• Will I meet a new man or will I be reunited with the one I already love? His name is Rashad Haughton. He is the brother of the famous R&B singer Aaliyah. Her spirit contacted me four year ago. She died in a tragic plane accident.

  • Do you have a physical connection with this Rashad - is he aware of you?

  • Yes, He knows that I like him. I even met him last year in November, but things didn't work out because I had an exam a week later after he came to visit me. I have better time for him now and I have tried to tell him, but he doens't respond. I don't know what to do. I feels like I have been with him for three years.

  • Peace4everyone, you have to start living in reality and leave your fantasies behind. You haven't been in an actual relationship with this man, only in your mind. This man is not interested in you, so find someone who is. You won't meet anyone new and real until you stop dreaming. Or maybe that is it - perhaps fantasies are easier for you than real life?

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