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  • Magickal, your card is The Card of Revenge and Retribution

    This is a situation where a desire for vengeance or retribution - to ‘get even’ for some real or imagined slight - is souring a relationship, causing separation, and inhibiting the need to move on. It may be justified by the vengeful person as a need for justice or catharsis but, in the end, they just want someone to suffer as badly as they themselves have been suffering. Revenge is often prompted by a need to regain lost power, status, or authority, with anger or shame being the underlying emotion. Hurt people hurt others. The other person or people involved may be guilty of inflicting the hurt deliberately (as in bullying) - or innocent, as in they get more attention or love or honours or rewards from other people/life than the aggrieved person feels he/she does. But a desire for revenge hurts the person who carries it in their heart physically and emotionally more than it does anyone else. The desire for revenge is an intense powerful energy, but it comes at a price. If a person can't get rid of the desire or channel it into some other area or project, they may not be able to reach their goals or live a normal life because they are so drained by it. They often don’t realize the effect it has on them and will blame other people/circumstances instead. Instead of helping someone move on with their life, revenge can leave them dwelling on the situation and remaining unhappy. Vengeful people may be either quite open and direct: they don’t like you, and you definitely know that they don’t like you. Others, however, are more cowardly/stealthy opponents, and they avoid direct confrontation. These sneaky characters specialize in pointed remarks, subtle challenges, cold shoulders, and disparaging comments, or trying to turn others against you and going behind your back. To convert a vengeful adversary, you must first examine your own actions to see what might have triggered their resentment. If you have no clue, then try the direct, problem-solving approach. For this to work, you must be sincere in your desire to improve the relationship. Such a discussion could begins thus: “I don’t think that our relationship is going very well, and I’m not sure what’s causing the problem. I'd like to see if we could figure out how to improve things. What do you think about the situation?” Several things might happen next: your adversary may describe the problem as they see it, tell you to go to heck, or they may wimp out by saying that no problem exists. Whatever the reaction, you must remain non-defensive and calmly persist until you understand your adversary’s point of view. Then you might suggest what you yourself might do differently in the future. You might even be able to offer recompense or help of some kind if you have offended out of ignorance. After demonstrating your own willingness to change, you should be able to make reasonable requests of the other party. However, if your vengeful adversary is not a rational person, forget about problem solving - just focus on containment. Don't antagonize your opponent, but watch your back. Hopefully in time they will work through this immature behaviour or suffer the subsequent health consequences and life failures of all that built-up bile.

  • Hi Captain,

    All the very best with your new adventure ...

    Would love to ask a question also, thank you so much for offering. Now, which one question to choose????????????

    Back in a minnie ... need to review your sample question ...

    Angel Hugs,

    Icearia x

  • Back ...

    May I please have some insight into my life? Though, what I really want to ask is "what's next?"

    Angel Hugs & Blessings to you on your creation,

    Icearia x x x

  • Hello Captain,

    You said it right. I already know how it is and how vindictive she is. Just curious what the cards say. Also, I forgot to mention that she is not speaking to our brother. With my sister Rachel you say something wrong that she thinks is very wrong to her she will just stop speaking to you. She had this problem with our sister & brother and now me. She always says over my dead body. My brother has said if thats the way she thinks it is, so be it I will leave her be. Its sad that it has come down to this but I have done a lot for her and I know if I talk to her she will say "I know I'm always right!" I'm hurt but not guilty.I just leave it to my prayers now. So I guess this case will be que sera sera.

    Many thanks and countless blessings to you & loved ones

  • Dear Captain,

    Your insight and wisdom is much appreciated.

    Thanks so much,


  • Icearia, your card is The Card of Assertiveness, Equality, and Proactiveness.

    This is a situation that requires assertiveness and a proactive approach. Do not rely on what others, even professionals or family, are advising you to do. You must trust your own intuition, your gut instincts, here. Don’t back down if you are not satisfied with the response of others. Don’t let anybody force you to do what you don’t want to do, and don’t automatically accept what you are told without question. Ask for more time if you need to make a decision. Don’t be rushed or pushed or told you are wrong/stupid/ill informed. Go over heads if necessary. Maintain a sense of equality and don’t feel any lack of confidence in your own capabilities. Assert yourself - do research or talk to other people with the same issue if it gives you more confidence and certainty. Stick to your guns. Get control. Fight back if necessary. Being proactive actually strengthens both your mind and body. You have as much right to question and to demand fair treatment as anyone. Don’t put your fate in the hands of others - take charge of your own life. Reject negative beliefs that don’t contribute to your welfare or state of mind. Make necessary beneficial changes to your life and avoid toxic situations if possible, unless you need to assert yourself to regain control. Cut back on stress and fill your mind with loving peaceful thoughts. Do what YOU know is right for you and do what you want to do!

  • Good day, TheCaptain! Thank you for the opportunity to ask.

    My question is "What do I need to know about my communication/relationship with him?

  • Thanks for your insight, Captain ... grateful and appreciative.

    Wishing you abundance and blessings,

    Icey x

  • Thanks for the reading, Captain. It's given me a lot to think about. There are definitely factors that I haven't taken into consideration about why I haven't finished college yet. It's time to take a good look at the direction things are going in.

  • Marishkaa, who is the 'him'? You need to be more specific - not a name but if he is a boyfriend, boss, friend etc. Otherwise it may confuse the cards.

  • Sorry, TheCaptain. What do I need to know about my communication/relationship with my friend M.?

  • Mariskaa, your card is The Card of Negativity and Darkness

    Here the situation concerns the nature of negativity. Negative people are negative because they lack love, positivity, and a correct interpretation of reality. A lot of times, their negative behaviour is a barrier they erect to protect themselves from the harshness of life. Either negativity has touched you, is around you in the world, or you are facing your own inner darkness. We all must process our inner darkness at some point on the evolutionary journey - and almost certainly many times in this or former lives. It's an ongoing process. The key is to go fearlessly into the heart of it, not to deny it but to let it wash over you...for you cannot understand the light without exploring the darkness. To know and understand something is to know what it is not. Both paths - light and dark - lead to learning and growth. When negativity comes to you, the way through is not to judge or resist or reject it - otherwise you are feeding your fear, non-acceptance and criticalness, and possibly increasing your pain and suffering. If negativity is getting to you, you are getting lost in it and are therefore being defined by it. Dwelling on the negative simply adds to its power. Instead, observe it, let it pass through you to discover why it is happening, why it is having such an effect, and what is the outcome that you are either needing or resisting. It then will have served its purpose and no longer needs to be there. It is released and vanishes, leaving only a divine lesson behind. In the case of excessive emotional release, for example anger, hatred, or fear, the lesson could be about bringing the centre of your attention into the heart and holding the negative energy within your energy field, as unpleasant as it may be. Holding that energy without immediate release can help dissolve the attachment to it. In which case, a good part of the denseness may then simply ebb away. When a negative emotion arises, try saying, 'Hello, Anger/Fear/Hate (or whatever), what do you want to show me?' And then listen, and let it take you wherever it wants. If negativity is touching you through other people, if you cannot just avoid or ignore them, then you have to deal with them. Don't engage in any negative behaviour in reaction to them, but confront them calmly to establish boundaries of respect and personal ethics, and the consequences of crossing those boundaries. Showing others you do not accept their negativity and standing up to them is important for your own self-respect and growth.

  • Hi Captain,

    I am on the way of my divorce, and happy with that choice and my professional achievements. However, I am struggling right now to find a job. What is standing in my way to finding my prefect job ? or what should I change from what/how am looking for a job, in order to get one.

    Thank you so much !! love B

  • Breze1, your card is The Card of Hate and Death

    In this situation, there is so much negativity and loathing involved that a ‘death’ is occurring - the death of the spirit. There is a giving-up, a death of hope. Who or what has caused you to hate your self, your life or your experiences so much that it is changing your nature from a positive into a negative one? The tragedy is not what is occurring in your life - which may indeed be a struggle to overcome - but that you are allowing it to destroy your spirit, the one thing that can bring you through hard times. You need to put yourself into a more objective place in order to understand why things are happening as they are. Instead of hating the lessons, look for clues to show you what your experiences are trying to tell you. Our lives only become full of painful events when we have continually ignored the messages, warnings, and signs our guides send us. “Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know“. If you feel trapped by a difficult situation that keeps re-appearing, no matter what you do, there are ways to break through, other than hating your life or losing your spirit. Firstly, be kind to yourself. You are not being punished for being bad so don’t beat yourself up over it. It isn’t helpful, and it only adds misery to an already-miserable situation. Be honest - take some responsibility for your part in what has happened. If you can do this, then change is possible. Be curious - do you recognize this pattern from your history? From elsewhere in your life? What happens? How does it start? What hooks you in? Be aware - try and catch yourself when you find yourself in a similar situation. When something starts hooking you in, notice, “Ah, here I am again!” Be experimental - try behaving differently from the way you usually behave in such a situation. If you usually react by retreating, for example, try fighting back or standing up for yourself. If you usually passively accept someone’s decision or life’s circumstances, be assertive and demand more or better. Be grateful too - if you can find a way to learn something from what is happening, then your life will change for the better. None of us like learning lessons about ourselves. None of us like to be wrong, or to acknowledge a part of ourselves that is flawed or frightened. This is why our lessons have to keep coming back over and over again. Until you’ve found pain, you won’t find the cure.

  • TheCaptain, thank you. I think all this description fits to me. Lots of negative emotions i feel right now. But may i also ask the second card, please?

  • Hi Captain,

    Thanks for the chance to ask you. Would like to know how I can improve my intuition? I seem to pick up most of the time what someone is thinking or planning to do but would really love to be better with it.


  • Marishkaa, what is your second question? You need to be specific.

  • Witchywomen, your card is The Card of WHAT IS IT FOR?

    "This card asks you to examine your motives before proceeding. Have you thought this whole idea or venture through? Why do you want this so much? What will happen if you don’t get/do it? Will you feel bad about yourself? Are you doing this to benefit yourself or for others? You must ensure your motives and intentions are completely pure and unselfish or else the situation will backfire on you and may even hurt the people around you. If you don’t know whether your motives are selfish or not, assume that they are selfish and you will be right a very high percentage of the time. Perhaps you want this in order to obtain more love, more money, more power, more status/admiration/glory, more acceptance/approval so as to fit in, to boost your ego, to harm/influence/mislead/misguide/take advantage/be better than/gain knowledge over others, to get back at someone, for your own entertainment because you‘re bored or curious, or just doing it for the sake of doing it, because everyone else is doing it and you think you should too? How can you ensure your motives are pure and unadulterated? This is the time to use your intuition, for emotion will only lead you astray. Like attracts like. Any negativity in your being will bring negativity back on you or weaken you. Only when you are sure that you want this thing for all the right reasons, should you go ahead with it. Get your head in the right place. You will have to be brutally honest with yourself for this to work out for the best. This card is not saying “don’t do it!” - it’s just asking that you use caution and fully evaluate your intentions before proceeding."

    From me: And you don't improve your intuition - you improve how you listen to it. We all have a very good working inner voice, but we just don't pay enough attention to it. You have to learn how to recognize your intuition when it speaks to you. Try asking it questions about people or situations and listen for the reply. It is a soft quiet sure voice that is very different from the 'loud' jangly voice of fear or doubt. Fear and doubt inspire anxiety, while intuition reassures and makes you feel stronger. You will soon get to know what intuition feels and sounds like - it just takes practice and much trial and error, but you will get there if you are determined.

  • TheCaptain, What do I need to do to achieve/improve my chances of having good and loving relationships with this friend? or it is better to leave it as it is.

  • Marishkaa, your card for the outcome of your relationship with your friend is The Card of Sadness, Depression, Desperation and Despair.

    This situation will lead to or may already have produced sadness, depression, grief or despair. There is pessimism and gloom, no light at the end of the dark tunnel. You feel desperate, and despair of ever being happy again. You must move on from this experience - as painful as it may be to let it go, it will be even more painful to stay with it. Traditional routes of therapy and even medication can be effective short term solutions and should definitely be considered if depression or pain is disrupting your life. But painful feelings can only be released when they are faced, not ignored or pushed away. Brooding over a situation does not help improve it. Depression robs you of the ability to enjoy life. The only way out is through. People create suffering through the beliefs in their mind. What might you have misconstrued or imagined wrongly in this situation? Whatever you get yourself into, you can also get yourself out of through facing reality. When something is really not working, you have to move on. Don't let fear or desperation drive you into making mistakes. Your emotions are not in charge of you; you are in charge of your emotions. You are the one who decides how you feel. Avoid ending up depressed or upset or left alone by making better decisions in all areas of your life. Don’t make important choices from emotion, but by trusting your gut instincts, your intuition. Don't make impulsive decisions about other people - get to know them well and be objective Believe you deserve the best. Being positive is vital to breaking out of emotional ruts. Become aware of those times you dwell on the negatives in your life – both real or imagined – and stop them. It takes work and persistence but if you constantly tell yourself to ‘stop it’ when you start to brood over what you don’t have, then you are building a positive habit that will change your life for the better.

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