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  • Captain,

    Thanks, The cards seem to work pretty well, lol. I don't think i have tried to listen to my intuition or other feelings i have because i don't want to cause harm to anyone or myself. Also from fear of being wrong. I do not want to bring harm to anyone like that. Bad Karma would come back to bite me in the *** and that is never good. Seems i need to do some soul searching of myself. Thank you for reading, you always seem to hit the nail on the head. Bless you.

  • TheCaptain, thank you, it is also what i am feeling right now, good suggestions. TheCaptain, could you tell me please this outcome is like final result (no matter what i do, even if we will be for some time together the final anyway is this card) or this is only the outcome for a certain time-frame?

  • Marishkaa, it is the final result or outcome of the relationship.

  • Hi Captain,

    Thank you for the reading. However, I don't feel is I can relate too. In fact I feel i am in the best place I could be in my life. I got my power back with my marriage, which I hated for soo long. I am able to divorce him now and it feels great i can, lastly. I already feel like I have achieved a lot in life in the professional aspect too. The only struggle i have right now is finding this dream job. I wonder why I got this bad card.

    I believe there are some opposing powers that go against my spirit in finding a job, because, there is a part of me that don't like working for others, unless this others are very close friends or family to me or the job is the best think I want. I also hate having the stress to wake up at 7 to run to work. I am a very independent soul and feel like doing something on my pace that isn't stressful and lets me enjoy my life too. It is a scared me that doesn't want to work out of home, but right now I need security, and I need to face my life alone and finding a job, which I believe I am working hard for, it shouldn't be so difficult.

    Could you please draw another card for this ?

    Thanks a lot! B

  • It i s already sad((( TheCaptain, may i also ask the last question - What is the lesson or purpose of meeting this friend?

  • Breze1, you said you were 'struggling' to find a job and that it was 'difficult'. If you think of yourself negatively like that - that job-hunting is a difficult struggle - then so it will be. Victims struggle, victors get what they want easily. That is what the card was saying - negativity is holding you back from what you want. If you instead tell yourself that the job search is a 'breeze' and that the best and most perfect job is right there now for you to find, then so it will be. And put away any agenda or strict conditions (like not working for strangers or getting up early) you might have for this perfect job - just ask and let the angels and guides take you to the best possible position for you. Don't assume you know what's best for you. What you think you want might not be in your best interests overall..

  • Marishkaa, the lesson is pretty obvious. It's to help you become more discerning and intuitive about other people and to know yourself so well that you can pick exactly the right partner for you.

  • Hi captain!

    I have a question...

    What do I need to do to improve my chances of having another child?

  • HI Captain, I would like a reading from you please. What does the near future hold for me and my boyfriend? Will things improve between us? Thanks

  • TheCaptain, thank you, It sounds encouraging!

  • Thank you Captain, sorry for the delong but I have been away from the forum, I really thought that I would get the anxiety and fear cards instead of what I did,,lol.

    I’ve been suffering from pains that no one know what it is, where they are coming from, I think is a pinch nerve that is attacking my left side: ear, neck, arm and back, my mind keeps telling me to exercise but my body doesn’t want to, cuz his so tired and in pain, I’ve been like this for almost 7 months with no improvement and spending loads of money on docs and when my pain grow my anxiety levels grow too and I have to take the damn anxiety pill. Im doing physiotherapy too to try to help my muscles to get in place, they keep getting inflamed but what really bothers me it’s the burning sensation on my head on the left side and my arms getting so numb, this really cripples me, as u know we all need to work and this is not letting me live my life. I know its not anything serious but its sum that needs a lot of work and I do not know where to start from.

    Thank u for your wisdom, it meant a lot but as always Im a bit lost on what direction to take, so fed up with myself and I feel Im pushing my friends away too.

  • Bkrispy, your card is The Card of Jealousy/Envy, Bitterness, Resentment, and Ingratitude

    Ultimately good cannot come out of negativity so for the success of this situation to occur, you need to expunge any feelings of envy, jealousy, bitterness, or ingratitude you might feel towards other people who have what you don’t have or have done what you cannot. Jealousy and envy come from not feeling good enough. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else at this time nor resent others for not being sympathetic or helping you. They might not understand what you are going through. Any bad feelings you are carrying inside create an environment of negativity in your body and only bring about illness, stress or dis-ease. They create rancour and bile which can eat away at your health. Healing requires positivity and an attitude of gratitude for what you have already been given. If you dwell on what you don’t have or what has been taken away from you, then you enforce in your mind the idea that nothing good ever happens to you. And what we think becomes real. Do not begrudge others their good fortune - instead believe that it will come to you to when the time - and your attitude - is right. Ask yourself some difficult questions. When you think about what you don’t have, what would be enough to make you feel happier? How much of what you want would it take for you to feel fulfilled and satisfied - are you perhaps a bottomless pit? Is it a material possession, a person, or a feeling that will make you feel better? Is what you want a substitute for something you never had or don’t feel in your life or felt in childhood? How much time do you spend asking yourself how you can use your skills, abilities and God-given gifts to create a life that is satisfying? How much time do you spend lamenting what you don't have and how you feel put upon? You can control what is in your mind, your heart and in your actions to change this perceptual imbalance. Focus on the talents you have, the people in your life, the opportunities that are before you. Spend enough time thinking about it every day, so that it outweighs the amount of time you spend thinking about the negatives. This card is a message about not giving up hope - your cause is not lost, it just got buried under the weight of your fears and doubts. You can turn this situation around by turning your attitude around.

  • Aprilca, your card is The Card of Materialism, Greed, Lust, and Possessiveness.

    This situation is one where mercenary materialism and negative feelings will become apparent sooner or later. Materialism is the belief that physical well-being and worldly possessions are what counts in life, more than love or spirituality or people. Other earthly desires like lust, possessiveness and greed are going to make this situation a lot more complicated for all concerned. Someone may begin hoarding possessions or affection and may not be willing to share either. Materialism assigns value to objects, activities, and even people according to how much they cost. Possessiveness desires to hold on to what it considers its ‘property’. When someone starts treating other people like possessions, the situation will go downhill fast. Nobody ‘owns’ anyone else. People aren’t pieces of furniture. Unhealthy relationship beliefs and behaviours are inclined to have a ‘claiming’ mentality. There’s a level of arrogance involved with this along with some ego issues that suggest that someone’s self-esteem is founded on the ability to amass ‘property’ and access it for validation or to avail themselves of goods at their disposal … even if they don’t treat the ‘property’ right. Of course, this territorial sense of ownership is largely about control – “I touch it, I own it. Someone else wants you, I’m now interested, I have to own you.” The person feels territorial, but what they don’t seem to feel and demonstrate is love, care, trust, and respect. They want to own their partner but they don’t want to truly value them, they never step up and treat the partner right. After a while, they make enough claims on the other person that they feel confident that they’re in no true danger of losing them. This is when their efforts at maintaining a successful relationship get feebler and lazier. Whenever there is a sense of ownership, or someone in not being treated as a valuable, worthwhile person, it is not a mutual relationship, and the possessive or materialistic partner is definitely not ‘the one’. Control - including jealousy and possessiveness - isn’t love; it’s control. And the only way out then is to get out!

  • Mariapisces, what does your gut instinct tell you is wrong?

  • Well Cap that’s a pretty darn question, but to be honest my gut tells me its something to do with my muscles/nerves and nervous system and the heat I feel in my head is related to a rhino-sinus I developed, did reiki a while ago and all the signs pointed to my nerves and muscles that are located in the neck, the reikian girl pointed out all my probs, she said I have a hypothyroidism prob for the rest of my life, that the worst is gone, that I need to be careful about vaginal infections, need to drink more water and have my ph balanced, that’s why I have stupid infections, that I need to work out in my flexibility, back probs and circulatory system, other than that, Im pretty healthy and I do believe in her cuz I felt it.

    But my gut also tells me that sum of this happened cuz I was feeling pretty sad, with no joy for living and that this also have sum to do with not accepting my path, who I am. Maybe that’s why no matter what I do or who I look for to help me it doesn’t help, cuz its not in their hands its in mine.

  • Mariapisces, a good way to balance out your ph (if you cannot eat enough fruit and veg to do it) is to take half a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda (also called baking soda) and a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water - with a squeeze of lemon for taste - 3 times a day, at least an hour after meals. I have done so for the past four years and my health is fantastic. It neutralizes the excess acidity in your body which is responsible for so much illness and, they say, even things like premature aging. Consult your doctor about taking bicarb if you have high blood pressure or a weak heart.

  • Captain,

    Can you please give me some insight into my love life?

    Thanks, sadsag

  • Hey there, Captain!

    I'm pretty torn on what to ask, but I guess I'll go with the one that is of more immediate concern:

    Can you give me any career advice for my new job?



  • Captain,

    I agree with you most of the times in readings, and very much appreciate your unconditional support... but on the other hand I have noticed over time that you never doubt that your reading might be not correct all the time, which i believe can happen...for many different reason, like for example picking someone else's vibes or smth else. The cart you picked for me was not related to me, and is no way you can convince me in this !

    still appreciate your time and effort

    Best, B

  • advice wise I agree with you, but the card is not like for me. 🙂

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