I had a capricorn Guy and wanted to move out reationship to the next level

  • I was dating a cap for 6 months .. and i wanted to take the realtionship to well exculsive .. and he wanted to be just friends still . I got very angry and told him off in a bad way . I really don't even know what happened to me i was so mean and it was so out of character for me . Needless to say he won't even talk to me accept any of my apologies . I am really not that girl but its bothering me so much . I keep hoping he will call and say he accepts my apology . has anyone made a capricorn guy that angry and if so did you ever become friends again . I would love to hear from Ya .

  • I'm married to Cap man. I told him off a few times when we were planning our wedding, but nothing happened we still got married. But he did want to get married, so in that part there was no problem. If your Cap doesn't want to go further than friends, don't rush him, they hate it. It won't do you good. With a Cap you need a lot of patience, they don't do anything fast and spontaneous when it comes to love. Astrologer said Caps female are vengeful, but I've seen males just the same. So if you really want to go further with this man, always choose your words and acts wisely or he might change to be the worst man you've ever met. Learn to channel your frustration somewhere else so that it doesn't ruin it. All you can do right now is wait. You can probably try meet him, unexpectedly I mean. G'luck

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