ADVICE: Pisces man & Leo woman

  • I recently started seeing a Pisces man I met online. He had been texting me for a month before I finally went out with him. I was overwhelmed with my job and social obligations and just couldn't find the free time. We went on our first date 2 weeks ago and even though I was apprehensive about meeting him we had an instant connection. We saw each other another 2 times after that. We had incredibly deep conversations about our pasts and what our failed relationships were like and what we wanted out of life. Already I've been more open and honest with him than anyone else I've ever known. It's very refreshing but at the same time very scary to me to be so open and vulnerable with someone so easily so quickly. He has been saying one thing over and over that throws me. He keeps talking about me going out with other people. Not like "oh that guy is checking you out he probably wants to go out with you." It's more pushing me to seek out other guys. He once mentioned that he was going to update my online profile for me so I could get more responses. Is he pushing me away so I don't get attached or is he testing me? My response has been to just laugh these thing off and look at him like he's nuts. Another time we were out at a bar and he thought the girl bartender was interested in me and that I should try to go home with her (I've played both teams in the past). I laughed and said no. He asked why not and I said that I was too picky and I winked at him. He laughed and said fair enough. Of course he ended up coming home with me. 🙂 I haven't seen him at all this week and although we've texted they've been pretty brief and mostly initiated by me but with a day or two space in between. His response time has been much slower. I asked him to come with me to see my friend's band play Saturday night. He said maybe. He has a business dinner but would let me know. That first week he couldn't wait to see me and now I feel like he could care less. Am I reading too much into this? He's a March Pisces 1974 (don't know the date) and I'm an August Leo 1979. Is this typical Pisces behavior? Any advice on how to handle this? My head keeps telling me to let this whole thing go but my intuition keeps saying not yet and my intuition has never been wrong. Thoughts?

  • Shabby here. I would say that he was testing you and finds you a woman of the world, very Interesting to him, but he may have other ideals about his dream woman in mind. I would advise to invite him into your life as a friend. He will make a wonderful one, if he can keep an open mind with you.

  • Since you don't have the exact dates, only a generalization is possible.

    Leos tend to be much stronger and aggressive and much less emotional than Pisces and tend to lead the way and may even walk all over the more reserved moody Fish (cats eat fish, ha!). His jealous streak will hate her flirting with others, even if it's innocent. He can also be intimidated by her direct honest approach. He has trouble sharing his deepest wishes and desires and can suddenly dump her without explaining why. She is an extrovert while he is at heart an introvert. A Fish can be much more selfish than a generous loyal Lion, and they do lie a lot, and even cheat when they feel their freedom is being stifled. Fish are also very gullible people and it's often hard for them to trust. (So yes the girl at the bar was probably a test for you). The typical Pisces male is often pulled in two different directions and as such may lack determination at times. Pisces's changeability, fluidity, elusiveness, sensitivity and awareness of subtlety fascinates/frustrates Leo, who is a much more straightforward, uncomplicated creature. Their love languages are very opposite - Leo lady can feel ignored or neglected just when the Fish thinks he has been very loving. Pisces really needs to be loved and needed, while Leo wants and seeks admiration and lots of attention, so this may result in a conflict of interests. They are both very different creatures and it takes a lot of hard work, plus big changes of attitude, for a romantic relationship to succeed. These two signs generally make better friends than lovers.

    But of course this is only a very general comparison, and individual Fish and Lions might be able to make it work if a lot of patience and understanding is employed.

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