Captain, your insight please?

  • Hi Captain, I couldnt get a hold of my ex-bf. and it started to give me weird feeling - is he having some kind of legal problem? he's in financial services industry btw. It's just my hunch. I am worrying about him. your thought? Thanks!

  • I need his (recent) photo or birthdate in order to tune into his vibes.

  • birthdate is aug 10, 1967. thanks Captain!

  • Yes I feel he is worried about financial matters but he has trouble opening up about his feelings and is not likely to confide in you or anyone else about what is going on. he will get through this on his own. He still is having trouble dealing with the rejection he felt from you and wants to move away from you emotionally. You need to let him go.

  • I can relate to what you said, Captain! Guess I was overthinking but at the end of the day, its not my business or my place to worry. Thanks, Captain!

  • another question if you dont mind, Captain - Did my business partner Paul lie to me this morning? we were supposed to meet today, but he emailed me this early morning telling me he couldnt make it becuz of some emergency issue with his daughter.. I didnt buy it. but I didnt say anything. What u think Captain? Am I just being paranoid or did he lie to me? Thanks!

  • A little white lie only.

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