Help with a reading

  • Thank you, WATERGIRL! I have heard this song before, but had never actually listened to the lyrics. How appropriate for my situation! Definitely an addiction, no doubts there. And like every other addiction it took over my life. Maybe the words of the responding posters can be likened to an intervention of sorts. Keeping in that vein, today felt like the 1st day of recovery. The thoughts were less invasive, so there is hope for me! One day at a time. I really do try to find the positives in every situation. I believe in the saying that everyone in your life is there for a season or a reason. Perhaps my mistake was trying to keep him with me longer than his season, and thus he became a reason. Apart from the pain this has caused, it has been an oopportunity for growth. So for that I am grateful!!! Blessings to you as well!!!

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