Dream interpretation

  • Would like some imput on a dream I had. I don't usually remember my dreams, and trust they are doing their job of working with my subconscious, but when I DO remember them, there's usually a meaning behind it. but this one has me stumped.

    In my dream, a beautiful sunny day, outside, near a barn, with a man who we have both voiced interest in each other, but nothing has happened. and he may have even moved on in the last few weeks. but in my dream, I had arms around him, he kissed me, walked me to my car. This car was very strange to me. Green, and there seemed to be a group of people in the back having a party, and a familiar women in the front passenger seat, but I don't recognize her. She just "felt" familiar. He opens the door to the car, and I slide in, only the steering wheel is in the middle??? and it's HUGE inside. we wave cuz he's following in his truck and we are going to another location. Even tho this car is TOTALLY foreign to me, with the steering wheel in the middle I seem to drive it with no issues. I woke up from the dream and remembering it vividly, but confused about it. the car really bugged me. I was a guessing a late 60's early 70's car, Plymouth fury, or GTO, or similar, but the steering wheel made no sense. modified? so I googled it. Turns out the car WAS real! It was made in 68, 6 feet wide, and the steering wheel was in the middle!

    How does a person have a dream about a car they have NEVER seen before??? And what does this mean? And why is this man I thought I was going to have a relationship with in it?

    It felt very happy and content. And sun shining, everyone happy. so I don't think it was a BAD dream. but has me stumped.

    Any ideas?

  • I believe the dream represents you moving on from this man with whom you had hopes of having a relationship. He may be following in his truck going in the same direction, but you are not riding together. The car represents an old-fashioned idea or belief from the 60s or 70s you may have had about what a romance should be like and where it should lead to but you are now 'modernizing' your feelings about love. The woman in the front passenger seat whom you felt was familiar was you, a future more aware and wiser version of yourself whom you are becoming. There was an overall happy feeling involved with the dream so deep down you are happy to let go of the past and move on.

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