glad you are aware that you are a jealous person at least you are honest with yoursef but life is going to present situations that get uncomfortable enough to work on healing because being always jealous of your husband is not healthy and no way to live. I have been married over 40 years and the gift of a long marriage is the sense of security that comes. If after 30 years your man has never cheated or ran off it should be a safe feeling. You have two complicated issues going on---your insecurity about your husband getting seduced and the son mate thing. I raised four sons and it can be a land mine when they choose a woman you smell trouble on. You are right to proceed with caution because no matter how much your son loves you he is a man and he will choose his woman over you. He will pull away and still love you but will cling closer to her. Sometimes you have to just sit it out and watch them get hurt and be there for them but if you had told him so earlier he may not come to you. Weather I like the girl or not I accept what makes my son happy and keep my judgement to myself---I only intervene if my son is in a mess and not happy. Unfortunately having sons versus daughters---you will always be competing with his mate. He may be attracted to a jealous woman and she is pushing for a break between him and you just so she has complete control. When my sons dated I had to put up with control freaks who made it their first mission to split their man from his mom----and there is nothing you can say to your son that he will see it---in fact you will be the one coming off as the controlling interferer. Do not play into her hand. I get that she is promiscuous and my first impression is she suffered some form of molestation at a young age. I know you said you've known the family all your life but there are secrets that never come out. Keep this info to yourself. My impression is this relationship will fizzle on it's own if you give your son room to let it. She is on a freedom celebration and will continue to not commit. Your son is young and enjoying the attention and that's what you hate as you see men as being weak to a woman. But a man CAN know better. Since your husband already knows you are ready to kick her but he may not tell you if she crosses the line cos he don't want drama but he will just deal with it on his own. If your husband is not a cheater he knows how to deal with a grabby woman. I do not see her in the picture much longer so have patience and kill her with kindness----it will make her crazy! She is into the seduction--the chase and will move on once there is no chase left. Right now she is stealing your power by being the aggressor to your fears. What are her fears? Poke around that with some smiles and she will back off. You have to be nice in front of your son and let this play out. He will put up with her longer if he knows you warned him! He has to feel like a man. It s ucks ---I know! As for your husband you either trust him or you don't and that needs to heal as it brings to light some kind of deep wound or insecurity in you. Where does that fear come from? Do you really think some women are so powerful that they can seduce your man? Next time you witness her crossing a line--intervene not with anger or boiling blood but redirect her behavior with attention that is harmless---if you see her leaning in too close and making eyes or using a sexy voice you can exclaim loudly ---wow I love your earrings! Walk over and touch them, ramble on about earrings, where did she get them? ---give her so much happy attention it will break her habit---she does not want to be the one drawn into attention---she is the seducer. It will put her on the offense. This will take keeping your ego down but it will give you power. If every time she crosses boundaries you cross hers it will sink in and she will move on to another playing field. If she tries to complain to your son he will only see you as being so nice to her! Use your head not your emotions---that's how you win with someone like her. She likes to get to people---she craves that. Do not let her. Kill her with kindness. Smother her with it! BLESSINGS!!

  • Dear Blumoon and Witchywoman,

    I hope you don't mind that I was reading your thread, but I felt drawn to it. You first few posts have really helped me calm down a bit. I felt almost as if Blumoon were speaking to me directly! 🙂 Thanks for helping a scared soul so close to an important day! I will be praying to St. Michael myself! 🙂

  • Isn't it amazing how not alone we are? Spirit answers us in many ways---sometimes a book just catches our eye and we open to a perfect page that talks to us---or someone says exactly what we needed to hear. I love synchronicity---it means we are in the flow! BLESSINGS!

  • Thank you Blmoon! Yes, it is amazing. I only wish others did not have to deal with drug issues either...I do appreciate that we are many in this boat though.

    Thank you for all your kindnesss,


  • There is one in every family! It is just something most people avoid talking about. Addicts do really terrible things to support their habit and live in denial so loved ones often think THEY are the ones losing their minds. Addicts will lie and turn it around to take focus off them and put guilt on loved ones---who do not want to believe the horrible actions of tier addict loved ones. It can make a whole family sick. Usually the mother is the last to hang on or a spouse will protect their loved one too long. It is an awful situation! You fear death for the person yet they are already walking dead. It is an epidemic right now the way drug companies and bad doctors handed out deadly pain meds. It is a cause close to my heart. I wrote a poem that won an award and money on this subject. There is corruption and greed at high government levels allowing this to happen. We all know some one who has lost a family member to pain meds. Meds that were first made for dying cancer patients! And did you know that the methadone clinics are really a business privately owned industry that pretends to help addicts get clean but methadone after two weeks is MORE addicting than heroin? So addicts thinking they are doing a good thing line up 7 days a week for a dose and the owner is rich beyond rich. Oh, ignorance is bliss---what I know!

  • PS---Is there a specific question on your mind regarding this subject? I sense there is but you are nervous about revealing too much. Do not feel guilty or regret not doing enough. Their is a sense of unfairness you have been burdened with but in reality you have gotten sucked into another's mess

    this will change slowly, you are under a lot of weight but as YOUR own life blossoms that will be your reward and no you will not be in this tight spot forever. Your fear keeps you from seeing small events as having a reason or opportunity to heal people. I see not just the one but several people are part of a toxic situation and it takes a real change or at least one person to break the cycle. Foundries are too lax----they are set but someone wears them down! A lot of denial. I feel you had to make a very hard scary decision that started a chain of events---you got cast out into the cold--a lonely place---yet if you turn the coin--you got free! The domino effect is still in play---the fallout but hang tough and try to not look back as you need to face forward as much as possible. You are a fixer by nature and a meek soul with a need to nurture so you must be careful not to follow the path you left--so keep your desires alive----you have lost your dream power---that happens when someone is too busy with cleaning up messes! Too much responsibility. Tell yourself everyday you are a good person and visualize some dreams. BLESSINGS!

  • FOUNDRIES? Lord, more coffee---I meant boundaries!

  • Lol...I understood you meant boundaries! 🙂 I have court today to hopefully clear up some of the mess of the situation I have been dealing with in regards to the drugs...I have been very concerned that things are going to be difficult for my children. I am hoping that what is best for them is what happens in the court room. I am just wondering if my ex is really actually going to stay clean as he claims...I feel like it is his mother pushing him in the sobriety and in the court case...and I fear that they are trying to take my children away, not just get visits with them...I just want my children safe more than anything...and yes, I have been having a hard time with my abilities and instincts feeling a little far off with all I have been dealing with as far as this mess goes.

    Thank you blumoon!


  • Oh and I have been told I have healing sensibilities before...any suggestions on how to help with those...I think my youngest son is really the only one I have ever really been able to heal (unknowingly at the time). 🙂

    Thanks for all your help,


  • hobbles76,

    I dont mind a bit with you reading the thread if it helps you that is what counts. Hate to hear that you have the problem in your life too, but blmoon seems to have a way to put things that gives you a calming feeling to just stop and think. Hoping her words will help you as much as they have me. Many blessings to you both, and hope court goes well for you.

    Thank you blmoon for all you do for everyone. Wishing you many blessings.

  • Thank you dear witchywoman! Court went fairly well...have to go back again in a couple months...but things are well for now...Hope things get better for you also witchywoman. 🙂

    Thank you for your kindness,


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