One Question Readings

  • Sadsag, your card is The Card of Overload, Imbalance, Delusion, and Obsession.

    This card is a warning about extreme imbalance and mental and/or emotional overload if you contimue on this course. Try to obsess less over this issue. This is not the appropriate time to move forward - you don’t have the experience, insight, or knowledge you need to deal with this situation yet. Your head is not yet in the right place and delusions rather than reality may occur. Whatever benefits you may think you can receive from this situation, the losses to your peace of mind and the serious consequences of stress far outweigh them. Let go of all your hopes and dreams for the outcome of this situation - unrealistic expectations will only lead to frustration, anger, and resentment. You have to take control of your obsessive thoughts or actions now for your own sake. Don't fear the past. You don’t need to try and forget whatever has happened back then. Instead, just focus on ways to avoid getting affected by it - learn from it. Distract yourself to get the thoughts you want to avoid out of your head - choose a specific task, book or piece of music to concentrate on and give it your full attention. Write down your thoughts on a piece of paper and then throw the paper away, mentally discarding the thoughts as well. Get active and busy - engaging in a sport or exercise requires you to focus on your body, and eye-hand coordination is a good way to clear your head. Plus, exercise brings the added benefit of producing the brain's feel-good neurotransmitters, endorphins, which will improve your mood. Or do something mentally strenuous - the mental focus will leave you with no time or mental energy to think your unwanted thoughts. Laughter can also take your mind off your problems. When you laugh, your brain is engaged - it's instructing your body to make a series of gestures and sound. Laughing helps reduce stress, so if your obsessive thoughts are causing you anxiety, laughter really is the best medicine. Humour is a great way to restore balance - to make light of the situation will reduce its impact and importance. Hang out with friends who crack you up, rent a funny movie, or try a laughter yoga class. Get more involved with other areas of your life - maybe help others who are also struggling. Hand this situation over to the angels and spirit guides to deal with and get on with your life. Forget it altogether for now - just know that the necessary ‘seeds’ for success are being sown inside you by your guides. Simply enjoy life with what you have. You can revive this issue when you are in a better head and heart space to handle it.

  • JoyLily82, your card is The Card of Disorder, Chaos, Irrationality and Anarchy

    This card is a warning against being scattered, illogical or letting fear or anxiety make you behave in a disorderly, disorganized manner. Keep your head, no matter what sort of chaos is going on around you. Things will soon settle down. You won’t feel lost or confused forever. It is vital that you maintain a clear head, even when those all around are losing theirs. Sometimes life can feel like quicksand trying to suck you under. But even if you cannot control what goes on around you, you can take charge of your own reactions to it. First you have to take a deep breath and relax! When you are surrounded by chaos or too many demands on your time, become as calm as you can inside. You likely already know what you need to do and by going to this calm inner place so far from chaos, you can see clearly the answers. Let all stress flow away. Take a break. If you’re overwhelmed, simply decide to do less, take on less, be less and have less – just for now. Let yourself come up for air by expending less energy. Money is energy, time is energy, fear is energy, emotion and drama are energy – spend less and release yourself from the pressure of ‘more’. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, to join forces, be vulnerable, open, and collaborative. Express your needs - better to say you don’t understand something early than to muddle through and get stuck later. Find yourself a mentor, guide, advisor, listener, motivator or friend. Being overwhelmed by life doesn’t mean you have to be overwhelmed alone. Reach out, make yourself heard, let yourself be loved and energized by someone else’s assistance and understanding. Turn in the direction of your values and go that way, every day. If each move you make is aligned with what you believe in, what makes sense to you, and what carries you towards what you want, then you’ll find real success. Chaos is unpredictable - you cannot prepare for it. But you can believe in your own inner calm and strength to handle whatever life throws at you.

  • Breze1, I only give advice - I cannot and do not want to force you to take it. You are an adult and you can choose to reject or accept advice as you want. I just wonder why you are having such a strong reaction to what was said. If it was nonsense, why should it bother you so much? Since this is a free service, you have lost nothing.

  • Thank you for the insight! That sounds very much like what I'm going through right now, but I have to admit, I am excited even though I do feel overwhelmed. I'm becoming a crochet and sewing instructor which doesn't seem much on the surface, but it's becoming quite a production (especially since I'm doing this at three different stores!) The one thing I got going for me is that I'll be able to schedule these classes when it's convenient for me. I'll remember what you said about "doing less" when I feel like I need to take a breather. I have already found someone that might be helpful. I met her while doing a demo and asked her a lot of questions. This led me to ask my manager questions I haven't even thought to ask! The lady is a jewelry instructor and had been doing it for nine years and knows all the ins and outs and also just how far out of the box we're allowed to go. It has given me food for thought for when I set up classes at the other two stores (one is completely free-form with little interference from the store and the other I won't be having any classes of my own until January because they plan everything two months ahead, giving me time to concentrate on the first store where I'll be starting classes at the last week of November). The one thing that's truly stressing me out is my father badgering me about this being just a "hobby" even though I'll be given great commission in addition to base pay at the first store. I'm not done finding full employment yet, but I feel that this is all I've got right now. It's quite a handful as it is. With the holidays coming up, it might be all I can handle at the moment.

    Thanks again for your input!


  • well now I really think you don't take critics easily. When you started this thread you said you are trying the new cards and I thought by giving you my concern would help in this. I am not as worry as you think. i simply don't believe that the card you drew on me it was for me and thats all about it. but I took your advice and as I said previously ( you might need to read it again) I value your advices but the card you drew is not mine.

    thank you Captain !! Love B

  • Breze1, I was just wondering why you so firmly rejected the advice given by your card since I always call on a person's guides and angels to help with card selection.

  • Hello Captain

    My question is what can you tell me about my future career? I'm in the medical field, which I like but I'm not sure which direction to take- continue with school/ work P/T or take a break from school and work full time? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks so much!

  • Songofsharon, your card is The Card of Flexibility, Adaptability, Co-operation and a Youthful Attitude.

    This situation calls for flexibility and a less serious, more open-minded attitude. Co-operation with others or a youthful adaptability will restore stability and lead to a successful outcome. This card means you should be prepared to behave or look at things differently, to do what you really want to do regardless of age, money, status, other people‘s opinions, or inexperience. Don’t always stick with what is safe or easiest. Flexibility is about not getting stuck in a routine or bad habit. It recognizes that life will bring us unforeseen challenges and if we are to honour our values and goals, we must adjust and learn as we go. Flexibility lets us go with the flow of a group rather than becoming frustrated or alienated. It helps us to be understanding when other people have needs and plans that interfere with our own. Consider other ways of thinking and doing to bring about a resolution or change. Be open-minded and willing to reconsider your options if life gives you reason to. Adaptability requires a certain willingness to let go of, sometimes even grieving for, unmet expectations or ideas of how things “should” have been. It's about letting go of the need for total control. The definition of flexibility in the dictionary says it is to ‘be capable of being bent repeatedly without injury or damage‘. That is survival. But equally don’t become too easy-going or accommodating lest you be taken advantage of. Staying young at heart means looking forward to life with enthusiasm and excitement, and being ready for and welcoming change when it comes. Keep setting goals and challenging yourself. And maintain a flexible open mind that allows for the possibility of anything happening. Nothing in life stays the same for very long. Life is in a constant state of change, so resisting change is a colossal waste of energy. On the other hand, learning to adapt quickly is a skill that can serve us at any age. Getting older should mean getting wiser and stronger, not becoming inflexible or afraid. Instead of thinking: “I can’t do that anymore,” try saying: “I can find a new way to do that.” When you have the flexibility to learn other ways of doing things, you can make luck from a vast playing field of opportunities rather than a narrow corner of one ‘room‘.

  • Thank you ~I will learn to "live for myself" without all of my preconceived ideas which are only hding me back. Your advice holds true for me, time to move ahead in a new direction without limitations.

  • Hi captain,

    I would love a reading if you could please.

    My question is: what do i have to change in my life to finally find the right partner for me?

    Thank you,


  • SmilerE, your card is The Card of Fear and Anxiety.

    This is a situation that has inspired much fear, holding back, self-sabotage, or avoiding conflict. But the single greatest way to combat fear is by doing what you fear, not by hiding away or putting your life on hold or by waiting for luck to strike you. You best cheat fear by living well. No experience we ever have is meant as a punishment, but a way for us to learn, grow, and move on. Everything happens as it is meant to. Believe you are safe and loved. Stop analysing your situation and waiting for more information. Take a leap of faith instead. If you fear the past repeating itself, find the pattern or recurring habit and break it. Chances are that what you fear is only an illusion and may never happen, and all the stress and anxiety isn’t worth it. Or, instead of running away from the disastrous outcome you may be fearing, examine it and then say “So what if this or that happens? I could do this and that about it. It won’t be the end of the world. I will survive because I am stronger and wiser for my experiences.” Reduce the fear until it is manageable. Let the worry exist, but not be in control of you. Don’t take direction from it or stop moving forward because of it.

  • Thank you Captain, that completely makes sense for me. I'm always afraid to put myself out there but I know that this is what I have to do!

  • Thanks Cap I will try it, my heart is fine my blood pressure sometimes raises but its only when Im stressed, so I will start taking just one time a day and see how it goes, btw my doc and the reikian lady told me to drink lots of water too and wash my self with baking soda. I will survive this, Im a surviver but sometimes even beliving that I will not die from it, I'm so fed up with the pains and each day I give more value to people that suffers excruciating pains and I pray for them. Its all part of our lessons and its up to us to surrender or fight our fears, and I chose to fight them,,lol,, thanks again.

  • Hello

    I need to know what is blocking me from finding the right woman for me.

    Captain, if you could please help me I'd appreciate it.

  • Larryrl, your card is The Card of Determination, Willpower, Strength, Organization and Decisiveness.

    This situation calls for willpower and resolution, a determination to overcome all the odds. You have to believe in yourself now. Believe you can achieve what you want, that it is realistic and possible, because with effort and determination you can do whatever you put your mind to. Stick to your goal - think how proud you will be of yourself when you achieve it. There are bound to be obstacles you will have to maneuvre around, leap over or pummel over of course. Obstacles are right and are natural and exist to be overcome (by you). Whether they be internal or external to the body, relish them. Engage with them consciously and with as positive an attitude as you can muster. Be prepared periodically to step back and assess their nature and your approach and what you believe lies beyond the obstacle. Then re-engage in your task without hesitation. Understand that there will be good and bad times. Whichever it is, do not let your guard down and keep your attitude positive. Avoid distractions. Be organized and methodical. Write out a list of what practical steps you need to take or changes you must initiate to achieve success. Make a decision and stick to it. And reward yourself from time to time for your efforts and achievements - this will also be a good incentive to keep going. The willpower, the determination is already in you. You just have to bring it out and use it. When you determine to do something important, something worth working for, you find that courage is inside yourself. At first you mightn't feel like anything is happening. This is the time to keep going. As you do this, it gets a little more difficult. Don't give up! Reach inside yourself and grab hold of that tough resolute part of you that will keep you moving forward. Then bingo! One day you will wake up and realize you did it. You have won your prize.

  • captain do you see a move in the near future keep getting same card signifying a move but just moved in aug hoping not could it just be that I learned to let go????

  • Hi Captain... can you do a reading for Monica .. do you see a change in her love life? Thanks In advance

  • Changes5, can you pose your question like I suggested in my original post because the cards cannot give you a yes or no answer?

  • Livingadream, ditto, the cards cannot give a yes or no answer.

  • Hello Captain,

    I would like to know what your cards say about the situation between me and R.

    Thank you!


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