Reading interpretation pls assist

  • Hello could you please give me your opinion about my recent reading, I am not sure how to interpret it - 5 card spread about love interest -

    Him - knight of cups

    Me - knight of wands

    what is important to him - the chariot

    what is important to me - wheel of fortune

    the joint solution or outcome - judgement

    Thank you x

  • Edit - Question was if he is interested in me?

  • He is interested, but more as a conquest than for getting into a true relationship. He represents a pattern you have been repeating when it comes to relationship. Do you fall too hard too fast or allow your heart to over-rule what your good sense tells you?

  • Hello watergirl18, thank you for your insight. Much appreciated! I met him a while ago but decided to take my time and not show my true feelings (not like my previous relationships) . We met on several occasions, he was always watching my every move, and tried to talk to me numerous times. I find him ridiculously attractive, so instead of having a chat I avoided him. I burned my fingers badly in my previous relationship and stayed alone for more than 3 years. I interpreted my wheel of fortune as to get the ball rolling and get out of my shell and maybe be more open and let him to get to know me better/ He tried few times and I ignored all his attempts.My heart says go for it, my head is warning me not to get hurt again...arghhh so hard and I am due to see him again in 2 weeks...

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