One Question Readings

  • I am designing my own deck of cards so I would appreciate some practice with it to see how it works or if I need to change anything. I wouldn't call them tarot cards, more advice or wisdom cards, because there is no symbolism or story involved, and no interpretation on the part of the reader is necessary (so anyone can use them). Hopefully the cards are self explanatory. I have tried to keep the messages simple and clear. If the one answer you receive is not clear or you need more info, then I can pull another one. Remember I am just testing the cards to see if they work OK.

    Recommended types of questions -

    "Can you give me insight into ..."

    " What do I need to understand about ..."

    "What is the meaning of ..."

    "What is the lesson or purpose of ..."

    "What are the circumstances underlying ..."

    "How can I improve my chances of ..."

    "What do I need to know about… ?"

    "What do I need to do to achieve/improve my chances of…?"

    "What is standing in the way and how can I best overcome this?"

    "How can I improve my ability to…?"

    "What do I need to change in order to…?"

    So ask away!

  • Hi Captain,

    I would appreciate if you could give a reading?

    Can you give me insight of my love life? Everything seams confusing.

    Thank you.

  • Gino26, your card is the Card of Limitation and Stagnation

    There is a situation of excessive stagnation or self-restriction here. Due to fear, the ‘dam’ has become blocked up and no energy influx or movement is possible. Fear has created indecisiveness that has led to stagnation. All negative belief in limitation must be replaced by positivity and the belief in endless possibility. The resolution to stagnation is movement, action - do something, anything. Take a chance, step outside your comfort zone, approach the situation from a different angle, do something you wouldn’t normally do - but do not allow fear to keep you in the same spot. Failure results not from making mistakes, but by doing nothing.

  • Hi Captain you are right. Fear of being lonely is causing all the confusion. Im currently seeing a man for two years now and my question to him was (it just came out of the blue without me thinking to ask the question. I did it spontaneously) question was 'have you considered us living together"? He replied after me pushing for an answer "idont know, im not ready yet".I know that he likes me or he loves me as he has said but i think with the reading you did for me, its time to step up and play a bit hard. One more question if can ask? What do i need to know about this situation? Thank you.

  • Gino26, your card is the Card of Exploitation and Manipulation

    There is a situation where someone is being manipulative, even perhaps bullying, in a subtle or non-subtle way. There is selfish exploitative behaviour here, someone is only out for themselves and has no great regard for anyone else‘s feelings. Consider whether you are allowing this behaviour out of fear. One must be honest with oneself in such a situation and accept that such behaviour will continue unless it is recognized and checked, either by the manipulated person standing up to the manipulator to achieve better conditions and equality or by walking away after assessing that the relationship is not worth the high cost to happiness and self-esteem.

  • Thank you captain for the reading. All this is very over welming for me at the moment. I feel depressed and used. I really don't know to handle this situation. Thank you again for your help.

  • Gino26, I feel this man will appreciate your honesty if you tell him exactly how unhappy you are, though he likes his partners to obey him and to do what he wants. You don't have to always be the sensible one - get angry and let him know you aren't satisfied with the arrangement. You cannot go on in the same way. Unhappiness is not a good substitute for being alone. Your feelings, needs and wants are as important to consider as your partner's.

  • Thank you captain. I will let him now and I'll try to be happy too. I will let you know about the outcome. Thank you so much for your help. Effie

  • Hi Captain,

    I have quite the question:

    What do I need to understand about the last year’s events surrounding the lives of my children and me? August 2012, I was in a terrible motor vehicle accident that I only survived due to the help of the Angels and still recovering. Two weeks ago, my children’s father was struck and killed by a speeding police vehicle while crossing a street here in town. We weren’t together, and I had started seriously talking with someone else who seems to be what I have been searching for, and planned to be together for a visit (he lives in another state). In light of what has happened to the kids’ dad, that is definitely not happening right now. I am having a hard time wrapping my head around these events and how this is affecting my kids and me. Is there some meaning or warning to all this that I am missing? ?i would appreciate whatever insight you give.

    Thanks, Captain. 🙂


  • Hi Captain

    So nice of you to do this, my question is:What do I need to know about my health?

    Thank you

  • Hi Captain,

    Thanks for the offer of a reading. My question is regarding my finances. Is there anything else I can do to change them and do you see an improvement coming? The struggle has been ongoing no matter how I think, what changes I make or direction I take. I would like to continue my service to others but also need to pay the rent!

    Thank you and bless you!


  • Hello Captain, my question is 'what do i need to know about my career?'... currently i'm having a break from what i had been doing for quite some time and am trying to acquire new skills (something completely different), don't know yet if it'll be of any use for me in the future but will hopefully increase my chances on the job market.

  • Hello Captain! Can you please give me insight on my love life? Thank you for your kind and generous offer!

  • Sunshine7959, your card is The Card of Fear and Anxiety.

    This is a situation that has inspired much fear, holding back, or avoiding conflict. But the single greatest way to combat fear is by doing what you fear, not by hiding away or putting your life on hold. You best cheat fear by living well. No experience we ever have is meant as a punishment, but a way for us to learn, grow, and move on. Everything happens as it is meant to. Believe you are safe and loved. Stop analysing your situation and waiting for more information. Take a leap of faith instead. If you fear the past repeating itself, find the pattern or recurring habit and break it. Chances are that what you fear is only an illusion and may never happen, and all the stress and anxiety isn’t worth it. Or, instead of running away from the disastrous outcome you may be fearing, examine it and then say “So what if this or that happens? I could do this and that about it. It won’t be the end of the world. I will survive because I am stronger and wiser for my experiences.” Reduce the fear until it is manageable. Let the worry exist, but not be in control of you. Don’t take direction from it or stop moving forward because of it.

  • Mariapisces, your card is The Card of Assertiveness, Equality, and Proactiveness

    This is a situation that requires assertiveness and a proactive approach. Do not rely on what others, even professionals or family, are advising you to do. You must trust your own intuition, your gut instincts, here. Don’t back down if you are not satisfied with the response of others. Don’t let anybody force you to do what you don’t want to do, and don’t automatically accept what you are told without question. Ask for more time if you need to make a decision. Don’t be rushed or pushed or told you are wrong/stupid/ill informed. Go over heads if necessary. Maintain a sense of equality and don’t feel any lack of confidence in your own capabilities. Assert yourself - do research or talk to other people with the same issue if it gives you more confidence and certainty. Stick to your guns. Get control. Fight back if necessary. Being proactive actually strengthens both your mind and body. You have as much right to question and to demand fair treatment as anyone. Don’t put your fate in the hands of others - take charge of your own life. Reject negative beliefs that don’t contribute to your welfare or state of mind. Make necessary beneficial changes to your life and avoid toxic situations if possible, unless you need to assert yourself to regain control. Cut back on stress and fill your mind with loving peaceful thoughts. Do what YOU know is right for you and do what you want to do!

  • LibraLuli, your card is The Card of Prosperity, Abundance, and Triumph

    The situation requires a belief in prosperity and abundance, and a triumph over negative thinking about wealth. You don’t have to be wealthy to attract wealth but you do have to feel prosperous. Energy attracts like energy. The Universe wants us to be abundant and rich. It doesn’t want us to suffer. Prosperity is our divine state of being, and when we are our divine selves, we feel prosperous. Yet prosperity is about more than just money and possessions. It is about a richness of spirit, an abundance of joy, a lucky heart. When you feel prosperous inside, you can lose all material possessions and still feel happy. Wealth or the lack of it does not define you as a person or make you worthy. But if you don’t feel rich inside, no amount of money and ‘stuff’ will make you feel better or more secure. It cannot make you feel safe if fear lives inside you. Examine your belief system for feelings of lack or fears of losing everything. As you become more willing to lose everything, you will appreciate what you have. This combination of accumulation and appreciation will create a profound feeling of abundance. This sense of abundance then creates a prosperity consciousness that creates more prosperity. Think about how much you can help others who are struggling with a poverty consciousness by expressing abundance and prosperity yourself, and by spreading the wealth around. Yet a prosperous life doesn’t mean having a lot of money only. If you want to be truly prosperous, you have to transform your mind-set in a major way. You have to think about abundance rather than thinking about lack of it. You have to shift a lot of levels higher in all spheres of your life. Don’t be afraid to be lucky, and to have an abundance of love, happiness, wealth, good friends, good times in your life. Believe you deserve it. And yet don't cling to it either, for everything can be taken away in a heartbeat. Simply live in the moment, grateful for all that you have.

  • Moonalisa, sounds like you are on the right track!

    Your card is The Card of Inflexibility, Defensiveness, and Resistance.

    In this situation, there is some sort of inflexibility, an inappropriate stubbornness or defensiveness, an unwillingness to step out of a rut or change direction. The person involved in some way has grown ‘old’ and afraid in their mind/heart, or unable to change, or to see other people’s points of view or other ways of living. Since it is advisable to bend rather than to break, the inflexible person must revise all attitudes that may be causing problems. If it is you, you must reset your brain and consider possibilities that you may not ever have thought about. You have to explore many and varied opportunities and not stay stuck in the same spot. You may consider you have done all that you can but you are not seeing all that is available to you, maybe because you don’t know yourself well enough or possess enough confidence in your own abilities. Assess yourself honestly or get someone else to do it - all your strengths and weaknesses and talents. And dare to dream. If there is something you always wanted to do but didn’t have the time/courage/talent/money, then do whatever you have to do - study, borrow, get help from others, cut back on some other activity, or whatever it takes - to follow your passion or at least some aspect of it. Don’t live your life in the wings - go out on the stage and take a chance. You might just surprise yourself. If you yourself are the recipient of inflexibility, you may need to walk away if there is chance of no compromise or unbending.

  • Captain,

    You are right. I have been quite afraid since that accident I was in. Afraid to drive again, particularly with my children, afraid to function because of some medical issues relating to that accident, and afraid to get involved with anyone else because of my track record with men. Overanalysis has always been a problem for me, wanting everything to be perfect and it never is.

    I will take your advice and work on neutralizing my fears and getting my life back.

    Thanks for the insight, sometimes it is hard to hear some things, but that’s why we ask for help.

    Thank you very much, THe Captain, I am on my way...



  • Scorpiette, your card is The Card of Fantasy and Escapism

    This situation involves a degree of fantasy and unreality. You may be fooling yourself or someone else is fooling you. Or perhaps you need to inject a more creative fun approach to your situation and stop being so serious or practical about it. Fantasies can be very pleasant and can help you get a handle on what you want, but equally they should not control your life. It’s fine to dream if it inspires you to manifest the dream in reality. But empty fantasizing without real action only results in isolation and dissatisfaction, ultimately. Fear is what is usually behind such a situation, the fear that the reality won’t be as good as the fantasy or that the dreamer may end up humiliated or dumped. And it is safer, though not nearly as satisfying or fulfilling as reality. In the fantasy world, a person can be the ruler and master and there is no rejection or embarrassment or awkwardness. When you dream, however, there is little or no chance of what you dream ever happening. But when you take a risk and go out into the real world, you increase your chances of success by 100%. A lot of energy goes into escapism - energy that could be used in the real world to get what you want. If you constantly waste your energy in fantasizing, then when a situation presents itself in real life, you may not have the energy to be aware and be present. It makes you ungrounded and unable to focus or find solutions. Don’t be afraid of failure. People who succeed are not those who try and fail but those who keep failing and yet keep getting up and trying again and again until they get what they want. It takes guts and determination but you have these qualities - and more - inside you. You have abundant imagination and creativity. These qualities are real and inside you, not a fantasy. You just have to bring them out and use them.

  • Hi Captain!

    What do I need to understand about my Spiritual gifts and my purpose for them??

    Thank you in advance for your light and energy!



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