Need a reading for my job situation please !!

  • There are going to be some big changes and I am wondering where I stand?

  • Hi Livingadream,

    I took a look at these cards, see what you think:

    1.King of Wands and

    2. Queen of Swords

    This describes the situation, these are both repeating pattern cards. The King is trying to repeat a growing path patter, and the Queen crossing is trying to maintain a repeating foundation pattern of thinking. So the "matter' seems to be a Path + Thinking situation, and not really an Earth issue yet. I suspect it shows your own thoughts about the your path, you could feel like your mind is going in circles a little about this... "Oh, I wonder what's going to happen to me at work?"... "I am sure my job is fine"... and then 10 minutes later... "Oh, I wonder what's going to happen to me at work?"... "I am sure my job is fine"...

    3. Your aim in the matter. Strength card, so in general you are simply holding your ground about the situation, holding on, not making too many sudden moves at work. Like, keeping your stapler in the same spot on your desk... not letting the desk ever look too clea...

    4. The foundation of the matter is the King of Cups. So that is another repeating pattern, emotionally. So this is something you "own" in the reading, and shows a background or history. This isn't the first time you have had concerns about your job situation there. This is a sort of repeating pattern of concern perhaps.

    5. Past, something fading is the 4 of Pentacles. That is a basic, stable foundation of material life, in this reading it does seem to indicate a change of something recently related to the basis of the business. In some way the economic "foundation" of the business changed, or at least you have that feeling about it.

    6. Ahead is the Ace of Swords. That is simply a potential of thought in some way. A new idea, new thought coming away from the 4 Pentacles and King Wands/Queen Swords. I think you attain some clarity about the situation that dispels some anxiousness. Either new information, or you resolve something in your own thinking that breaks the Queen swords pattern and sets you on a simpler mental path (like, The Universe will always look out for me and whatever is best will be the result, blessed be... something like that).

    7. Self, your attitude is the 9 of Pentacles, so that seems to be a general view of material completion, fulfillment. Your mind could be surveying this matter from the point of view of what you have attained in your material life and you are not interested in seeing any of that completed effort be impacted by a job situation change.

    8. House, your environment, 6 of Swords. This could relate to the atmosphere at work, this looks pretty easy going really, calm and serene, the mental processes flowing along in social settings. So your general atmosphere related to this "around you" actually seems rather calm and okay.

    9. Hopes. Wheel of Fortune. The wheel is a "all things connected card" so your hope seems to be that all is connected, and a hope that the right "connected" part falls in the right place for you. Wheel is an interesting card to show up as a hope, I guess you could say you are "hoping things turn out okay for you."

    10. Outcome. 6 of Pentacles, that is a very nice, social material card of sharing and flow back and forth materially. This looks excellent as an outcome. Nothing in the reading looks alarming to me, it all looks like things are going to coast along for you just fine at work. And whatever the 4 pentacles issues was, doesn't seem to have you on its radar screen.

    I hope that helps, Livingadream!

    best wishes,


  • The Moon was your significator, and that can indicate some fears that are sometimes more the stuff of dreams.

  • WOW

    where do I start?..2. "Oh, I wonder what's going to happen to me at work?"... "I am sure my job is fine"... and then 10 minutes later... "Oh, I wonder what's going to happen to me at work?"... "I am sure my job is fine". That is surely what I have been say lately... our administration changes the rules in mid game so to speak so u never know what can happen but I follow all rules so in reality I should be ok.

    3. I have been staying under the radar for aspects of the job and making myself known in others, to prove that I have been placed in the right location. So yes that is correct also!

    4. U are correct its not so much about my job its more about my position, some with the dept are better and hold more esteem than others and I am at one of those positions and want to keep it.

    5.Although we recently received a small raise but at the same time the dept received a budget cut.

    6. OMG.. this one is really good, yes today at 5:00 I received some information that did put my mind at ease for now.

    7. Is another OMG moment.. just today I was thinking maybe I should look into doing something else, because I do not know how much longer I can ride this roller coaster...I thought about my financial situation, my assets and what losing my existing job could mean..

    8. Although the situations are still chaotic there are not being caused by the people who were making the job hard... in other words there is still craziness but its just about the job not the people, they have calmed down some so this is an accurate statement also.

    9. as of yesterday I felt like there was no hope for my situation to improve, but if I really look at it, as long as I have a job and paycheck.. I can make it work.

    10. Is very reassuring .

    Thanks for the awesome reading.. I am just amazed at how close it really is to what has been happening.. you are very gifted. Thank you so much for your time!! I will keep you posted..

    Someone is leaving and it is going to start a domino effect and that scares me.... but this reading is very reassuring!!

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