A very interesting dream and fact

  • this morning I dream I saw the name Redi sculpted somewhere on a soft stone. I start scratching the letter d and while I was doing it, a very old friend of mine, which was a classmate friend more than a close friend, (but now days we have connected through FB) comes around the stone criticizing me on what I was doing. I kind of apologized to her, saying that I didn't know it was hers.

    So this was all the dream I saw and I was confused what that dream meant for me. I am not very close to this person, is just such a random dream so I ignored it and forgot about it, untill this evening I see her post on FB saying happy birthday wishes to her son, Rei.

    I didn't know the name of her son until tonight from her post. I was totally shocked. In the dream I saw the name Redi, and I was scratching the d, without which the left portion would be Rei.

    Now I wonder what is my spirit trying to tell me ? 🙂

  • This is a dream from your own thoughts----a small negativity you brushed off. It has to do with being critical. The soft stone---represents being touchy. Either you or her are being careful because you really do not know each other---so one of you is censuring themselves a bit---not sure if you can be your total self---it is more likely to be you---somewhere in one of your conversations you may have thought to be careful not to be too critical or afraid of being judged---saying something wrong. Or perhaps when you were classmates you did not get too close because you feared she was too critical of others or not totally your kind. BLESSINGS!!

  • Thank You Blmoon !

    your explanation makes sense, however I was shocked to get her son's name in the dream ! I am am very connected to dreams and believe in what they tell me totally. But never happened to find the right names of people in there too 🙂

  • October is a very psychic month for dreams. It's when the veil is thinnest. It is the month of all souls day ---when certain cultures honored the dead. Catholics here still celebrate all souls day which morphed into Halloween.I always get lots of message dreams in October. Also, you may have gotten the name because Spirit wants you to trust your intuitions because they are for a reason and you are more intuitive than you realize.BLESSINGS!

  • Thank You Blmoon! I have a job interview tomorrow morning. Is the one that makes the definition of dream comes true to me. any advice ?

    Love, B

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