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  • Hi, everyone!

    I am hoping someone will be able to help with a reading I did for myself. It was initially a one card reading, but I added 2 additional cards to clarify the 1st card. This involves a relationship. My question was "what does he want me to do about the situation?" My first card was the Lovers. I understood that to mean that he wants me to make a choice. The next card to clarify was the 8 of swords. I read that one to mean that he believes that I am not as constricted as I may believe I am...that I can get out of the circumstances that are keeping us apart if I choose to. The last card as a clarifier of the other 2 was the Wheel of Fortune reversed. This is the card I am struggling to interpret.

    Can anyone please offer suggestions as to how to interpret this card in light of my question, and possibly how all 3 cards fit together? The cards again are the Lovers, the 8 of swords and the Wheel of Fortune reversed. Thank you to anyone willing to try!

  • Hi Scorpiette,

    I'll take a shot. My approach may be a little different (Itend to take a mathematical approach to tarot). Maybe you will get something from it.

    The Wheel card Is basically adding "affirming, turning, advancing, motion" to whatever it is near.

    So it behooves us to examine the previous cards too!

    LOV + 8S + WHL =

    7* (2C+1S) + 8S + 11( KnP+KnW+AC) =

    Basically you are working with 7 (rest) + 8 (expanding) + 11 (1+1=2, repeating duality patterns).

    So, "What does he want you to do?" is basically (rest + expand + repeat dualities) altogether this adds to 7 + 8 + 11 = 26 = 8. So the basic energy here is an 8 which are expansive and very much an active "develop, pursue, grow, do something" number energy.

    Now, adding into that the suits we can start to open that out even more.

    Lovers is card #7, dreaminess, and it is associated with 2 cups (affirming emotional dualities) + 1S a new thought). So the lovers is basically saying a "new thought of a emotional relationship" that is wrapped up in reflective (7) energies.

    The 8 swords is strictly a "expansive thinking card" of intellect, dialogue, communication patterns. So that seems very much an encouragement to take that reflective LOVERS energy and COMMUNICATE around that.

    The Wheel adds motion, movement, turning, as it is comprised of Knight energies as seen in the card below, repeating dualities of path (2W, 2W, 2W...) + repeating dualities of results, earth, pentacles (2P, 2P, 2P...) and all of that is repeating around a central 1 cups (beginning of a new emotion). So the Wheel (WHL) in this case is basically adding some strong AFFIRMING energies to all that was before it with a new feeling.

    So, to sum it up, *** he wants you to reach out to him and communicate about your relationship *** in a very determined way.

    (Me? I would reach out any way possible and communicate about the matter in a loving, tender way (= lovers :). The key here is COMMUNICATE, 8 energy means take a step forward in faith and love that all will work out. Others may have equally valid interpretations, we all see the tarot a little differently, Its all good...

    Blessings, sending you positive wishes for a nice outcome to your question!


    *I have begun to start the major cards with 1, not zero, as I have never heard anyone in my life count starting with 0. So (to me) the LOVERS is a 7 energy, not 6, which means the lovers are more a card of reflection not choice. LOVERS reflect and dream of their beloved. Makes more sense to me than a choice. Choices are 5 or 10 energies not 6 or 7 (to me).

  • Here are your cards from the open source potato tarot design...

  • AstraAngel, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your interpretation. I did this self-reading because we are currently not communicating. Do you think based on my original question that the cards are telling me that he is waiting on me to make the next move? I had a one card reading done by the Captain with different cards. The card drawn for my situation suggested that I was either living in a fantasy about this relationship or I was allowing fear of possible rejection keep me from moving forward. I am afraid of his response, but at the same time, want to either know where we stand or let this go. Any thoughts, p,ease? Thank you!!!

  • AstraAngel, I reread your response. I believe you did answer my 2nd question. I am allowing fear to keep me from contacting him.

  • What I get is he is not interested in a committed relationship. If you do push it though he will be a lover. Is that what you want?--then ok--but if not he will hold you back and you will find yourself repeating a past pattern----the reverse wheel. Use your swords---your HEAD to make a wise choice! Do as you NEED versus what you may WANT. BLESSINGS!

  • PS---Notice how AstraAngel presents the swords card--as a boundary of protection---that's what the head does to balance the heart's desire. You need both working for you.

  • Thank you, Blmoon! We were lovers in the past and in a relationship which I foolishly ended. I believe we can be lovers again...I believe that's what he wants...friends with benefits. But I want more...what we had in the past and even more still. Do the cards reveal his feelings for me?

  • He has not changed---the first card was clear about that and the two cards clarified it----he refuses to be vulnerable. His choice to not be committed has nothing to do with love. Love is a verb! He can love you yet choose not to honor that love so telling you he loves you will not change him. You want more. You were not foolish to let him go!! You were speaking your TRUTH. He has to love you enough to surrender equally. You can not force that. Should he contact you as a lover ---understand you will just return to the same hurt that you left. If he wants more he will tell you that and you must stay in your TRUTH with boundary's or he will seduce you back into his safety zone----remain the lover. He has to contact you first and he has to want what YOU want. You want your life to move forward! BLESSINGS!

  • Thank you again, Blmoon! This was the answer I have been looking for. I can honestly let him go now. I knewI could pusuade him to become lovers again, but I feared he would not want the relationship. I have been waiting for him to contact me 1st, and I will leave the situation there. I do believe he loves me, but he will not say it nor will he allow himself to be vulnerable to me again. Although our relationship was long ago, the hurt and pain I caused him is still very real to him. I have tried, but can't help him put it behind him. So for my own well being, I have to let him go.

    Thank you so much for your very acurate insight into this situation. I am truly amazed at how you touched at the very core of this issue. Thank you, agsin! And I wish you all the best, and continued blessings!

  • Blmoon, I really am grateful for the advice you gave earlier about letting him contact me first and holding on to what I wanted from him, acommitted relationship. I have been feeling the need to let go of what almost feels like my obsession with him. I felt your response resonated with what my gut feelings have been concerning this situation. This afternoon I did another reading asking how could I move on on quickly from him. The first card was 2 of cups reversed. The clarifying card was the 8 of cups. I asked for another clarifier and got the 8 of cups reversed. To clarify even further I got the Tower. Now I am completely confused and do not understand the direction the cards are pointing me in. Do you have any thoughtson this?

    The cards again were, 2 of cups reversed, 8 of cups, 8 of cups reversed and the tower. There seems to be confusion here. I am reading that he is not interested, but maybe I shouldn't walk away just yet, that something is about to change. Please believe that I am prepared to leave this alone. I am seeking clarity and peace in my life. This situation with this man has had me suicidal at times. I want balance in my life to enjoy the many good thongs that still exist in it. Please help if you can? Thankyou for your time and energy!!!

  • Hello AstraAngel, Blmoon or anyone else willing to tackle this! I am really hoping someone will help answer these questions. Any opinion ia fine!

    As stated in my post above, the guidance given by Blmoon resonated with me because of how I have been feeling about this situation. I can't even use the term relationship since we have been in no contact mode for well over a year with only an occasional text message. This is his choice, yet I know and the cards point to his having feelings for me. While I chose to follow Blmoon's advice, I have not discounted AstraAngel's interpretation. I chose not to follow it only because it is closer to what I want to do,and I am fearful in behaving delusionally where this man is concerned.

    I found out recently that he's blocked me on Facebook. Interestingly, he and I have never been Facebook friends nor have I ever messaged him there or on any social networking site, nor have I "liked" any of his pictures or posts. His posts are private since after my date of joining Facebook. Obviously, I have looked at his page, not frequently, but from time to time. The only reason I can think for him blocking me is that he has been viewing my page and can no longer bear to do so. I did a reading to find out why he blocked me and I got the Fool reversed. The interpretations for that all allude to mental illness, and I know he suffers from depression.

    Can anyone please shed further light on any of this, either with the cards I've drawn or another reading? Any and all help is appreciated! Thank you!!!

  • Hi Scorpiette,

    Your question was how you could move on quickly from him. The cards you drew were very clear - they are just confusing to you because your emotions are clouding the reading.

    How can you move on quickly from him? Accept that it's over (2 of cups reversed). Withdraw not just physically, but emotionally (8 of cups). Once again, withdraw yourself emotionally (8 of cups reversed).

    The 8 of Cups shows a figure walking away from the 8 cups (some of which are turned over) under a full moon - lots of emotion here! The figure's head also is pointed downward which gives a feeling of disappointment (the overturned cups are also an indication of this). The card signifies that you have invested a lot in the situation emotionally and that although it is difficult you must realize that it has not and will not live up to your expectations. Leave the cups behind and walk away.

    Be good to yourself,


    P.S. Sometimes cards show up reversed to emphasize something you are having trouble wit

  • Dear Scorpiette

    If you want this relationship to work out it will. If not, it won't. it is that simple. Only my opinion.

    Do you have faith?

    Peace and love,


  • WATERGIRL is right. I did see your second request even though I felt the cards spoke clearly the first time and you agreed. I started to reply again but then changed my mind knowing someone else would give you a straight answer. My thoughts were to put the cards away. When you are in a state of desperation you will not get a good card read. You got an excellent answer the first time but your desire to hear something else is making the cards useless. Be clear on intention. You want to break away from obsession---stop pulling cards in his name! You want truth? But can't decide what that is. Call him up and tell him what a mistake you made--tell him how much you miss him. Beg him for one more chance. There is a fine line between faith and magical thinking. I think it would be an excellent lesson and it will cure you faster than all this indecision. You need proof and I don't think any of our advice will help you so call him even though he has not shown any interest in a year. Get your truth. BLESSINGS!

  • Thank everyone for responding! I have invested everything I have emotionally in this and possibly my future security whether we end up together or not. I have revealed my feelings to him via email, I know very cowardly. I am afraid of what he has to say. We want two very different things, and I have to accept things as they stand, like it or not. Please forgive my desperate pleas. This has actually helped me in the coming to terms with everything. Everything that has been said I have been feeling and know to be the truth. Yes, I can have him back, AstraAngel, if I believe I can. Watergirl, it is more than time to walk away. Blmoon, you are so right, he hasn't shown interest in over a year. I think I needed to hear this again. I really do appreciate the feedback!!!

  • I am glad you did not think I was harsh----I could not help but feel how despite any advise here---truth is you can't let this go without really knowing and advise or psychic vision is not as real as just seeing for yourself. Often though when we do not try what we hope will happen it is because our higher self already knows and that is SO FINAL! It is human nature to prefer hope. If you are suffering anyway over this there is a logic that says if indeed he will fill you with painful feelings of rejection at least you will be done and can let go. I would wish for you Watergirl's advice---to just accept the guidance offered and be good to yourself. But there are many roads to Rome. Regardless of choice---there is no easy path. But the hard things done--in the name of self love do have lasting rewards and the hard part will pass. BLESSINGS!

  • Thank you Blmoon for the additional kind words. Harsh words, truthful words are sometimes what'sneeded to be forced awake. I have been in a self-enforced prison of hope and fantasy. He made it clear early on that he did not believe in hope. We have circumstances that keep us apart, and he is not willing to navigate them in an attempt at a relationship. I hurt him before, and there is no trust. The feelings exist, but as was said above, he is unwilling to be vulnerable to me. Perhaps in the future, when and if, things change. But I have to accept that for now nothing can happen, and I have to leave him alone, for both our sakes. Everything that was told to me was accurate...difficult to accept, but necessary. So thank you again for the kindness, time and energy expended om my behalf! Blessings to you, too!!!

  • AstraAngel, I wanted to also specifically thank you again for your insight. I wanted you to know that despite what seem to be very different interpretations from Watergirl and Blmoon, your interpretation of this situation was accurate as well. I have gone back and reread all the comments and figured out how each applies to my life. I do believe that you are right in saying that he wants me to comtact him about the relationship. He wants me to tell him something that I am unable to at this time. This is the reason that he is staying away, will not trust and remains guarded. I am still amazed how everyone who responded was able to from their unique perspective touch on the core issues of this situation. So thank you all!!! Armed with this knowledge, I am able to begin pivoting away from this, and move on!

  • Scorpiette,

    Congratulations on listening to your head - your gut wisdom that you need to move on. It is sometimes more challenging to allow the heart to catch up so heed the message that came through in the 8 of Cups and be diligent about resolving this situation emotionally so that you can truly let go. Be gentle with yourself and give it time if needed. It actually takes discipline to release the thoughts of him when they come up. The thoughts of him - what was and what could be - are a bit of an addiction so treat it that way.

    For you:

    Take care and be strong,


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