Two One Question Readings.

  • I do not use dates of birth as anyone can look up their own astrology information if they choose to follow it. I do not use names. I am offering two readings only. One question.

    'What's going to happen' is not a good question. I will not do a reading for those types of questions.

    Good questions are also give you incite to help you in the 'now'.

  • Hi Ariel360

    I would love a reading to help in the 'now'. Anything you get would be appreciated.

    Did you want a reading in exchange?

    blessings, astra

  • Thank you AstraAngel. I am happy to be able to assist.

    The first thing that came to my mind is dreams. I am not sure if you are aware that you can reap allot of benefits from your subconscious and conscious abilities to influence your dreams.

    The time before you fall asleep when you are just starting let your subconscious take over is a good time to start thinking about your questions in which you seek answers to. It is also a good time to think about what it is that you want to achieve and how you can better manifest it. This time before you fall asleep can influence your dreams. Practice this and keep a dream journal. Immediately start stating out loud what you dreamed and start to then write it down. I would also try to draw out any dream symbols and pay close attention to what is going on in your waking life. For example when I dream of a key, for me it means opportunity and control level. The type of key and color also has been a repeated sign of a significant message. Here is an example in June 013 I had a dream about three puppies in a hotel room and I was being advised by a Armed Security guard that I knew. I had received my Security Guard Certification in March 013. I had yet to land a Security Guard Job. I was intuitively inclined to take and exhibit jobs that I did in fact have that correlated to Security Guard work. I also felt that it meant three months or three years. I was more inclined to three months as any form of precognition has manifested within the year. Three years out in the future, even a year is pretty far out. In late September I got a Security Guard job in a hotel. Puppies are often a sign that I will have an idea and or conviction that will start coming into manifestation by the number of the puppies. I also love seeing puppies in my dreams.

    I hope this helps.



  • Hi Ariel, I would love a reading also! Thank you for the offer.

    My question is my you see any improvement? I feel I am doing all I can but never seem to see an end to this issue. I felt guided to open my reiki space to help others, but am hitting a brick wall with getting clients. Thanks for any insight you can give! (I do work another job also)

    Many blessings to you

  • Hi ariel360 thanks for the offer. I would like a reading anything you see in the "now"

    Thank you

  • Hi Holly

    Thank you so much! That was really helpful, and I have been writing my dreams down lately, although I haven't really tried to ask questions before I go to sleep, and look to the dreams I get some answers. That is a great idea though I will do that. I had this amazing dream 2 weeks ago or so, I was in some huge library that was part of a 4 building complex (like a college) and the walls were like, 100 ft high and covered with books, it was so vivid I can still picture what I was seeing. I did sketch that dream out too, so you are really picking up the dream thing with me that is very cool, thank you again!


  • Hello LibraLuli

    The first thing that came to my mind was the word worth and choice.

    How do you see money? Sometimes the way we view ourselves and situations is often a way we start to connect with money. This will effect the way we feel about money.

    In regards to something like Reiki; you must be very cautious about your self balance. If you are scattered between many commitments that could influence what type of energy you send to others and it can effect your vulnerability to others energy. It can influence your ability to receive as there may be commitments that are affecting you being more closed off.

    Is Reiki something you want to do for the long run and full time? How much is your other job taking from your energy and how much quality energy is being exhausted between both jobs?

  • What message do you think the dream meant? What is your inner voice telling you?

  • LibraLuli:

    Once you consciously recognize and understand the connection you have towards money; your subconscious will also 'click'. When you get that aha moment it stimulates an emotional response. Talk therapy with yourself and or with another can help you uncover what associations you have with money and where they started in order for you to start shifting your perception of money and thus influencing actions that concern receiving money.

    You may also try what I suggested to Astra Angel. AstraAngel has also left us with an example of how her subconscious was 'speaking' to her, sending her a message.

    I hope this helps.

  • Dear Ariel360,

    Cool name by the way.

    Is your offer still open?

    I could dearly use some insight into coping with my 'now' please.

    Blessings and thanks for your time if you choose to send it my way.

    Angel Hugs,

    Icearia x

  • "What message do you think the dream meant? What is your inner voice telling you?"

    My inner voice? My inner voice is telling me it was a big place, empty with a lot of people milling around, a assistance desk in the middle of this vast room, like helping people find their books. But these are huge and high walls. People don't even seem aware of the walls of books... just milling around.

    I had ran into a man on the streets outside these huge buildings, like cube buildings. And he had asked me what they were. I said "I don't know, lets go look!" So we both walked into that huge library or whatever it was. It felt nice in there... even though I didn't know what it meant. The 4 buildings were white. It was a college campus of some sort. Maybe it is telling me to go back to college, however I don't have the first clue as to what to study. No passion for learning anything much anymore except tarot haha.

    Not sure that was really the message though. I think about going back to college and just feel depressed. Books? Writing? I write constantly and it has amounted to nothing. Maybe art books, I sort of like that... but why such a huge room of walls of books?

    I wish I knew. My inner voice mostly just says, "I am lost here..."

  • Hi Ariel, Thanks for the input. I have thought about your question about how I feel about money and all I can think is it means survival!! I don't need a lot of money, but would like to not worry about covering the bills every to me means less stress. I am ready for that and have prayed for that. I don't know why it has always been such a struggle for me, I don't live above my means, I am very frugal out of necessity. I just want to not have the stress so I can concentrate on more important things. Like the Reiki....yes, it is most definitely what I want to is fulfilling and satisfying to see how I can actually help other with the Reiki energy. My other job does not stress me out at all, it is very low is all I could find in a year and a half, I am very grateful for it, but it is not what I want to be doing right now....I would rather be focusing on the Reiki practice, teaching Reiki and being of service to others. I do volunteer my time quite a lot for others, with Reiki and other projects....I want to make a difference, but I need to support myself also!! Thanks for any insight you can add....many blessings to you!!

  • Another thing Ariel, I do feel I am deserving of financial from the stress of lack. I meditate everyday to release the negativity and manifest abundance. I do feel I have paid my dues and learned the lessons about money that I was sent to learn, so I am not understanding why this continues to be a struggle!! I felt very guided to Reiki and felt the Universe wanted me in that field, but now I feel they are shutting the door on me. I continue to ask for help, I feel I have done my part, and struggle with how to know if I am on the right path or if I am missing signs.

    Thanks again for your insights!


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  • Based off what you are telling me; the circumstance may just be time. My friend runs a business doing readings and Reiki. It took her three years to get to stable enough work where she could make it a 30 hour a week job and now after 6 years, she is full time and affluent. She is now well known in the area. Do you have a website? You may want to link your site to a social media site and allow people to refer others to you through various media.

  • AstraAngel:

    Libraries are often a sign for your thirst for knowledge and it indicates that your are seeking something such as an idea but you don't know what it is yet, you are yet to get the idea. The college could be clueing you into an idea (library search) that you had at college at one period of time.

  • AstraAngel:

    The people want an idea and want something to engage in but they are yet to have the subject and or idea so instead they wonder around waiting for the subject/idea so they can then go to where they need in the library to do more research on the idea/subject.

    Try going to a library and see if any thing strikes you.

  • LibraLuli:

    I have had an issue for the past few years with regaining financial stability after getting defrauded. I realized it was a logistical issue. I was just taking things that came for 'survival'. I am a survivor' type. I have lived homeless and still managed to keep clean, sober, educated and above debts. But I often take jobs as they come. So by me lacking more caution and research about employers; I end up discovering major value/moral and or logistical errors that don't align with me while employed. I then end up turning the parties in for crime/deceit or get terminated for reporting things. It happens often. I also along with 95% of employees at two jobs this year, never received our pay checks. So I need to practice more diligence in researching these companies and asking more effective questions in the interviews.

    You problem may just be logistical.

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