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  • TheTransformed, your card is The Card of Exploitation or Manipulation

    There is a situation wherein someone is being or will be manipulative, exploitative, even perhaps bullying, in a subtle or non-subtle way or else they are being manipulated themselves. Be aware and alert for such behaviour. There is selfishness and ego involved, someone is only out for themselves and what profit or glory they can make out of the situation. The manipulator has no great regard for anyone else‘s feelings. Consider whether you are allowing this behaviour out of fear, ignorance, or love. One must be honest with oneself in such a situation and accept that such behaviour will continue unless it is recognized and checked, either by the manipulated person standing up to the manipulator to achieve better conditions and equality or by walking away after assessing that the relationship is not worth the high cost to happiness and self-esteem.

  • What an awesome idea Capt!!!

    With to much going on the last couple of months I feel scattered and feel I lost my way. What is the best way to find my path?

  • Hi Captain!

    Thank you! What more can you tell me about this scenario? I'm trying to determine who/what represents this situation and is there any correlation to my original question?

    Thank you so much for the insight!


  • Captain, thank you so much for the insight! Your words revealed some of the thoughts I've had about my situation. I have felt that I have left reality behind and have been living in a fantasy of my own creation. Thank you for shedding light on this!

  • it's astonishing how accurate your readings are Captain.

    i've been thinking about changing my job for over a year now. i should be honest to myself and admit that have not been doing all i could or should to push things further. Leaving your comfort zone, which when you look closer is not comfor(able) at all, can be scary. It seems safer to stick to what you already know even if you feel it does not serve you. So yes, i would say that inflexibility, defensiveness and resistance are perfect to describe me with reference to changes in my career. But i am taking some small steps:) (the new skills i mentioned before). Thank you Captain.:)

    if you don't mind i'll ask one more question... how can i improve my ability to attract the right man into my life?

  • Shadowmist, your card is The Card of Order, Organization, and Plain Common Sense.

    This situation is one that will respond to order, organization and rationality. If you have become ungrounded or disorganized lately, you must ‘earth’ yourself by applying some good old common sense to your issues. Get your life back in order by bringing in more stability and by slowing yourself down. Cleanse yourself spiritually, emotionally, and mentally through grounding. Ground yourself by seeking out some quiet private time to meditate, care for yourself, and steady your thoughts (what unnecessary activities can you cut out or down?), do some exercise or any sort of body movement, eat sensible nutritional food (no sugar, caffeine, fat or empty calories, etc for a while), be out in nature, get more/better sleep, and separate yourself from any negativity, even from family and friends. Step back from your life and observe it with an objective eye - what practical advice would you give this person before you? Create a list of weekly goals you want to accomplish and stick to it. Organize your life by deciding which priorities are the most important and what really doesn’t matter. Most importantly, live from your truth and remember, your truth is not necessarily anyone else’s. You may have forgotten what is truly yours because others have demanded you live by their truth. On some level, you already know your own truth but have allowed it to ‘disappear‘ under the weight of your responsibilities or the demands of everyday routines. Make sure you have real fulfilment in your life and are not just satisfying other people’s needs. When you are happy and fulfilled, you are truly connected to your self and your life purpose.

  • TheTransformed, you asked for more information. Your second card is The Card of Passion, Enthusiasm, Initiative, and Leadership.

    The situation requires that it be injected with passion and enthusiasm, and that you take charge of it by setting the right level of positivity. Passion can’t be found in your head because it lives in your heart. So get excited but stay aware of what is going on around you. You must take the lead here, use your initiative, especially if someone else has been trying to take control of your affairs or muscle into your business. Make sure you are following your real passion. You must do this your own way. But for enthusiasm to be effective, you must bear in mind that sometimes it has to be low key; people need to feel motivated by you, not cornered or smothered. Don’t be afraid to reveal your level of passion and excitement, just match it to your audience. When you show excitement, you give off energy and this attracts others to you because it shows that you are committed and that you care. Bring your full attention, your full presence, the Godlike quality that is in all of us, to your situation. Love what you do - don’t do it because you think it will bring you fame, or fortune or attention, status, etc. You must truly believe in what you do and who you are; let no one place doubts in your mind (especially not you) or sway you from your beliefs and goals. Let nothing and no one distract you from your path and purpose, your passion.

  • Moonalisa, your second card is The Card of Admiration, Goodwill, Appreciation and Gratitude.

    This situation calls for you to appreciate what you have and also to admire what other people have. Instead of comparing yourself to others or their achievements, look instead at the gifts you have been given. You may not be recognizing your own good fortune or capabilities, or even deprecating what you do for others. This is not a time for false modesty. You have been told by other people how good you are, yet you fail to appreciate its magnitude or influence. There are no big or little ways to live your life and serve others - it’s all good and it all matters. Just because what you are/do may receive no fame, reward or glory doesn’t mean it is not just as worthy as what others are/do. Simply being grateful and spreading goodwill and happiness by example may be the greatest and most loving gifts you can ever give to others. Being happy and grateful makes you into the most beautiful person, so attractive to others. Listen to your true authentic voice and not the ego. Your essential self is intimately connected with your creative self. Look at how and what you create in the world. When you truly ‘see’ and appreciate yourself, and envy no one, you will find all that you desire.

  • Hi Captain! My question is: Will I have the money to pay for my tuition? I currently owe close to $6000 and I'm worried I won't be able to pay it. I'm hoping I'll find the money somewhere so I can continue my studies. Thanks for your offer!

  • Mh83, the cards cannot give you a 'yes' or 'no' answer. Try one of the question types I suggested in my initial post.

  • Oh my stars Capt!! you nailed it. I have been trying to bring order and rationality to my life over the last few months, especially since I found out that my work hours will be cut & we will lose our ins benefits. My confidence & dreams have taken a very bad hit over the last few months and everyone around me wants me to do it their way and it just didn't seem to feel right; the people around me try & make me feel guilty and I have just given up since it seemed easier to keep the peace. So I will start making my list and get back to my truth. I will keep you posted

    Thank you Capt you are AWESOME!!!!

  • Hello Captain,

    My question is "What do I need to know about my marriage?"



  • Hello Captain,

    I'm still wondering about my sister Rachel & I who had a fallen out and had not spoken for quite awhile now. I'd like to know if she will ever contact me again. She had a fallen out with our other sister and she did not contact her instead my other sister knowing how vindictive she is decided to make the first move and talk to her again. Well in my case I 'm curious otherwise que sera sera.

    Many thanks & blessings

  • Thank you Captain:)

  • Sorry my question wasn't in the right format. What insight can you give about what I need to do to finally finish college? Thanks!

  • Magickal, the cards cannot give you a 'yes' or 'no' answer. Can you use one of the question types I suggested in my initial post to phrase your request please?

  • Mh83, your card is The Card of Incompleteness, Mistakes, and Carelessness.

    There is some form of carelessness, incompleteness or mistake involved here, or some unfinished business where something has not been completed or brought to its fullest and most satisfying conclusion. Some lesson may not have been learnt, not enough application and focus may have been applied, a relationship may have been broken, a promise forgotten, people may have been hurt or let down, or severe consequences may have resulted from incompetence or ignorance. The situation may involve some issue in the present that will affect the future or it may be a hold-over from the past that is still affecting the present. A careful reconsideration of the situation is called for to find out where mistakes were made and how they can be corrected, and whether a ‘debt’ needs to be paid or recompense/apologies made. Self-blame is not called for, simply taking responsibility and remembering the lesson in order to stop repeating the past will suffice. It may be that the facts/study/research must be checked more accurately, a job or project must be fully completed, or more care given to a situation or someone’s feelings. It may have been yourself who was the victim of someone’s carelessness or inefficiency, and so only forgiveness will allow for completion of the situation. You will need to go back over the situation to look for errors or places where you have not been given proper information or guidance.

  • Sharon62, your card is The Card of Precision, Efficiency, and Objectivity

    This is a situation where a cool head and calm mind must be applied in order to find a resolution. Emotion cannot help here - it will only prolong the misery. You must employ strict efficiency and objectivity in your search for answers and direction. Facing the cold hard facts of the situation will help you prevail where emotion cannot. Weigh up all the pros and cons to discern your next step. Any communication must be kept precise and impassive - make your meaning clear without being confused by feelings. A structure for making decisions leading to empowerment can only be implemented through calm and unemotional responses. Do not be swayed from your course by other people’s emotions, either. It doesn’t mean however that you have to turn into a robot to be capable of making decisions that are completely devoid of feeling. You can, however, learn to identify when your emotions are negatively impacting your ability to make rational decisions, and remove them from the equation.

  • Hello Captain,

    Here it is, Can you give me an insight into my trouble relationship with my sister Rachel.

    Thank you & blessings

  • Most appreciated!

    Thank you TheCaptain!

    Light & Love,


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