Could someone do a small reading for me?

  • I 'm unhappy and dissapointed by many times we were on and off in our relationship and all the time he comeback and we get back together again . I'm expecting to take our relationship (we are together since 2007 january) to a different level but he seems not to be ready and I don't understand were my place is now .Please give me a reflection of what will happend regarding our relationship .

    Thank you


  • Hi Whiteangel,

    What I'm seeing is this:

    Initially he had power and influence in the relationship. He was willing to risk. What you had was very attractive to him; there was energy, cooperation, balance. What changed seems to be related to a power struggle. He began to show you different aspects of his personality. He became stubborn, uncompromising, perhaps forgot to have fun. I don't know all the particulars, but I see that a little forebearance on your part could help at this time, giving him space, dealing calmly with issues, and being softly persuasive.

    In terms of "where you both are now" I am seeing both of you at a point of looking within, a point of calm in the center of the storm. Take whatever time you want to work things out for yourself. Travel lightly and gracefully, let go of worry. Stay open to the unknown - there may be an element of secrecy involved here. Nothing bad, per se, just unknown. Thoughts or feelings of his you aren't aware of.

    Remember, it's all right to wait patiently, and do no thing.

    Hope this helps,



  • Hello Ahliyah,

    Wow.... I really do not know how to start this ...first of all ....I would like to say ..Thank you for your unswer .. is a bit late but my mom always says <better late="" than="" never="">. To be honest with you , i did not think one minute of my life that someone will read my message and call for help.

    Thank you! once again.

    Ok , because I'm here now , I would like to give you a feed back of what happend...Everything you told me in your letter was very I'm not together with him , as he is back to his old realtionship but he is looking for me ( not very often, true) telling me all kind of suite thinks wich I really do not belive in anymore...

    Then I start courting with the Tarot cards is amazing ...they are not only simple cards ...It is magic ..I still need to read explanations of each card but I try hard to learn as much as possible.

    Because I'm a baby in this relationship with the Tarot cards , I have difficulties when I read for myself as I can't be very neutral know what I mean ? Could you please , please I need help with a reading, if you can read for me and for the future of my actual relationship .

    However , today I 'm with a man younger than me with his age with 10 years ....we started in January this year , at the begining, I was very much against but then it happens...

    We had up and downs ..but I would like to know what succes will have this relationship... His age is less important for both of us. He is very mature and wise person. Please Ahliyah, help me . I 'm ready to listen your advices.Thank you again.


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