Is he the one? Reading please :)

  • Im a Libra, he is Gemini. I met him online, which I really normally am very skeptical of. Im actually usually pretty skeptical of love and men period. He makes me forget that completely. We share physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual attraction. We even had the same lucid dream. I even awoke one morning after a dream of him, we were laying together in the dream, but when I awoke I could still feel his leg over mine. When we spoke, he described the way we were laying to a T! I didnt even tell him it was the same as mine. It was just too freaky. Recently Ive done allot of self examination and exercising my spiritual awareness through meditation. Im not sure if what Im feeling is because I have opened myself up more, or if this is really a special thing. I guess it is special either way, but I would love to have some input regarding this. Thank you in advance!

  • You are caught up in the "idea" of this relationship more than the reality of it and need to temper yourself a bit. I'm not saying he is wrong for you, but to be careful of seeing things in a dreamy state rather than how they really are. Ground yourself.

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