Photo Healing

  • Hiya everyone,

    I was recently told that to speed up distance healing all I needed was a photo to hold my hand over to concentrate on and ask for healing and my guides would do the rest.

    Does anyone out there need some help? It will not always appear to help in this material plane as for some people it wil be their time to pass but even then it can help ease their passing even if it is not the outcome you always desire.

    Love and peace to you all


  • Are you thinking of doing this as a business? I think most people would feel nervous about sending pictures to a stranger. Although I think there is a thread here were someone does photo readings. I think healing prayers do not need a photo. Guides already know who you are praying for. If you feel YOU have healing gifts and want to use YOUR energy long distance than that is different and does take a psychic connection. You as a healer will be giving energy. Were as prayer in numbers creates healing energy no picture needed--- a healer has a gift of healing others by their own energy transfer---they also will absorb symptoms of the others energy. If you are not careful you can deplete yourself and take on sickness. Is this something new for you?

  • Hi blmoon,

    I thank you for your words of wisdom

    It is not healing prayers, and I have no intention of turning it into a business, it was just a further development that I wanted to experiment with as a medium recently told me I had the ability to just hold my hand over a picture and my guides would do the rest.

    I already have a large group of friends and family I spend time doing distance healing for and I was offering to include anyone in this community. The pictures do not need to be sent as they can be uploaded directly into the blog.

    I have been a member of this community for a number of years but have not been using it much in the last two years due to long distance travelling for work.

    The healing energy is not actually mine but channeled through me, but I am aware of picking up other negative energies theat can remain if I do not cleanse myself afterward and close the portal afterward.

    I have been doing it one way or another for 30 years but I am still in my infancy and I am embracing all avenues of development open to me

  • Hi! I know this isn't a great great picture, but I was hoping you and your guides could help me. Thanks!

  • The last picture didn't load. Hopefully, this one will.

  • Again, sorry for the quality.

  • Thank you, I will add you to my prayers

  • Thanks PiscesPiggy!

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