Clearing My Reputation

  • Hi! I'm concerned about some negative statements that a certain individual has made about me. I feel it has cost me some relationships and that has been very difficult for me. Why did this person do this? And is there any hope of restoring the lost relationships? Is it possible for me to clear my name? Thanks in advance for insight on this.

  • It is inevitable that their will be slander and or gossip from ones envy, contempt, possible unfavorable truth and exploitation.

    It happens too all.

    Anyone buying into act to direct humiliation and defamation without questioning or seeking into who the subject is, is better off away from you and out of your life. I see the slanderers as doing me a favor as anyone who follows is out of my life and it clears out the deadwood.

    I hope this helps.

  • Thanks Ariel 360. It seems like a harsh way to think of this, but we are better off withour those who don't believe in us. But, many times I have a "Why me?" feeling. It's something all of us go through at one time or another.

  • Yes. I was in a shock and in emotional duress. I was filmed. A college posted it on youtube while a nun made petty comments to humiliate me. I have had many more.

    Just be the best you can be.

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