Hi Captain!

  • Hi again!

    Wanted to tell you that I got my latest liver blood tests and they are almost normal. The rest of my blood work looks great. I have finally moved on and got rid of a lot of worry and anger. I finally feel back to normal.

    I am going to finish my flight instructor certificate next month (assuming the government is back to work). After that, I will build time and see about the airlines. Do you have any insight about passing my test and the airlines? Things are finally going well here. How are you doing? All is will I hope.

    Thanks again for your insights! 🙂

  • I feel like you will pass, but that it may be a bit longer before you find work. But hang in there (which I know you know how to do) and you will eventually get what you want.

  • And yes my life is absolutely splendid, thank you for asking! 🙂

  • I am not too worried about finding a job. I give myself about 4-5 years of building time, then if I stay healthy, I will have a 20 year career. Not a bad life.

    I just have to decide whether to take my check-ride with the FAA or pay and take it with a private guy. The cheapskate in me says go with the free FAA test which is harder. Any suggestions? What a change of events from the prior years, dont you think? 😉 Before I was so worried about health and romance, now it is passing my test the first time. Kinda nice.

    Are you a torchwood fan?

  • Yes I feel the free FAA test is the one to try. Your life has certainly opened up now, hasn't it?

    I liked Torchwood to begin with but then it changed a lot and seemed to be more about Captain Jack's love life than anything else.

  • Life is truly amazing now and I never knew that before.

    Everyone fears the FAA tests as they have a high initial fail rate. I hope to pass the first time...with all the studying i am doing, I hope it works.

    I was thinking about either buying a plane and teaching after work or teaching at my club. Such discussions. Sure beats worrying about surgeries.

    Thanks again!

  • Well, I got my free FAA test setup for a week from Friday. As lomg as the weather is good and I get my skills up to speed, I should be done on Friday.

    I feel that things are finally going well again. Wife and I are finally doing well, and hope to have kids within a year. That said, do you forsee any medical issues with me? I feel good escept for some pain which can be scar tissue or muscles from running my half marathons. Thanks again!!!

  • Nothing serious for you in sight. 🙂

  • Great, thanks!

    I am so excited to hopefully finish my certificate next friday. I worked so hard and I hope to pass on the first go. I will let you know. Have a great day!

  • Hi Captain,

    I had to cut my training short for weather. I am a bit sad but I will go back the first week of Dec. I hope this time I can finish. Do you see that hapening?

    I saw a Lego set that was dr who and the tardus. i thought about you. hope you are well!

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