My husband seems to be followed by a spirit.. how can we know for sure.

  • He was bending over putting on his shoes and jumped up.. and said "hey" we just looked at him because he wanted to know who was tugging on the waist of his pants? No one was even near him. He looked puzzled when he saw that we were all too far to have done that. Then he mentioned that while he was working a few days ago he felt a tug at his pant leg again there was no one around. I am worried because he works in a correctional facility and who knows what kind of spirits are in those places... any help would be great....Thanks in advance!

  • The spirit around him is a child and nothing bad. Has a child passed near you lately--or within your circle of family or friends? Or did your husband have a loved one pass as a child. I get there is something your husband is ignoring health wise----have you been mentioning a concern recently. Has he gained weight? Or had recent symptoms you've noticed? There's something he's ignoring this child says. I'm on my way out and out of time but can tell you the spirit is not bad. BLESSINGS!

  • Thank you... the only child I can think of is his niece's daughter. She was mentally and physically handicapped and they lived in another city. We were not close to them and actually only saw her two or three times in her 10 years on earth. I can't think of anyone that he lost as a child. I too thought it might be a child or lets say I was hoping it was a good spirit. No, he has actually lost 27 lbs and has kept it off by exercising regularly . He has been extremely stressed at work, but recently had a physical and everything was good. He did mention to me that he felt like some one had a message for him.

  • I almost asked if he lost weight. I get that the child is saying --slow down! It's the child's perspective he needs to embrace. Play more, relax and slow down. He has a very stressful work environment and it requires so much serious responsibility and there is a very negative in general unhappy energy in a place like that. Working out is good for stress but he needs to also give his mind free time. That's a big shift from his work mind state. Losing weight changes things----having extra weight and not burning off carbs sedates us----that's why it is not all about will power---extra weight can be like a feel sedate drug. The weight loss is good! But has him dealing with a sharper sense of stress and anxiety. TENSION. Mental stress. He needs to do something daily that is joyfully mind engaging---even meditation. But the child is really insisting on more childlike fun---a huge table puzzle---solitary games---playing an instrument. Sitting in the open air cloud watching. Anything that is the opposite of responsibility. The child is advising him so he does not harm his health---I know you said he just got a physical but I get his blood pressure goes up and down and he is using too much adrenal gland fight or flight hormones which will eventually deplete his adrenal gland and that lowers your immunity and he will catch more colds and viruses once that happens.. Also, too much adrenaline in the body causes anxiety----the changes he's going through would be pretty silent in a checkup. Next time the child tugs at him--tell him to really pay attention to how he was feeling at the time--was his mind racing or was he in too much of a hurry. That's what I am hearing. SLOW DOWN. BLESSINGS!

  • Sorry, it took a while to for me to get back to you. but I have been working long days 8-midnight! for a week straight.. I just now got a chance to sit down and check the site. I thank you for your response and I really agree with you and think you are right. Thanks again!

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