Bottumed out and Seeing a Cyclical Pattern

  • The pattern is:

    I always end up finding out about crime and or big deceit in corporations and then get fired or have to quit due to retaliation and or not wanting to become engaged. This happened again in my security guard job and I am with no cash flow and no income coming in all alone. I have nothing in my account once my two bills within two weeks come out and I will still fall short.

    I know all about het aid systems and I am often rejected as I have no baby, no domestic violence issue and am sober. I do have a place I can crash for about a week, for sure.

    I am desiring an outside source to offer incite into my situation which regards the poverty and isolation. I am unsure as this is a repeat as I am alone and no one cares, they are too busy with their own lives. I need income. I am applying for jobs of course.

    I am actually pretty good with readings and can give one back in return.

  • Hi Ariel,

    This last job was somehow a repeat of something from your past. That original or initial situation is still lingering in you - there is anger buried. You want justice, want people to pay for what they have done wrong. But in holding onto that feeling you are keeping yourself cloaked in that energy. Don't allow what has happened in the past to define you. Also be careful of allowing the past to cause you to judge people to harshly in the present.

    With regard to the new job search, remember the basic laws of attraction. The last job was created/manifested/attracted to you when you were still in the mode of feeling persecuted and obsessing a bit over the actions of others and your judgment of them. So you attracted the situation again.

    Clear your energy. Release any pent-up anger as well as any negative energy that is still in your aura from these past people/situations. Going outside in a peaceful surrounding will help. Physical exercise helps. Also just sit quietly and repeat "I release all in my energy field that I no longer need or which is not mine." Focus positive thoughts on your future instead of focusing on any lack or feelings of isolation. Believe in yourself and your ability to rise above and overcome. See yourself happy, safe and secure with a job that brings you feelings of satisfaction and fulfillment.

    Best of luck,


  • Thank you. I have been journaling and even at the point where I am laughing now. Thank you.

  • I drew these cards and clearly chakra work is not enough lol

    I asked about an influence that is bearing an effect.

    I drew these cards to be a near influence but it seems that is could also be occurring now and about to get worse:

    Foundation of Influence: 5 of Pentacles and 3 of Swords

    Maybe this person thought one was a real solid sense of support 5P and one that could be trusted 3SW will either catch out or hear about something that will hurt.

    More about the influence:

    Moon Page of Coins 5 of Cups

    The Moon may be indicated a flawed or inaccurate view about the situation and the Page could be the message in some form that exposes the information (3SW) in which causes the feel regret and great disappointment. 5C

    I drew a card for the tone/completion Pope

    I am taking it that this is in regard to information found out in which belief and value held about something may be entirely dishonored or disrespected. This may cause a rethink about chosen path and the value/belief.

  • Ariel,

    There really isn't an outside force that is affecting or sabotaging you right now - you need to look internally. The world is not against you...there is underlying meaning to the situation you are in right now. The cards you drew are mostly about your present situation and what go you there. There is a lesson that you keep repeating because you are not looking at it from a place of responsibility - a place of "how did I create this?". The pattern of blaming others and looking externally for an explanation is one of the things you must break.

    Sorry if this comes across too bluntly, but really this is about maturity and learning to manage your energy. It is coming through like you judge others too harshly - too critical - and then you have outbursts and/or just react rashly. The consequences of this you are experiencing right now. So if you don't want to be in this position again - unemployed and not knowing how you will pay the bills or where you will be living - it is important for you to learn this lesson. The Pope is a teacher who brings spiritual understanding.

    You must be honest with yourself about how you behave with others. There are judgement and anger issues you need to deal with.

    This is a major life lesson that you came here to learn/resolve.

    Look internally, not externally. Be honest with yourself about how you behave with others. This is the energetic shift you are being encouraged to make.


  • I know exactly what it is. I have not been researching the places I apply to and just take one in order to survive and later on things about the job are revealed little by little. I often either report the issue and become the subject of concern as I have learned or been approached about something I shouldn't. Or I either leave upon notice to the employer. No I don't think the world is against me. I need to be more patient and educated about potential employers. I also like I did today need to keep being more upfront about values and needs regarding a job position. I did today and my interview went quite well.

    I did some pondering on those cards and I actually received an image which gave me an epiphany about potential negative attachments from Rieki healers inadvertently distributing negate energy. I did my own cleansing today.

    Thank you WaterGirl

  • I have a license to maintain. If my judgment about management coercing guards into lying on incident reports is irrational, then I might as well throw away my license. That was the main issue regarding my last employer along with unpaid breaks while having to work during them. My health went down greatly due to them not disclosing the up to four times a week 8-12 hour rotating shifts.

    Yes I see my accountability but I don't take full blame for the severance. It was my first guard job as well.

    What I need to do is research, ask more questions and be more patient and direct in interviews.

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