Astra, can I have a reading please?

  • Hi Astra, how are you? I just joined a couple of dating sites recently, and wanted to know if i would meet someone special that I can call bf 😉 i actually stumbled onto one guy's profile tonight, and he seemed to be my type on paper. I wanted to know if there is any future between me and this man? if not, will i meet someone special in the near future? thanks!

  • Hi Aprilca,

    I am fine thank you! Hope all is well with you okay on your dating effort there.

    I am looking at 10 cards for you now on this person, and the cards do seem to be very positive! I had drawn several spreads earlier and was getting mixed signals, however I said to myself, okay one last spread and I will share that with aprilca.

    Your significator is the 6 of Swords, so that is very nice thinking, pretty calm and it seems you know what you are doing.

    1. Your situation is the Universe (always nice to see) and that is crossed with 2. The Ace of Wands. So that seems to sum up your dating site question as regards this man. Here is a Universe of choices and here is this one choice (Ace Wands) and how will that go as a path?

    3. Aim, is the 10 of Pentacles. So that shows a rather determined consciousness on the material reality of something really nice happening in Earth (real world terms) with a man.

    4. Below you, this is the basis of the reading, The Chariot. The chariot here seems to say you do have some experience with moving ahead with candidates and are used to the effort. This is a field, a courtyard, so "courting" seems to be a foundation here which seems reasonable. Chariot can also be speed and moving ahead into something, so as a foundation that seems to either be helpful as long as you have the right person, or a problem if that is not the case, so let's hope you have the right man!

    5. Past, something fading, the 3 of Wands. Seems that you have been growing your path, role, purpose as it pertains to this man, you have given some thought to developing something here with him. Or with the field in general.

    6. Ahead, the Page of Pentacles. That is a good sign! That is an Earth result card and so this shows something actually HAPPENING rather than being merely a potential dream, wish, fantasy, idle speculation, daydream, hope, longing, desire. This is real and it is messages and tangible words and some contact it seems. Very innocent and youthful, risking, a willingness to take a chance. I think this must be this man in some way. This is how you see him.

    7. Your attitude is the Hierophant, which is a search for truth and something dependable that you can rely on. That seems to be your view toward him and could show something on his side as well, like, his attitude is toward something long term, committed the same as you.

    8. Your environmental influences are the 8 of Wands, so that is a lot of fast moving wand energy helping this along, so there is something around you, influencing you to move forward with this person, take the next step. So you could be feeling like something is sweeping you along here.

    9. Hopes, the 9 of Swords. This is the only card in the reading that makes me stop and wonder what is going on. The Rider deck shows a woman alone in bed. I think your hope is that your lonely days are about to come to an end.

    10. The outcome is another Pentacle and it is a great one, the 8! So that is developments, doors opening, happenings and RESULTS in Earth which means real life stuff aka physical.

    So, yes this all looks very promising to me. 🙂 All of that Pentacle energy in all the right places seems to foreshadow some nice developments for sure. The 9 of Swords as a hope can show your "conclusion" in some way intellectually, like "I hope I am concluding this correctly, or I hope this is the fulfillment of something I have really been thinking about." 9's are completions and fulfillments and achievements. In swords that would relate to your thought life, I think this dating effort you have really given some thought to. So I wish you wonderful results and happiness dear Aprilca, and I know the Universe will bring someone wonderful into your life.

    I would say we don't need to address your second question as this one seems to be in the affirmative, (yes to a future would seem to be the sense of it all, an 8 of Pentacles is a pretty solid future to me). What do you think?

    best, astra

  • thanks so much for the detailed insightful reading, Astra!! gave me some hope! I was indeed in a state of 9 of swords for a long time. Time to change, hopefully!

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